Iain McCaig Illustrates New Books But…

Prequel and sequel concept artist Iain McCaig has been tapped to illustrate a new series of books presumably aimed at young readers that give a Reader’s Digest rundown of ANH, TESB, and ROTJ. There will also be a picture book for the small fry called “The Adventures of Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight.” These will all be out this fall. Read the presser here.

It’s fine that they want to acquaint Generation Frozen with Eps IV-VI since the sequels take place afterward and involve some of the same characters. Lucasfilm had the opportunity to introduce Star Wars to a new generation of fans with the Special Editions two years prior to the prequels’ release.

That said, when the Special Editions came out, those were the only three Star Wars films in existence. There are six movies now, plus Clone Wars. If the idea is to introduce kids to the saga, then they should introduce the WHOLE saga so they can see the whole thing in context. Perhaps Lucasfilm and Disney believe kids are already familiar with the prequels since they didn’t come out all of that long ago and Clone Wars was on 2008-2014.

Or perhaps it’s all just a conspiracy to try and push the prequels down the memory hole. Whatever the case may be, once again Lucasfilm and Disney are treating Star Wars not as a single saga but as different competing trilogies and the only fans who matter are the ones who only love the OT. If I’m off base, let them announce they’ll do story books about the prequels in 2015. I’m waiting.



11 Responses to “Iain McCaig Illustrates New Books But…”

  1. Dave Says:

    It’s kind of the same situation with boys shirts. When I walk past the clothing section at Target, I’ll notice that the only Star Wars shirts they have are original trilogy designs. They used to have Clone Wars shirts, but of course they never had Ahsoka on them. She might be the most important part of the show, but we can’t have her on a shirt for boys.

  2. Andromakhe (@KentressCrazy) Says:

    It’s horrible that the actual owners are disrespecting Star Wars by breaking up the series. I mean, I get that we need trilogy names because the movies were released so far apart, but yes, pretending the prequels didn’t happen is shameful.

  3. Kenny Kraly Jr Says:

    Great news I like the direction Disney Press is taking the young reader books going back to the OT era for these novels. It will also re introduce the OT to readers who only know Star Wars via The PT and TCW.

  4. Jeff Bradley Says:

    It seems like a lot of the descriptions of the upcoming trilogy seem to use the phrases “it directly follows the original trilogy”, “it picks up right where we left off with Return of the Jedi”, “it’s a continuation”, “the characters are picking up where we left off, so MAYBE this is a bit of a clue to what degree they actually ARE continuing the story after Episode 6. They must really feel they definitely HAVE to reintroduce things all over again from the Luke Skywalker era. Remember too, they WERE going to release the 3D versions but that got squashed in the sale to Disney so perhaps they’re just doing that rerelease in another form. While YES, it would be best to ready perception of this new trilogy in light of the overall saga, perhaps the focus on the reintroduction of Eps 4 – 6 indicate the backstory in Eps 1 – 3 is thrown more in the background as the saga progresses.

  5. Eddie Says:

    I had wondered the same thing when I saw this yesterday, but at around 2:56 in the video at the link, the director of LFL Franchise Publishing says (over a visual of the 3 PT movie posters)”This most recent generation of Star Wars fans grew up on the Prequels…their Star Wars is The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, and Revenge of the Sith…so now we have an opportunity to introduce them to the original Star Wars.” Apparently, whatever generation she’s talking about has no access to SpikeTV!

  6. lovelucas Says:

    I hate this… I hope George does too.

  7. PrinceOfNaboo Says:

    Calling them the “Star Wars SAGA children’s books” is the most ridiculous part. Saga, really? That’s a simple ancient trilogy.

    Lucasfilm has always been a mystery to me. Even when Lucas was still on board, they seemed to be unable to see Star Wars as a complete work.

    They could have dropped the idiotic PT, OT, ST labelings a long time ago as well….

    • J.Bradley Says:

      I think from a marketing standpoint – as each new trilogy comes out in a new generation, they’re always going to market to that current generation. Right now there’s just a difference, a dichotomy even, between Eps 1 – 3 and 4-6. Maybe this new trilogy will bring perception around about the larger saga – or not, but the idea that this new trilogy is for the “Homeland Generation” – as some are starting to call it – is going to be what they’re going to do, because it’s what they always do. It’s just cheaper and easier to focus on the most current trilogy as well.

  8. Mike Sidious Says:

    @Dave — I’ve noticed that here in Australia with the shirts as well.
    Wonderful OT related designs, but not one PT or TCW design to be seen anywhere. Having said that, I did get a pair of pretty cool adult Clone Trooper sleep pants; but that’s the only one PT related thing I’ve seen out here.

  9. madmediaman Says:

    I’ve been pouring over these pics from these previews of these upcoming May 4th events at the Disney Stores. Stores are going to be filled with new Star Wars merchandise… all OT centric.

    I’ll be honest, if Disney is wanting to maximize their profits in the stores and get boys into the Disney Stores (this has been a long term problem for Disney of their own making due to years of Disney Princess overkill), then why on Earth are they promoting all of this OT stuff?

    I know the corporate mindset is OT/ST era or bust, but for the kids who will be going to the stores, namely kids 5-12, their heroes are Obi-Wan, Anakin and Ahsoka Tano. Until Rebels rolls out I would think Clone Wars would be a good stop gap until they can get all of their OT era plans rolling.

    I had to shake my head in disbelief at that backpack with Grand Moff Tarkin almost front and center with Troopers in the background. I would have to imagine quite a few kids would be asking themselves, “Who is this old dude?”

    I know Disney wants to close the door on the Prequel era, but just from a marketing perspective this looks like a huge misstep. They are banking on familiarity with these characters, and honestly a lot of kids really have no clue who the heroes and villains of the OT are with the exception of Yoda and Darth Vader and the droids.

    • Tarrlok Says:

      I find the idea of Grand Moff Tarkin on a kid’s backpack hilarious. The whole point of Tarkin is that he isn’t some grandiose larger-than-life fantasy bad guy like Vader. He isn’t “badass” or “cool”. He’s just “bad”, a sadistic political/military elite drunk on power.

      Of course, some adult fans in high places seem to want to project their tastes onto the younger generation. It’s obvious that they don’t actually get ANH or SW in general if they think Tarkin is somehow a character that would be appealing to kids.

      So… when can we expect a San Hill backpack? At least someone might mistake him for Darth Plagueis.

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