Is There An Evil Plot To Undermine The Prequels?

I waited a few days to talk about this because I didn’t everyone to panic over a that probably isn’t true. In case you have no idea what the hell I’m talking about, the rumor is the alleged Boba Fett spinoff movie features “a mysterious stranger” who kills the actual Boba Fett (Jango’s clone/son), steals his armor, and then goes on to a glorious career as a bounty hunter while pretending to be Boba Fett.

The reason why I don’t think this is true or accurate is that it’s so utterly hacky, I have a hard time believing Lawrence Kasdan tried to seriously pitch it. If he did, he’s on drugs. (Even if it was proposed by a hack on drugs, that lame plot twist is already out of the bag and therefore of no use.) Think about it. Why would you pretend to be a bounty hunter you defeated? You’d let everybody know you kicked his butt because it would add to your reputation. Twits saying this would make Fett mysterious again don’t realize there’s not going to be anything mysterious about a guy who’s the star of a two-hour movie. Besides, if it’s an imposter, he’s NOT Boba Fett anyway, he’s just some random a-hole! What would be the point of making the Fett of Eps IV-VI some poseur? Even if the filmmakers want to recast the role, they don’t have to change Fett’s backstory at all. Look at how many times they’ve recast Batman, Spider Man, Superman, James Bond, etc. without changing their origins or backstories. It just doesn’t make any sense and it’s dumb.

This could very well be a case of El Pendejo or whatever this dude’s name is feeding the mouth breathers what they want to hear and isn’t based on reality at all. The hate boys, who have always overplayed Fett’s alleged badassery in Eps IV-VI, simply want Lucas’s story invalidated because it wasn’t the backstory they’d imagined for Fett. Never mind that Lucas intended a connection between Boba Fett and the stormtroopers all along and AOTC established that connection very well. However, the big reason why the hate boys are having orgasms over this rumor–even if they don’t care all that much about Boba Fett–is it would sever a connection between the original set of Star Wars films and the prequels.

Which is I have to wonder if this rumor is possibly some kind of trial balloon to see how much leeway with fandom they’re going to have to go and upend George Lucas’s mythos.

If that’s the case, let this be a nuclear missile across the bow.


It would be a huge f*** you to George Lucas and to saga fans like us. Prequel-hating writers and directors will pick other things they don’t like to retroactively invalidate, so that in the end the Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi we saw in Episodes I-III are not at all related to Darth Vader or the Obi-Wan Kenobi in ANH, Padmé wasn’t Luke and Leia’s mother or the twins she bore aren’t THAT Luke and Leia, and that the prequels were somebody’s acid trip and “never really happened.” That’s what the hate boys really want.

The end result is a myth that eats itself, with no internal consistency and whose direction is set by mob rule. You could never trust or rely on anything in a Star Wars film because if it turns out to be unpopular with the internet peanut gallery or with the Hollyweirdos, it gets changed. Worst of all, it shows no respect whatsoever for Lucas. Like I said, this Fett rumor is likely bogus but it is possible some marketing department decided to float it out there to see if they can get away with eradicating Lucas’s legacy.

They start doing that, and I am done with Star Wars. I’ll pack up my collection, ship it to Lucasfilm, and tell them where they can shove the money and time I wasted on a saga they destroyed to please some sloven idiots.


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  1. mindlessdroid Says:

    I have been thinking something along the same lines with the canceling of The Clone Wars and other things have Disney exes who see Star Wars from the outside bought into the myth that everyone hates the prequels and all efforts must be made to embrace the OT over the prequel era.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      It’s clear they’ve decided that era is “over.” But for years, Lucasfilm and its licensees have operated off of the assumption that the first set of films are popular while the prequels are not, even before Disney entered the picture.

  2. Morgan Cherney Says:

    I wholeheartedly agree. However, isn’t Lucas acting as a consultant on the new films? Somehow I’m skeptical he’d allow such a radical retcon, especially to please the Hateboys.

    Interestingly, don’t we already have a Fett impostor in the form of Jodo Kast??

    • peacetrainjedi Says:

      That’s what I was thinking. The EU has done the “Fett impostor” story several times I believe. To me, it was just an excuse to see bad*** Boba Fett take out any would-be Mandalorian posers, and at the end of the day, Boba was still Boba.

