And Yet More Tributes

More are publishing their love for the prequels! Check out this post from the Star Wars Guru:

In closing, please understand that if you LOVE the Prequels you are not alone. We are not the minority. The new trilogy will bring an even larger group of new generation fans. Rejoice because this is a great time to be a Star Wars fan. If you are one of the Star Wars bashers, who somehow still claim to be fans, this may be a bad time for you. I can only imagine how worked up you are getting about Star Wars Rebels and Star Wars Episode VII. I would like to thank the Prequel bashers, though. Because of you the Prequels continue to be a part of daily conversations, and more and more fans are introduced to them whenever you open your mouths. So thank you. I think I will go watch Episode I now.

And view this post from the Big Damn Fanboy blog:

The Phantom Menace was not only our first return to the theater to see a new Star Wars movie, but it was also Lucasfilm’s first attempt at producing one in some time. When you leave that story and come back to it again after that long… it’s going to be different. For one thing, it’s different today how we shoot, produce, edit movies and tell stories. There was very little chance this was going to feel like the 70s and 80s.

I also think there was an element of storytelling that was overlooked when it came to the angry knee-jerk reactions to the film. This was the first episode. It wasn’t the fourth, fifth or sixth. . . it was the FIRST.

So, the story wasn’t in a place where everything was instantly about a galactic war, big dogfights in space and a galaxy ravaged by tyranny. It was a calmer, more tranquil time in the galaxy (hence the brighter colors and settings) and something had to trigger the events to come. In this case, THAT was The Phantom Menace.


4 Responses to “And Yet More Tributes”

  1. Adam D. Bram (The Nilbog) Says:

    I’ve got some work to do once my May the 4th stuff is over.

  2. Obi-Rob Says:

    See. Im telling you guys, we are WINNING. We are NOT THE MINORITY. Even on the internet!

    The SW fanbase (even on the internet) is divided into:

    1.)The right wing -The loudest OT nuts/SW hateboys (around 40%)

    2.)The left wing – The PT and Saga fans (around 50%)

    3.) The CW and general casual Saga fans (around 10%)

    Thats what it really looks like because THATS what it really is.

    #1 on that list is still the part of the fanbase who controls the media (like George Lucas says) but they are now being forced to share the media control/voice with the PT & Saga fans who are cumming of age (people like Chris Hardwick who loves the PT for just one quick example).

    So just by nature we are naturally gaining more ground back then since the year 2005.

    People on here who are worried should re-read that first post by SW Guru. Thats how I feel. Happy.

    I feel HAPPY that Lucas is the 2nd largest shareholder in Disney and gets to use all of their power to see his ST idea become reality through the people he felt close and comfortable enough to entrust it with.

    I feel HAPPY that he finally found a clever way to retcon out the pesky EU and get it away from his movie Saga while at the same time allowing for live action EU movies to be made along side the ST. The Sequel Trilogy to his Original Saga.

    George Lucas won.

  3. Anakinskyguy Says:

    This is the first time I post something here. I think you should know Gary Whitta’s opinion about Star Wars. He going to write the screenplay of the first spin-off.

    • Tarrlok Says:

      da fraq? Is this really the same guy? If so, I recommend that people get screengrabs before he takes them down.

      And he claims that no-one cares about Boba Fett. I damn well hope he’s kept away from anything PT-linked, like the rumored Obi-Wan spinoff, because with that much venom and that big of an ax to grind, he is going to let it show in his work. What a sick twist of fate it would be if he was hired to write a Boba Fett spinoff.

      But it looks like we’re stuck with him, Skyguy. To hell with his spinoff. And I was just enjoying all the PT/TPM tributes…

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