A Quick Review of Star Wars Insider #147

Star Wars Insider #147 came out a while ago and before the next issue rolls out, I thought I’d post some of my thoughts about #147. The “50 Greatest Reasons To Love The Prequels” was a nice piece, with contributions from various Star Wars personalities and Big Name Fans. On the other hand, I thought it was kind of sad anyone thought this was necessary. Did the Insider ever have to do an article called “50 Greatest Reasons To Love Star Wars” back in the ’90s? Not that I can remember; it was a given. Take what we can get.

Lizzi Kartay-Dod got one of her beloved Neimodians named after her; that was pretty cool.

But my favorite piece got surprisingly little fanfare, and that was Tricia Barr’s interview with Camille Paglia about ROTS! If there’s any reason at all to find a copy of #147, this is it. It’s not very long, but it’ll make you wonder why Paglia hasn’t appeared at a Celebration panel yet.


6 Responses to “A Quick Review of Star Wars Insider #147”

  1. Stefan Kraft Says:

    Hopefully, the 50 reasons will also find their way to the German SW magazine.

    • oxward321 Says:

      I’ve been done with the Insider for the past two years. Ever since it became nothing but OT B.S. I love all six films but I’m so sick of all the OT love and merchandise being pushed onto the public, and the PT neglect!!!!

      • M. Marshall Says:

        Issue 142 had Padme on the cover and admitted that fans were complaining about the lack of coverage on the prequels and that that was going to change.

  2. lovelucas Says:

    Me, too, oxward. I stopped my subscription when I could see where they were heading. Camille Paglia – I’ve been aware of her sentiments for a long time but I bought the magazine just because she was included.

  3. Adam D. Bram (The Nilbog) Says:

    Where can one purchase this periodical?

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