      But this replacing Boba nonsense is just that…nonsense. When I first heard this rumor it just sounded bad. Even from a non-prequel point of view, it’s just bad. Period. I don’t know how much Lucas is a consultant on the spinoffs, although I know he is for the episodic films, but I hope he gets to overlook any forthcoming film with the name ‘Star Wars’ attached. Hopefully this is just another example of the rumor mill gone out of control.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      I remember the Jodo Kast thing too. Maybe somebody at Latino Review thought nobody would remember comics from the mid ’90s.

  3. J.Bradley Says:

    Well, I’ve always wondered if any of the clones are still alive and scattered all over the galaxy. This could maybe tie into something involving them in the new movies. Still though, being a non modified clone carries a lot of significance and that narrative SHOULD be played out.
    One thing about this element of fandom thinking the early episodes will simply be “overwritten” by the new trilogy – If Disney, Kadsan, Abrams, whoever – thinks they can make a “Star Wars for everybody” and bridge the schism in Star Wars fandom, they’re REALLY going to find out how tragically wrong they are.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      A story about Boba Fett finding his way in the universe, learning the ways of the bounty hunter, and having to live up to his father’s legend would make a far more interesting story than this silly rumor.

    • buick runner Says:

      ANH kind of hints that Stormtroopers are still clones. Lucas said he had Jango bump his head to explain where they got that trait.

      But killing off the real Boba is a stupid idea. Only a hateboy could have thought up such a asinine idea.

  4. Kenny Kraly Jr Says:

    It’s just a bad rumor it’s all it is SWPAWS I don’t buy it for 1 second.

  5. Firebird2110 Says:

    Yeah, this one has to be filed under dumb rumour, it’s just too silly to bother with.

    May I offer an alternative to giving up on Star Wars? Just define yourself as a G-Canon fan and ignore everything that Disney come out with. That’s what I’m planning to do. I have the OT, PT and TCW on disk and in my heart and they can’t touch that.

    • Keith Palmer Says:

      “Drawing a dividing line” has been my fallback position from the moment the sale was announced; there are times I wonder about how easy the thought of it seems to me. Anyway, the rumour makes me think of what I’ve overheard about certain superhero comics, and that after I’d been reflecting that Fett the younger aiming at Luke and ignoring the blinded Han links back to how his father had been killed by a Jedi…

    • lazypadawan Says:

      I think I would be too upset to ever deal with it again. As it is, how I relate to fandom has changed a lot, and not for the better, because of what’s happened over the past 15 years.

  6. Firebird2110 Says:

    p.s. I don’t think Disney/JJ will actively overwrite the PT era, I think they’ll just IGNORE it. Load their movies down with OT references and act like nothing important happened before The Empire. Since they have their little Rebel show they’ll possibly include a few nods to that period but otherwise, OT all the way.

    • hunk a junk Says:

      This. Just read any of Simon Kinberg’s interviews about “Rebels.” He only talks about “re-capturing the feeling of the originals” and “we want the tone of the originals” and “did I mention we really, really like the originals?” No mention of the PT at all. None. There is ZERO chance that settings like Naboo or characters like Jar Jar will show up in Rebels — except maybe to destroy them in some way.

      • Eduardo Vargas Says:

        Some people just like to be pessimistic. What gives?

        Anyway, given what we know about Rebels and the fact that Dave Filoni is on board it’s kind of laughable some here are still giving into despair, despite all evidence to the contrary.

        So what if we don’t see Naboo? We didn’t see Endor, nor Dagobah nor Bespin in TCW. But I’m pretty sure we will see Bail Organa and Alderaan at one point, and Coruscant more than once (although not too often).

        By the way, if some of you want to see the light of day again, why don’t you read this?

      • Morgan Cherney Says:

        What about the fact that Rebels is using a Prequel-era alien as their much-hyped Sith Inquisitor?? Surely that says something?

      • lazypadawan Says:

        I agree that the constant business with “recapturing the feel of the originals” or whatever is IRRITATING. But if I’m meh about “Rebels,” it’s largely because they had to kill off Clone Wars to make it.

      • buick runner Says:

        Some of the plot points that already released abot Rebels contradicts the 6 original films. I just have a sinking feeling that Disney will try to change Starwars from the outside of the films. This new Story Group collapsing the film universe with the EU is pretty upsetting since they may use the EU to retcon the films and screw up Star Wars.

        Of course this is the same company that has screwed up their largest resort (WDW) with the Magicbands.

