Great Scenes of the Prequel Trilogy: Anakin Reunites With Padmé


This week’s Valentine’s Day, so of course I have to pick a scene with Anakin and Padmé. Here is where they reunite for the first time in ROTS. I’m an A/P shipper bar none, but even beyond that, the scene is executed flawlessly. There’s something poignant about Padmé practically hiding in the background, trying not to be noticed by the other politicians greeting Anakin, just as he notices her but can’t acknowledge her in front of anybody. (Though I have wondered if Bail Organa suspected anything, given he was right there as Anakin decided to abruptly excuse himself.)

When they are finally alone, they’re allowed to express their feelings, first with joy as Anakin lifts up Padmé and spins her around. Then with passion as they kiss and Anakin starts acting as though he’s not going to wait until they get home to do a little “catching up.” (It’s been a while, so I don’t really blame him.) Then with apprehension as Padmé has to tell Anakin that she is pregnant with his baby(ies). And then finally with happiness as Anakin realizes he’s pleased to be a father and Padmé is well, happy that he’s happy. All of that in just a couple of minutes. It’s sweet, sexy, and poignant because we all know it’s going downhill and whatever hopes they had will be dashed. The revelation of the pregnancy rings realistically: Natalie’s Padmé having to tell someone she’s unexpectedly pregnant and Hayden’s Anakin going through the gamut of emotions as he absorbs the implication of that bit of news. (I’ve seen some guys on a well-known Star Wars fan forum who have had this happen to them say Hayden’s reaction was very realistic.) The way the scene is shot is interesting too: the secretly married couple meets in shadow, hiding among columns (the walls closing in on them?). Williams’s “Across the Stars” is just icing on the cake. Beautiful scene.

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3 Responses to “Great Scenes of the Prequel Trilogy: Anakin Reunites With Padmé”

  1. peacetrainjedi Says:

    Agreed on all counts, LP. There isn’t much to add, this scene is truly stellar, Hayden plays off Natalie extremely well.

  2. RK Says:

    Whew…Hayden Christensen is SO sexy in this scene and he and Natalie play this so well. You really SEE Anakin’s solid attachment to Padme, one which he depends on so deeply that he won’t let it go!

  3. PrinceOfNaboo Says:

    I like that scene as well.
    I especially like the back and forth between innocence and dark foreboding.
    Loved the orange shade lighting and she shadowns of the columns also.

    If you think about it: This is the only scene where Anakin seems to be a lot more optimistic than Padmé. He even says “It’s the happiest day of my life” while Padmé is quite concerned. Later in the film, it has all changed: Anakin becomes extremely concerned and obsessed with saving Padmé while Padmé tries to comfort him as good as she can.

    And I’ve always found Natalie looked very cute with that hair cut 🙂 . Anakin and Padmé are one of the most beautiful couples in history.

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