How AOTC Made Someone A Fan

The Prequel Trilogy Facebook page posted a link to this great piece on about how AOTC made the author a Star Wars fan.

I have no idea how I did not notice the Special Edition theatrical releases or The Phantom Menace. I was 11 and then 13, and just doing kid stuff, I suppose. This stuff wasn’t aimed at me, I was a girl in a home with mostly women and it just wasn’t on our radar. That all changed in 2002 in that darkened theater.

I was mesmerized. I was obviously smitten with the dashing Hayden Christensen (my husband should probably thank this film as he is also a dashing blond haired, blue eyed boy), and I was totally enthralled by the lightsaber battles. My favorite moment from the film was the gorgeous cinematography surrounding the three lightsaber battle between Anakin and Count Dooku. And who didn’t fall in love with Natalie Portman in that film? Padmé’s poise, beauty and grace were without question a highlight of the film for me. She was pretty badass too.

Read the whole thing! This ought to be a reminder that every Star Wars movie matters to somebody.


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3 Responses to “How AOTC Made Someone A Fan”

  1. peacetrainjedi Says:

    Neat fan story! And strong points for pointing out the same old “recycled complaints” used by the haters and why they just don’t matter. Star Wars is and will always be for the “fans,” not the detractors.

    Star Wars films and movies of a similar caliber have a tremendous effect on people that shouldn’t be understated. For her, Attack of the Clones was the film that opened up a galaxy far far away. For me, it was The Phantom Menace. I remember John Williams’ score reverberating in my 5 year old brain for weeks after seeing that film. Then when my mom told a younger me that there were more films, I was ecstatic. One trip to Blockbusters and three Star Wars special edition VHS tapes later, and I was hooked. I remember finding out in a TV guide that the next Star Wars film wouldn’t be released in theaters until 2002! When I look back, I remember seeing Attack of the Clones in theaters more vividly than I remember seeing Phantom. That’s probably because of the years of anticipation and that I knew going to see Episode II would be a monumental moment in my life. That, and I saw it 4 times…I’m just thankful my mom happened to love Star Wars too! The Phantom Menace may have sparked my love for Star Wars, but seeing and basking in the cinematic glory of Attack of the Clones made me a fan for life.

  2. hunk a junk Says:

    “Every Star Wars movie matters to someone.” That is the first thing us saga fans should say whenever someone starts bitching about the prequels. Nice.

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