  7. Adam D. Bram (The Nilbog) Says:

    A podcast I usually respect due to one of the hosts being an avowed Jar Jar fanboy actually thought this was a good idea, and I wanted to slap them.

    Then they (sort of) made up for it by naming amongst their favorite Saga quotes some of Anakin’s romantic dialogue with complete sincerity.

    • Eduardo Vargas Says:

      You mean RebelForce Radio? Yeah, I’m not sure what Jimmy Mac was thinking there. or Paul Bateman when he came up with the idea.

      Anyway, I’m 99.99% sure this is complete boggus. Not only does Lawrence Kasdan have tremendous respect for Lucas, it makes no sense with the tying in they are doing with Star Wars Rebels to the prequels and the Lucasfilm Story Group to allow this to happen.

      Seriously people, we need to stop being so alarmed about a bunch of speculation.

      Latino’s Review track record is also probably the worst.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      Part of the reason I’m posting about this now is precisely because there are a lot of vocal fans, including guys like RFR, are all, “WOW, THAT WOULD BE SO COOL!” I don’t want Disney or Lucasfilm to get any ideas. This fan is saying don’t eff with Lucas’s story.

      • Eduardo Vargas Says:

        I agree with that sentiment. I don’t get why RFR likes the idea either, but it’s good to know other famous podcasts are against it (like the Forcecast and SWU).

  8. oxward321 Says:

    If this is the case I’m done with everything Star Wars that didn’t come directly from Lucas!!!!

    F*** Disney and Kasdan!!!!

  9. PrinceOfNaboo Says:

    This is so ridiculous I can’t think about it without laughing…well at least I could, if wasn’t so sad….

  10. It a Says:

    This is another one of Latino Reviews’ rumors. They’re quickly becoming the new Supershadow.

  11. hunk a junk Says:

    Um, take this rumor to the bank. This is ABSOLUTELY the kind of thing Kasdan would do — and he will. LP nails it — this is all about saying to the fans, “The prequels don’t count, ignore them, they never happened.” And the loudest, angriest fans out there will applaud Kasdan and Disney for doing it.

    • oxward321 Says:

      This is a sad day for us Saga fans!!!!

    • PrinceOfNaboo Says:

      Kasdan is the one I could see doing such things as well. It may be just me, but I felt for some time that this guy terribly overestimates his own contribution to Star Wars, supported by the hateboy culture.

      Hope Kennedy (who is long friend with Lucas) as Lucasfilm’s both and possibly Abrams (who I think is a nice guy overall and gets along well with Lucas obviously) prevent that horror from happening.

  12. Bob Clark Says:

    I would like to think that the SW franchise-masters at this point would have learned the lesson that Marvel and DC have demonstrated over the past decade and change– playing revisionist-continuity just to please the old die-hards who want things back to the way they were when they read “classic” comics is a bad idea on any number of levels. Just look at what’s happened to Spider-Man over the better part of two decades– the Clone Saga and “One More Day” are two of the most notoriously badly concieved stories of recent memory, and both were motivated by the editors in charge wanting to ditch the character’s marriage to Mary Jane and change him back to being a young, single sad-sack eternally moping after the loss of Gwen Stacy. Except both stories backfired miserably, because younger readers who grew up after the 70’s actually kinda LIKED ol’ MJ. And so, after a while, she always comes back.

    This sort of thing seems to happen on a regular basis in the comics world– over at DC there’s been the frustrations younger readers have had with Teen Titans (a whole generation grew up with those characters in their anime-influenced Cartoon Network show, while the comics have largely kept their fanservice directed towards the 70’s/80’s readers) and Batwoman’s gay marriage. Disney’s aquisition of SW represents the biggest piece of pop-cultural IP changing hands in history, more or less (you could bring in other titans like Bond or Doctor Who, but those have seen lots of change over time– here we’re going from one single authorial voice to a corporate stew). As such, if they really intend to let their new films attempt to rewrite the history laid down in the previous film canon so far, it has the potential to get even messier and uglier than anything we’ve seen in comics.

  13. Gallandro Says:

    I’m actually putting this one into the “Maybe” category. While I’m sure the Story Group “respects” George and the Saga, the reality is it is their baby now and they are going to do with it as they wish, and it is clear their focus is on “recapturing” the “feel” of the OT (whatever that means).

