New Feature: Great Scenes Of The Prequel Trilogy

I’ve cooked up a new feature, Great Scenes Of The Prequel Trilogy. It’s similar to the Daily Awesome feature I did for a month in 2008, but I’ll talk in more detail about why I think the scene or sequence is great.

First up, the opening scene of TPM:

The opening crawl establishes a trade/taxation dispute in some B-list system that results in the Trade Federation preparing to invade the planet. To fans already familiar with Star Wars, this is a far cry from the large scale galactic conflict described in ANH’s opening crawl. Further emphasizing the contrast is instead of a huge Star Destroyer passing overhead in pursuit of a smaller ship, the first ship we see after the crawl is a small, rather insignificant-looking ship. The idea is that it’s in this time of relative peace that this seemingly small dispute is the catalyst for everything that comes afterward. The Sith takeover of the galaxy and the fall of the Republic arrives like a lamb. It’s a subtle, genius use of imagery. After all, the movie is called “The Phantom Menace.”

After the craft lands and the two Jedi prepare to meet the Trade Federation, Obi-Wan utters, “I have a bad feeling about this.” What a great way to open the tragic cycle of the saga. It’s the Star Wars equivalent of, “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.” We all know Obi-Wan is right but no one else at this point can see it. The scene is acted with subtlety but the beats are hit perfectly.


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5 Responses to “New Feature: Great Scenes Of The Prequel Trilogy”

  1. Kenny Kraly Jr. Says:

    Great stuff SWPAS looking forward to more in the series of good scenes fro the PT films.

  2. TPF1138 Says:

    Now, this is what I’m talking about!

    Little bursts of positivity, to celebrate the front end of the Star Wars saga.

    Plus, it’s always good to see someone who understands why The Phantom Menace begins with a mere trade dispute.

    I look forward to more of these. 🙂

    • oxward321 Says:

      Great scene! This is my favorite opening sequence to the saga. Jedi cutting down battle droids and the one and only time we see the use of a lightsaber cutting through a door, out side of the Clone Wars. Awesome stuff George.

  3. peacetrainjedi Says:

    What a neat new feature!

    Love the comparison to ANH, and it rings so true. “The fall of the Republic arrives like a lamb,” such an inspired line! I also love the back and forth when Obi-Wan gets lectured about keeping his mind on the present moment. “But Master Yoda said I should be mindful of the future.” is such a great little quote from Obi, and it is nice to hear Yoda being name-dropped for the first time. In chronological order, this would be Yoda’s first mention in the saga, and it helps build up his mystique until he is formally introduced later on in the Council scene.

    Also, how cool is it to see a Protocol Droid……being an actual Protocol Droid! TC-14 serving drinks and acting so polite while the Jedi casually take a seat. In the original trilogy, from the first moment we meet poor C-3PO, he’s running around as the ship is under attack. He wanders around a desert, gets captured, hides from Imperial troops, and has to spend the entire last quarter of the film worrying about R2. In TESB, he almost gets left behind, he’s told to shut up numerous times, and he gets blasted to bits. In ROTJ when he acts as translator for Jabba, he’s abused and thinks he’s there the whole time as a mistake, “R2 you’re playing the wrong message!” Later, the Ewoks deify him, and he becomes a storyteller, finally being able to serve his function to communicate and translate, albeit in a more rugged environment that 3PO, as proper protocol droid, didn’t exactly appreciate. But with TC-14, we see a protocol droid in her prime, on a first-class starship, serving drinks and making formal introductions to a pair of distinguished guests (although with the devious ulterior motive of the Neimodians filing the room with poisonous gas) :). A perfect example of taking a familiar element from the original films and expanding upon the premise to create something fresh.

    • Pedro Felipe Says:

      I also love the dialogue between Obi Wan and Qui Gon, it show a young Obi Wan beign taught by a wise Qui Gon who has very peculiar teachings about the force that differ from the usual:

      “Qui Gon: Don’t center on your anxieties Obi Wan, keep your concentration here and the now, where it belongs.

      Obi Wan: But Master Yoda sad I should be mindful of the future.

      Qui Gon: But not at the expense of the moment, be mindful of the Living Force young padawan.”

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