Throwback Thursday: Ralph Brown In “Alien 3”

Ralph “Ric Olie” Brown appeared in 1992’s “Alien 3,” directed by David Fincher, who had worked on ROTJ in some capacity. In this trailer, you can get a glimpse of Brown with a shaved head about three seconds into the video.



5 Responses to “Throwback Thursday: Ralph Brown In “Alien 3””

  1. oxward321 Says:

    I love Alien 3!!!! So underrated!!!

  2. Simon Maxwell Says:

    I’m a fan of the Alien films who still dislikes Alien 3. Killing all the surviving characters from Aliens, including Ripley herself. Yeah, thanks for that, Fincher, thanks a lot.

    Not to mention the fact that all the other characters in the film who were remotely sympathetic (such as Charles Dance and Ralph Brown) died by the film’s conclusion, leaving only characters you didn’t give a damn about.

    • Brian47 Says:

      Don’t blame Fincher, he was simply hired as director, he didn’t pen the script, plus it was first film ever. The story process for ALIEN 3 was so convoluted with so many people involved, it’s amazing a completed film even made it into theaters. Fincher brought a lot of great style and atmosphere to the picture, but the story wasn’t his department.

      • Adam D. Bram (The Nilbog) Says:

        Yeah, the story went through like a rewrite a day for years before Fincher was brought in to direct what was left. The troubled production shows, it was not the great film it could have been, and Fincher himself leaves it off his resume to this very day.

        However, it’s to Fincher’s credit and the cast’s that they made what little they had, in my opinion, totally work. I love that they brought in the DNA Reflex, I love the performances by Weaver, Dance, Brown, Charles Dutton, Lance Henrikson (both of him), and Paul “8th Doctor” McGann. I love the general atmosphere. I don’t like that Ripley was killed off, but if they had to do it there was no more perfect way.

        Actually, honestly, the only thing I truly dislike about the movie is how they dropped the bridge on Hicks and Newt. That’s about it.

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