    Prince of Naboo is pretty spot on on his assessment of Kasdan. I personally think he has a hyper inflated opinion of himself and his contribution to the Saga. Just read Rinzler’s “Making of Return of the Jedi,” he and Lucas disagree on practically everything going on structure wise and Lucas is constantly explaining his reasons for certain decisions. He disagrees with Lucas about how powerful Vader really is, he disagrees that Han should live, etc.

    Now let’s compare that with some of Kasdan’s recent statements:

    “The ones I worked on were a long time ago, and they had a slightly different feeling than the ones that followed. The first three, ‘Star Wars,’ ‘Empire’ and ‘Return of the Jedi’ are all sort of more about people than the ones that followed.”

    “I’m trying to start fresh. There are certain pleasures that we think the saga can bring to people that they’ve been missing, and we’re hoping to bring them that, and at the same time, have them feel that it’s all new.”

    Nowhere in these comments is there any concern whatsoever about fans who grew up with the PT or TCW. What about those fans… those fans who are much younger and more likely to go to repeat movie viewings and spend their bucks on merchandise than a bunch of old farts like myself who are more interested in getting our kids through college, or spending time with the grandkids, or watching my retirement fund take a nosedive.

    I get that Disney is trying to rope kids in with Rebels, but if they and the Story Group think kids, teens and twenty-somethings want to watch geriatric former action heroes prance around the screen trying to recapture the “glory days” they are sadly mistaken. When I heard the reports that Arndt’s script, which allegedly focused on new heroes with the Big 3 being in supporting roles, was being jettisoned so JJ could focus on one more rodeo with the Big 3, I knew there was trouble. Even the original Hollywood Reporter article said that Lucas “acquiesced” to the script changes. That definitely suggests he was not on board but quietly relented to the decision. I have a huge concern if that is in fact the case.

    While I certainly respect Kasdan’s contributions to Star Wars, it’s not his baby and frankly he was a hired gun. PT haters seem to be engaged in some revisionist history. Kasdan was not even brought into Empire until June of 79. By that time Lucas had completed two drafts which are virtually identical to the finished film. The story structure was completely in place, and much of Lucas’ dialogue even survived rewrites or were simply restructured to flow better when spoken. It’s not like he started from whole cloth. Even on Raiders Kasdan was primarily brought in to finish the script… the story was finished. So, while Kasdan was certain an important figure it’s not like he was some sort of co-creator.

    And frankly given Kasdan’s track record since the late 80s it’s not like his work is just brimming with quality. He’s an okay, but occasionally brilliant screenwriter who hasn’t had a major hit since the late 80s… Doesn’t exactly fill me with loads of confidence.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      Very well said.

      Concerning the Ep VII script, I’m really bothered they’re doing something against Lucas’s wishes. I don’t see the logic of having the OT3 star in another movie either, for several reasons:

      • Morgan Cherney Says:

        my only concern with the OT3 being in another movie, is, i think their status as actors has gotten to the point where, once they show up in another SW movie, fans and audiences aren’t going to be seeing them as Luke, Han, and Leia anymore, they’ll be seeing them as Mark, Harrison, and Carrie dressed as Luke, Han and Leia. I fear audience response won’t feel like “welcome back, Luke”, but more “look! they got Mark back as Luke! fanboy squeeee!”

        Take for example the first Star Trek reboot. Of course we were all excited to see Leonard Nimoy back to play Spock Prime. And i enjoyed the film myself. But somehow, I felt less that Leonard Nimoy was playing Spock, and more that he was playing, well…Leonard Nimoy. In Spock makeup. Don’t get me wrong, i was glad he was back, but it just felt…off. And i’m worried the same will happen here.

      • Gallandro Says:

        That’s definitely a concern Morgan. The problem with taking a nostalgia trip is that usually not everyone is on board, and those that aren’t necessarily along for the ride feel extremely uncomfortable.

        It’s like being a guest at your friend’s parents house for a special event and since you are sitting there they just feel a compelling desire to tell you the family history. The whip out the projection screen and the slide viewer and suddenly you are looking at old slides of Ma & Pa’s trip to the Grand Canyon with Aunt Martha…. you want to leave, but you can’t. Everyone around you is laughing and reminiscing, but you feel like the odd man out.

