Great Scenes From The Prequel Trilogy: “At Last We Will Have Revenge”


What’s great about this short scene is that like all of Star Wars’s best moments, it’s quiet and it gets you to pay attention. The secret plotting of Darth Sidious with his apprentice lets you know that everything the modern Sith had been planning for 2000 years was about to go into action. At this point, they are forced to remain in secret: both Maul and Sidious, masquerading as a mild-mannered Senator from Naboo, are covered in cloaks and meeting at night on a dark balcony. They don’t even look at each other while speaking. But not for much longer. Maul is anxious to let the Jedi know the Sith are back in town and as a showy character in both appearance and action, he certainly accomplishes that later on in the film. But Maul’s theatrics serve as a cover for his master, who remains hidden among the good guys for another couple of films.

There’s no score in this scene but there are the sounds of Coruscant in the background. Being in a megapolis with everyone busy with their own lives make for the perfect cover for evil to hide in plain sight.


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3 Responses to “Great Scenes From The Prequel Trilogy: “At Last We Will Have Revenge””

  1. Morgan Cherney Says:

    This was also THE first scene ever shot for the prequels 😉

    Although i’m not entirely sure it’s accurate to say this scene has no score. I’m pretty sure it does, it’s just soft and dark…

  2. peacetrainjedi Says:

    Tatooine is sparsely populated, if the trace was correct I will find them quickly Master…

    Maul oozes coolness in his voice, his walk, and his aura. In this one scene, the Sith own the silver screen completely.

  3. lovelucas Says:

    Geez – I wish I could go back in time. I believe this was the first scene short for TPM? Although this isn’t Ray’s voice it’s perfectly in sync. Just once Ray attended my local mini-con and I got to talk to him quite a bit. As a former gymnastics judge (pre-Olympic, Big 10 and high school) and coach our focus was on his technique of accomplishing skills, tight tuck, take off leg, etc. He spotted my t-shirt when I was in line – had Maul and Obi-Wan on it and the conversation took off from there. Couldn’t have been nicer.

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