We’ll see if it was a good idea or not, but I’ve decided to introduce an “Ask SWPAS” column where you, the reader, can ask me anything concerning Star Wars, fandom, or whatever, so long as it’s nothing gross, obnoxious, or personal. When I get a batch of questions, I’ll answer them in a separate post.

Post your questions in the thread or send ’em to


6 Responses to “Ask SWPAS”

  1. Andrew B Says:

    One of the things I hear the prequels getting most criticized about is their acting. I think it is preformed amazingly, but the majority seems to think otherwise. What do you think of the acting?

  2. Daniel Xie Says:

    I’ve sent this as an email but I’ll repose it in case gmail eats it.

    Hello, my name is Daniel and I have been a fan of all six SW movies, possibly since I grew up with the Phantom Menace as my first SW movie. I am glad to find there are others who also like the saga and I have a few questions for Ask SWAPS:

    -Some have argued that the reason Disney pulled the plug on TCW is because of influence from Hateboys. How so? If anything, I have seen a lot of hateboys like the show as much as the Prequel fans.

    -In that regard, is it hypocritical for the hateboys to love the TCW but hate the prequels?

    -Do you think the downgrading of TPM from fresh to Rotten on RT with the re-release is because of hateboy influence on the critics? If that is so, has Disney done us a service by not releasing the 3D releases because then the hateboys will trash it to no end?

    -There is a tendency for prequel fans to ignore the EU outside of TCW and those set in the movie era. While I can understand this in the context of TCW overriding certain aspects of canon or contradictory stuff like Dark Empire or stuff like NJO or Legacy novels being depressing and frankly, I myself hope they are wiped from canon because of how poorly written they are. However, what is the Prequel-fan stance on stuff like the KOTOR games or the Thrawn novels, both of which are liked by both PT fans and Hateboys alike? Yes GL gave the image of the Empire being fully defeated in ROTJ but the fact is that an empire like that has hold-outs on many worlds so it is very conceivable someone like Thrawn or Isard would step up to lead the remnants. And what of KOTOR? What about Legacy comics? Is 100 years enough gap for new Sith to emerge?

    -With that aside, there are a lot of EU fans that are hateboys. Why so? Do you think it’s because they need to do something to somehow prove they are SW fans?

    -What are your thoughts about people defending the PT simply because it fit into their political view. I have seen a lot of conspiracy theories claiming that George Lucas is warning us about Bush or Obama or whatever through Palpatine’s actions and that the reason that the media goes along with the hateboys is because the government is influencing them to suppress GL’s message. In fact, this guy called Paul Craig Roberts wrote a “review” of Revenge of the Sith saying how much he liked it because of how much he hates Bush and I am well aware the Brin book had a defendant claim he liked the PT because of how much he hates the government. What do you think about the people hijacking the SWPA movement to further their political views? This was nearly the same thing as the Matrix movies.

    -Are hateboys “only” restricted to the internet or to geek/nerd clubs? When I was younger I’ve seen a lot of people tell me these movies didn’t suck or that they liked it, a lot of people were adults or in the sterptypical “hateboy age” turns out were not hateboys. This continued till Grade 12. People around my age liked all the movies and the closest I get to hateboy argument is that people hated EPs I and II but liked the other 4. However, by the time I got to college and asked around—there are a lot of people, who are unbiased usually and even my friends, that turn out to be hateboys. Someone actually mocked me because I said I liked the PT in a tutorial. Why is this happening? I have always heard of people being hateboys only on the Internet and the mass media, but why is this happening in real life? I do not know because I asked many of them about Plinkett and no one has heard of Plinkett videos. Why is this occuring with the average joe?

    -Has there been a shift to hateboy mentality in the Jedi Council boards? Because when I remember in the old site the background represented all the movies, but the new one is only TESB. The shift in discussion has also become more and more critical of the PT while in the old days, people are banned for expressing extreme hateboy opinions. Furthermore IIRC there used to be a A/P fanfiction database in TFN but this was not created with the new database and now there is A LOT of people that view that relationship with an negative view or cannot resonate with it.

  3. Dave Says:

    Can you imagine the reaction if some lines from the original trilogy didn’t exist there, but rather in the prequels? For example, what if “I love you. I know” had been Padme/Anakin lines instead. Or if Hayden had delivered “That’s not true! That’s impossible!” like Mark Hamill did. I mean no offense to Mark. I’ve wanted to be Luke my entire life. It’s just that certain lines seem to be given a pass while the dialogue of the prequels is endlessly criticized.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      It’s true. The OT actors used to complain about or mock the dialogue that everyone now thinks is clever. Go figure.

  4. lovelucas Says:

    Great idea and wonderful questions. LP – will you be posting your take on the answers via SWPAS or email or???

  5. evangelian007 Says:

    Hey Lazy!
    I got a question:
    What do you think of Raikoh-illust’s star wars fan art? He’s someone who makes a lot(and I mean a lot) of Star Wars fan art.
    Mostly it’s of Ahsoka which makes me happy because at least she’s getting respect and appreciation. He even drew her as a pony from the Friendship is Magic show.
    The reason why I’m asking is that he made a short fan comic named Barriss’s story that’s about her finding redemption. Even though it was fan made it was very well done.
    Maybe you could give him a shout out to him or his fan comic. Most of his SW fan art is positive and constructive.

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