        Unfortunately I beginning to firmly believe this is the road we are going down… a trip back to the 70s. Newsflash… I grew up in the 70s, and outside of Star Wars, Apes, Star Trek reruns and the Six Million Dollar Man the 70s sucked. I don’t need to rediscover that “Star Wars feel” as it never left me. I felt that same vibe all through the PT and especially in The Clone Wars… was it a little different, yup, but it still felt like that Galaxy Far, Far Away, and I got the enormous satisfaction of rediscovering what made Star Wars unique through the eyes of my children.

        Now of course some are going to say, well Disney really doesn’t want to screw this up, but George isn’t calling the shots any more. If enough people in the Story Group petition and plead with Disney that George really screwed some stuff up with the Prequels but they can fix it, I have ZERO doubt Disney will listen to them with rapt attention… all they care about is bucks; I seriously doubt they give one hoot about George’s legacy anymore… it’s their Golden Goose now.

      • Bob Clark Says:

        The thing about nostalgia is that there’s a valuable way that it can work if you’re using it to fuel something new, or express love for something that was lost from years past. Tarantino’s films or an anime like “Evangelion” are a good illustration of how nostalgia can be positive, as they’re using material that tends to get flushed down the memory hole pretty quickly, and don’t get too attached to it.

        But “Star Wars” isn’t something obscure like grindhouse movies or spaghetti westerns, or have a short half-life like even most mecha-anime tend to have. “Star Wars” is mainstream. “Star Wars” is pretty much as classic as blockbuster filmmaking can get. You don’t need to have nostalgia for something THAT mainstream. Abrams’ new “Star Wars” movies might be the first ones that a new generation of kids see, but those kids would’ve seen “Star Wars” sooner or later anyway. On the day that “Star Wars” is as far from the pulse of pop-culture as, say, “Space Battleship Yamato” or “China 9, Liberty 7”, then a nostalgia trip might be useful. But now, it’s just redundant, and potentially destructive.

    • Jeff Bradley Says:

      The thing that gets me about these spinoff movies:
      They CAN’T be better than the new, main Star Wars trilogy.
      If somehow they would actually turn out to be better, more popular and or box office successful it would be an AB-SO-LUTE indicator of failure on the people and resources assembled for the main Star Wars trilogy of this era.
      1. They’re NOT going to spend the same amount of money on these spinoffs as the main trilogy.
      2. It’s doubtful the quality would be better than the more expensive main trilogy.
      Certainly they might have a different tone, style and type of story. Maybe even they have more appeal to the specific segment of the Star Wars audience they’re targeted at – which I think is the whole idea behind them. Star Wars follows the old Hollywood tradition of making movies for “everybody”. It’s that old idea of populist, mass audience cinema from the days before television when everybody went to the movies. These targeted spinoffs are counter to that idea.I think though, there’ll be a kind if inborn inhibitor designed into them that will keep them from EVER outshining the main trilogy. The main saga has always been accepted as the “holy book” while spinoffs are always regarded as “midrosh” until some elements show up in the movies connecting it to canon. These spinoffs will have to go through the same process as everything else over the years. If they’re great we’ll accept and revere them, if not, they’ll be quickly reviled and Disney will figure out another, better way to spend 30 – 70 million dollars.

      Another thing that’s struck me about casting Hamill, Ford and Fisher in what may be larger roles in this NEW trilogy:

      If you think of Lord of the Rings, and how THAT trilogy starts out with *old Bilbo* and Gandalf leading the story off THEN LATER handing things off to the newer, younger characters, so to speak, I’m not too put off by what they’re talking about in terms of expanding the roles of the classic Star Wars characters. I think just the way Tolkien bridged The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, I think a similar bridging may happen in the second and third trilogies of the Star Wars saga.

      Always in motion is the future.

    • PrinceOfNaboo Says:

      Excactly. I just don’t like it whenever he makes it look like he was the sole writer of ESB. Official co-writer was Leigh Brackett, actual co-writer was George Lucas.
      Though I’m amused by the fact that Kasdan wanted Yoda to fight all along….

      I don’t know if any of you owns the new , much cheaper version of Lucas’ “Frames” book. There, he “dedicates” each frame selectionto three people.
      Ep.1 is dedicated to his kids, Jett , Amanda and Katie. Ep.2 ins dedicated to Rick McCallum, Gavin Bocquet and Trisha Biggar. Ep.3 to David Tattersall, John Knoll and Ben Burtt. Ep.4 to John Barry, Ralph McQuarrie, John Williams. Ep.5 to Irvin Kershner, Norman Reynolds and Frank Oz. Ep.6 to Richard Marquand, Dennis Muren, Joe Johnson.
      It could just bei that Lucas (rightly) values these people’s contributions higher. I just noticed that Kasdan’s name was missing, though….

