Filoni Interview Part 2

The blog posted part two of its interview with Dave Filoni. Here he talks Maul, Savage, Sidious, and Ahsoka among other things.


5 Responses to “Filoni Interview Part 2”

  1. Eduardo Jencarelli Says:

    Courtesy of the good folks at Rebel Force Radio:

    This is the second or third source to report issues within Episode VII. It could all be a hoax, but then again, the notion of Abrams and Kennedy having this kind of difference worries me, especially with Disney execs involved.

  2. Tarrlok Says:

    I love this interview. Filoni is one of the handful of people I’ve seen speaking publicly about Star Wars who doesn’t have the infamous “Prequel Cringe”. He takes pleasure in discussing the minutiae of the PT, speaking in very specific terms about how significant these minutiae are in the grand narrative. It really shows in TCW.

    As a counter-example, consider Lucasarts, whose behaviour almost makes me glad that EA is now handling Star Wars in VGs. ‘The Force Unleashed’ was all well and good, filled with some nice PT allusions, but it was pretty much the beginning and end of Star Wars on the Xbox 360 and PS3. ‘The Force Unleashed II’ was ill-conceived. Rather than utilise TFU’s engine for something new, they dug up the already concluded storyline for TFU. They added even more OTT Force powers after their novelty had worn off in the first game.

    Naturally, the best use of TFU’s engine could have been argued to be something set in the Prequel era. The PT was famous for its spectacular lightsabre duels. The ROTS lightsabre combat game was fun, if slightly unpolished. On the 360 and PS3, a similar game set in and around the Clone Wars timeframe would have fulfilled the ROTS game’s potential while serving as an excellent tie-in to the animated series. Other franchises, such as ‘Assassin’s Creed’ and ‘Mass Effect’, showed what Star Wars could have achieved on these platforms.

    So why didn’t they do this? Why didn’t they do anything but TFU 2? As TCW and its audience matured, any number of tie-in games would have bolstered it. However, the only screenshot from ‘First Assault’ showed an FPS view from a stormtrooper helmet over a Tatooine cityscape filled with Imperial heavy laser turrets. ‘1313’, of course, was set in the time of the Empire and was only connected to TCW and the PT through its setting.

    No PT/TCW lightsabre action games. No PT/TCW clone-vs-droid shooters. No PT/TCW strategy games, despite the continued popularity of a Clone Wars mod for ‘Empire at War’. They seemed to pass up these opportunities in favour of yet another OT-era hack-and-slash OTT Force-fest. Beyond the first initial batch and the later Lego game, TCW did not have a great presence on VGs. Lucasarts seemed to want to cater exclusively to fans of the OT era, despite members of the core gamer demographic (teens to thirties) being quite likely to have grown up with the PT.

    Lucasarts, more than most other parts of Lucasfilm (and I know the Insider magazine has been criticised here in the past) seemed ashamed of the PT and unwilling to acknowledge TCW for what it was.

    It makes me more appreciative of Dave Filoni to see what other parts of Lucasfilm have been doing.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      Filoni totally gets Star Wars.

      Very interesting points about the video games.

      • Tarrlok Says:

        If you’ve noticed how promo/marketing of the entire SW series often focus on the OT at the expense of the PT, you might be pleased to know that the leaked footage for the ultimately cancelled Star Wars: Battlefront III focused more heavily on the Clone Wars than on the Rebellion era conflict.

        Another promising aborted/cancelled project was a SW fighting game:

        This is pre-alpha footage, but it shows something that could have evolved into SW’s counterpart to the DC Comics fighting game ‘Injustice: Gods Among Us’. A game focused on lightsabre combat would necessarily focus more heavily on PT-era characters. Notice how the combat (stodgy but easily improved) is more authentic to the films than the OTT superpowers of TFU.

        I can’t help but speculate that the cancellation of projects like SWBF3 and the fighting game had a negative impact on the PT’s legacy. Without clones, Jedi and Sith at the forefront of Star Wars’ media presence with some high-profile game releases, PT-bashing hatedom filled the vacuum. Not even the increasingly excellent TCW could ameliorate this.

        I really hope that the PT and the incredibly underrated TCW experience a boom in popularity later on. There’s so much that remains broadly unappreciated about them.

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