Ask SWPAS: Your Questions, My Answers III

From Adam:

Is there anything about I-III (or even IV-VI) that needed to grow on you? I know my journey as a fan involved a lot of epiphanies about what was really going on, and parts that I used to not care for are now some of my favorites. Any moments like that for you?

The first time I saw TPM, it took about a half hour for me to really get into the film because it struck me as so different from the other films.

From peacetrainjedi:

This is kind of an open two-parter, a bit out of left field and perhaps a bit less relevant then previous questions, but…If you (somehow) found yourself in the Star Wars galaxy, say shortly before the events of Episode I, where would you most want to go, and what would you do when you got there? Are there any famous residents of that galaxy far, far away you’d want to meet (and possibly give a few pointers)?

I’d like to visit Naboo or Coruscant. If I had to meet anyone pre-TPM though, it would be Shmi and Anakin. I’d give them a bus ticket off of Tatooine and instruct them not to speak to any Jedi or Sith.

The second part is more of a serious question. One of the criticisms of the PT I could never understand was that they had “unrelatable” and unsympathetic characters. I love the 6 films and the storyline they weave, but (in an in-universe context), I often long for the Jedi Order and the Old Republic to endure despite already knowing they’re doomed. When you rewatch the films, are there moments when you long for a different outcome (even though you know how every scene turns out)?

Yes! Including but not limited to Qui-Gon getting killed, Anakin running off to rescue Shmi and take out the Sand People, and Anakin deciding to go to Palpatine’s office to stop Mace Windu and his posse.

From obi-rob-kenobi:

What do you think about the evolution of the hateboy problem on the jedi council forms over on

I think it’s unfortunate but what can you do? The JC can do what it pleases. We just have to make nice places like this for ourselves.

From Daniel Xie:

Do you think that a lot of websites have given special privilage to hateboys to compare the PT to other movies (often unfavorably). A lot of people call the Prequels Michael Bay-level crap. however when I pointed out how stuff like Twilight may be worse, I’m not allowed to compare the prequels to Twilight or 50 shades of Grey. So they can say that prequels are just as bad as movie x but why can’t I ay movie X is worse than the PT?

The excuse I see all of the time is that more is expected from Star Wars than from say, “Twilight” or the oeuvre of Michael Bay. Though to be honest, I think “Twilight” is bashed a lot more often than the prequels.

Also is it likely the reason that hateboys claim that GL dosen’t own Star Wars is because of the EU?

No. They think Star Wars belongs to them because they are fans. They spend time obsessing over the movies so they start to believe they know Star Wars better than even Lucas does and therefore, they have a better idea of what’s best for Star Wars.

From Tarrlok:

1. Do you believe the broadly good reputation which TCW currently has will last?

Yes. Especially since it was cut down in its prime. “Rebels” has to live up to what CW became and that bar is pretty high.

2. How well regarded do you honestly think TPM, AOTC and ROTS will be in future decades?

That I don’t know. At times I’m optimistic, at times I’m pessimistic.

3. Beyond the crude “Jar Jar Binks in carbonite” sort, what things could Episode VII and the Sequel Trilogy do story- or design-wise that you would perceive as a jab at the PT?

If they were to retcon any important point in the PT, like denying Anakin was the the Chosen One or to undermine his role as the Chosen One by saying he didn’t really bring balance to the Force or anything.

I’d also say completely ignoring the movies in this trilogy would be a jab by omission. I’d consider it a huge missed opportunity if for instance, Luke and Leia, or their descendants, never connect with their maternal roots. Luke and Leia feasibly had a living aunt and cousins by the fall of the Empire.

Keep those questions coming!!


7 Responses to “Ask SWPAS: Your Questions, My Answers III”

  1. Daniel Xie Says:

    About the PT and Twilight. While it is true that Twilight is more bashed than the PT because IMO it’s actually some pretty horrible writing, it is how the fanbases are treated. Everyone who is against Twilight paint it as a mob in the billions that threatens everyone else. However in the minds of the internet—PT fans simply “don’t” exist. I don’t see why they think Twilihards exist but PT fans don’t. Also in the media in itself, Twilight isn’t that bashed—everyone views Twilight as “just another movie” while viewing the Prequels as stupid or dumb and while Twilight is indeed more bashed it is presented in a “love it or hate it” light as if Meyer or the director of the Twilight movies has some sort of influence on the media that GL dosen’t that covers up all their crap. We have never seen any anti-Twilight vids get more publicity than the biggest Prequel ones. Every time a hateboy makes a “review” or a “fan-edit” it is reported everywhere, but whenever anyone reviews Twilight, no one in the media cares. .

  2. peacetrainjedi Says:

    I’m with ya on Qui-Gon. Everyone always points to Maul as the one who should have lived for further prequel films, when Qui-Gon is clearly the Character with more depth and heart. That being said, i find it kinda funny that TCW brought back both Maul and Qui-Gon to some extent. I only wish they had filmed that Episode III scene with Qui-Gon’s ghost. At least Liam will be there in voice for the Lost Missions eps and he made a solid turn in the Mortis arc.

    As to Tarrlok’s last question, I agree with you that “a jab by omission” is probably the greatest threat to the PT in future films. It’s already happened across various merchandise; I only hope that the PT has at least one really strong connection in Episode VII. Whether it be a return of a prominent PT character (in ghost/holorecording or older form) or the return to a prominent PT planet, like Naboo or a PT setpiece like the Jedi Temple on Coruscant.

  3. Daniel Xie Says:

    A question I have is–there has been some speculation that Anakin was not only the chosen one, but also the Sith’Ari as well, That prophecy states that the Sith’ari will lead the Sith and destroy them.
    But first, the Sith’ari will raise the Sith from death and make them stronger than before it is kinda like a inverse chosen one prophect.

    It would have been intresting for Anakin to be BOTH the Chosen One and the Sith’Ari. However, when the book Darth Bane was released it is revealed that Darth Bane is the Sith’Ari PERIOD. While I know about the dubious canoncity of EU outside of EU purists and Wookiepedia and enjoyed this book I cannot help to wonder if something is amiss–could it be that they made Bane the Sith’Ari just to please the Hateboys? Meaning if you are precived to be “whiny” than you “can’t” be the Sith’ari.

    On the topic of Anakin, do you think the backlash against Anakin outside the A/P group and diehard Saga fans is because no one wants to be reminded of their flaws? I saw the same thing with Betty and Skylar on Mad Men and Breaking Bad—they are too flawed and no one wants to be reminded of them so they are hated.

    Also what do you make of Korriban’s name change? Is it an indication that the EU and the G/T-Canon is forever separated, or can the pre-ROTJ EU retcon this around?

  4. Daniel Xie Says:

    Another question I have is, what makes Plinkett so popular amoung the hateboys? I have seen a hateboy online and know one IRL in person that both claim Plinkett is a hack, that the reviews are tasteless, but in many, many, other parts of the internet there is a cult dedicated to the RLM videos.

    • Morgan Cherney Says:

      Personally i think it’s because he tells people what they want to hear, and Hateboys want to hear any reason why the prequels suck.

  5. james Says:

    Do you think that , in the clone wars, there was any plan to use jedi like Colman Kcajj or Oppo rancisses as anything more then eye candy at council meetings, like give them a mission, mabey give Rancississ a new death, and on the topic of death, plans for Eeth Koths fait?

  6. james Says:

    SORRY should have read the other thrads first, feel free to ignore my post 🙂

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