  14. Brian47 Says:

    I just don’t really trust the rumors from that source. There are still plenty of the old guard still involved in these films and I think they will still protect what’s been portrayed in the Prequel Era. The fact is, Prequel Era movies, TV shows, books, games and more have dominated the last 15 years, creating an entirely new, younger fanbase that Disney will not wish to exclude or ignore. Prequel Era media has generated so much story material since ’99 it is impossible for the new movie crew to simply wish it away or act as if it doesn’t affect them. I’m not expecting many nods in the Sequel Trilogy to events that occurred in the Prequel Era, but they can’t try and rewrite it either, it’s pretty much part of the permanent fabric of its universe.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      Let’s hope they realize that.

    • Gallandro Says:

      Let me play Devil’s Advocate here a minute… While what you say may be true, what’s not to say certain influential members of the Story Group or people within Disney firmly believe there are more OT fans who were turned off by the PT than there are PT fans? Using that logic it would make more sense from their end to pay little, if not attention to the PT.

      I’m not saying that’s the case at all, but I certainly believe someone like Kasdan believes this. I’m sure Filoni and Hidalgo are firmly in George’s corner, but there’s more than just the two of them… and if they start to introduce people from outside the group (like people within Marvel) what’s not to say those voices start to drown out the Saga lovers?

      Look I’ll be blunt, I’m fairly pessimistic about the Disney takeover for many reasons. For almost 15 years now I’ve been a Disney shareholder… I’m a HUGE Disney fan, and I hate what guys like Eisner and Iger did to the company… sure the bottom line is doing great, but I think Walt’s vision has been supplanted by Wall Street business practices.. 2-D animation is dead, people’s word means nothing in the company anymore, and some of the decisions within the Parks are a little bizarre. I supported Roy Disney’s efforts, and hoped that somehow the Disney family could reclaim the Kingdom… but sadly that was not to be.

      So yeah, based on what Iger and Co. have done with Walt’s vision I have little doubt they would do the same to George.

      • buick runner Says:

        Heck I am not really all that convinced Filoni and Hidalgo are in George’s corner. With Filoni always convincing Lucas to let him jam in EU stuff. But at least he seems not to be a PT hater which is good.

      • Bob Clark Says:

        Filoni I trust a hell of a lot more than Abrams. At least Filoni has demonstrated a clear ability to colaborate with Lucas, and has Prequel elements in the new OT-era series (the Sith Inquisitor, with his Darth-Maul lightsaber).

  15. Bob Clark Says:

    The sad thing here is that, personally, I’ve always really liked Kasdan’s films outside of SW and IJ. “The Accidental Tourist” especially is a film I like putting on now and again. Part of why this whole deal feels really crummy is a guy like Kasdan would be much better off doing his own original work, though given the state of Hollywood right now that’s pretty much impossible unless he wants to try and go independent, and since he’s not a young, hot talent anymore, that might logically end in him resorting to Kickstarter or something. Perhaps a Disney deal will help him fund future solo efforts, but the more he depends upon a trio of for-hire scripts he worked on 30 plus years ago, it’s not just bad for the viable future of the franchise– it’s bad for his overall reputation as a filmmaker.

    Eh. He should’ve taken Lucas’ offer to co-write the PT when he had the chance. At least then it might’ve helped his directorial career back when he still had the occasional cult-hit in its veins (there’s fans of “Mumford” out there, aren’t there?).

    Kasdan would be really good working in television, these days. Too bad he’s hitching himself to the SW wagon, and not pursuing a deal with AMC or Showtime, or something.

    • Gallandro Says:

      Agreed whole heartedly. Accidental Tourist is a personal favorite of mine, and I revisit it frequently. Unfortunately between the box office disasters of Wyatt Earp and Dreamcatcher his career as a big time director was effectively destroyed, and outside of the oddball small film here or there he hasn’t worked much.

      Heck, his son Jake Kasden is a much hotter commodity in the industry right now.

      • Bob Clark Says:

        The only thing I’ve seen of Jake Kasdan’s is “Zero Effect”. And I really, really liked it. Kinda sad that we have so many nepotism-fueled directors nowadays, but at least he delivered one solid, smart-as-a-whip effort to prove himself.

  16. jarjarbacktattooguy Says:

    This reminds me of all the silly rumors we heard prior to Episode I. Some of the “prequel news” sites from the 90s are still online, you guys should go look at them.

    Lucas and Kathleen Kennedy were friends for a long time, that’s why he chose her. The LAST thing she is going to allow is any major inconsistencies with what has come before.

    Kasdan’s involvement should only reassure people that these new movies will be consistent with the old.

    AOTC only dealt with Fett as a child and all his personal connections with that universe pretty much die with his father. All of Fett’s adult life is still a blank slate…so NO ret conning is needed. This silly rumor would only further confuse the audience.

    Doing these spin-off movies of major characters are bad ideas to begin with IMO. This rumor and the reaction to it proves that. Han’s, Yoda’s and Fett’s stories are told in the existing movies. Spin-off stories should only be for background characters who’s stories are not told in the films.

    Disney wants to treat Star Wars likes it’s the Marvel universe and have these characters feature in their own “solo” series’ when they were never designed for that. Disney is a major corporation that only cares about selling dolls and tickets to Hollywood Studios theme park, get used to that.

    We can only hope there are enough people at Lucasfilm who care enough about SW to make something out of all of this. And I believe there are. 🙂

  17. Morgan Cherney Says:

    I finally just got around to listening to Forcecast’s discussion on this whole rumor, and one of them proposed a possible scenario where if they were to do this, re-adapt Twin Engines of Destruction where Jodo Kast is pretending to be Fett, Fett and Kast duke it out, Kast kills Fett, and Kast remove his helmet to reveal he was Temura Morrison-Fett all along.

    THAT would actually be a fun twist, and I was honestly having very similar thoughts that, if this whole impostor Fett rumor were true, the only way it could POSSIBLY work would be to have the impostor kill Fett, have his movie, then at the end gets killed by Fett, who turns out wasn’t really dead. THAT’S a twist.

    I’ve seen prequel-haters who support this rumor saying that the whole impostor thing itself would be a fresh twist. Um, no. No it isn’t, cuz here’s why: people are already discussing it. 5 years in advance (Fett movie is rumored for 2018). That’s not a twist at all, if everyone’s already discussing it. Which COULD lead credence to the fact that maaaaaaaaaaaybe this is all just out of Latino’s ass 😉

  18. Liz Says:

    Dear LazyPadawan:
    This is less about the Boba Fett rumor and more about your comment that if the Disney Minions try to rewrite the prequels you might give up on Star Wars altogether. This is not an attempt to change your mind or anything, this is a thank-you letter just in case you disappear from the fandom and I never get a chance to tell you. Now, I’m usually pretty shy on the internet. I’m one of those people who reads blogs but feels too unqualified to comment. But when I read that, I realized that if it happened, I would never have a chance to thank you for what the SWPAS has given me.
    I am one of those people who grew up with the prequels and “doesn’t know any better,” as the hateboys would say. I first saw AotC when I was a 12-year-old girl, and nearly 9 years later I am still madly in love with Anakin Skywalker (if you do the math, yes it’s true I didn’t see it in theaters. I did for RotS though!). But then, when I was in Junior High…let’s just say I had some “friends” who picked on me for various reasons – I was a Bible-believing Christian who took church seriously (still am), I read Shakespeare, wrote poetry and short stories (still do) – you name it, they picked on it. I was lonely, and I didn’t want to give them another thing to pick on, so I became a hypocrite and made fun of the prequels whenever they got brought up in the tween nerd circles, and then would go home and cry over Jude Watson’s Jedi Apprentice novels that I bribed my little brother into checking out from the elementary school library. I’m not proud of it because I wasn’t being true to myself. Even when I graduated from Watson to Zahn and the KOTOR comics, I still hid them at home.
    Then, when I was a senior in high school and we were well into Season 3 of TCW, two wonderful things happened at once. A) I discovered that there was such a thing as FanFiction and B) I discovered this blog and realized that there were actually other intelligent people out there who liked the prequels unironically and unconditionally.
    This all probably sounds really dramatic, but I’ve realized since being in college that I’m what you might call a Romantic. Literally everything I like gets made fun of, from the SW prequels to shojo manga to Sir Walter Scott’s novels and Lord Byron’s poetry. But I’ve embraced that because the world needs it. There’s something beautiful and human and full of life and spirit and purest Art about the unrestricted outpouring of the emotions of the heart, without the cold restraint and “lack of cheesiness” that logic and political correctness have strangled Western society with. There’s something about the kind of passion and love and spiritual conflict that we see in the SW prequels that the world needs to feel again, because unlike the OT, the prequels dare to truly acknowledge the darkness that can exist in the heart of even the best person, and show it for what it is, while still encouraging the viewer to hold on, fight for the light, because there will come a day when we can hope anew. Modern western cynicism tells us that none of us are heroes and in the end, there is no right and wrong, just the powerful and the trodden-upon. (Yeah…I’m not a fan of Game of Thrones). Star Wars tells us differently. It tells us that to fall and to be redeemed are both possible (which, as a Christian, I agree with wholeheartedly). The original trilogy came first and told the mostly happy redemption story in the form of a heroic space opera romp. But the prequel trilogy had the dirty job of telling of the fall of heroes, though it did it beautifully. However, as in the great Greek tragedies, it reminds us all that we have that potential too. I really don’t think many modern people like being reminded that their souls and their precious democracies can be twisted into evil from the inside out.
    I’ve continued writing, and I’ve started playing around with some of my own stories, based on the same ideals that the things I love have taught me to embrace. And last Halloween I finally got the courage to run around the campus of my university crossplaying as Anakin. I have no pictures because I’m one of those people who’s terrified of internet stalkers, and it was thrown together anyways.
    If you don’t think this is appropriate for the thread or the page you don’t have to post it. Mostly I just wanted to let you know what a huge encouragement you and all the SWPAS have been to me as a prequel fan and as a young woman finally at peace with my own likes and personality. Sorry for spilling my heart all over your blog, but I really just wanted to thank you in case you do disappear. 🙂

    • lazypadawan Says:

      Hi Liz!

      Thanks so much for your kind words and your eloquent apologetics of the prequels. What a great story!

  19. Curtis Bloes Says:

    First, you did not read the Rules of the House. Just because you’re “not much of a hater” doesn’t mean you are NOT bashing. Oh yes you are if you want to do away with the prequels because people like YOU didn’t like them. Heal the wounds, my foot. People like YOU caused the divisiveness. People like YOU sucked all of the joy out of this fandom, not fans like me. People like YOU took that fun away from me and I will never get it back and I will never forgive people like YOU for it. EVER. Now, why don’t you go crawl in a drawer, go away, and don’t come back.

    • J.Bradley Says:

      I think IF – an’ it’s a big IF – you have ANYTHING more to do with the clones in the new trilogy (like, some villain wants to grow a NEW army and put midichlorians in ’em) THAT’S where Boba comes back in. MAYBE they throw him away for all the newer, better ones (with Jedi powers) and so in that sense it could resemble the rumors – new REPLACES the old. My thing really though, is if Boba comes back the new trilogy needs to really use him, complete his arc, not just give him another “badass” cameo. Otherwise, he’s dead, let’im stay that way. It’s a big galaxy, they can always create another new badass bounty hunter for another Star Wars epoch.

    • Morgan Cherney Says:

      Here’s a counter-argument, Curtis:
      In the 1980s, Spider-Man and Mary Jane got married. For years, people on Marvel’s staff were on the fence about this, feeling having him married domesticated him, and many felt he should be brought back to basics. The Clone Saga tried and failed to accomplish this. Then in 2007, Joe Quesada, in his epic “genius”, decided “you know what, i’m going to do something about this” and conceived the 4-part storyline “One More Day”, which ended with Peter Parker and Mary Jane making a deal with the devil to save Aunt May’s life, by effectively rewriting history that their marriage never even happened. Bam, instant “back to basics” retcon.
      The response to this storyline was universal derision and outcry, it’s considered one of the worst, if not THE worst, comic stories of 2007.
      The whole idea of replacing Boba Fett with an impostor is not only hackneyed and lazy, but an insult to his creator. It’s basically saying “move over, George, let me show you how it’s done”. And if that story comes to pass, and people love it, it’ll prove that Lucas haters don’t love Boba Fett at all, they just want any old ass-kicking shmuck to wear THAT set of armor and just SAY that he’s Boba Fett, which is infantile and petty.

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