Technical Issues With Clone Wars S5 Blu-Ray?

A reader sent me this message on Facebook:

it appears CW Season 5 blu rays were authored incorrectly and the audio is out of sync with the picture. For proof, go to the episode The Lawless and watch the scene where Maul is holding Satine in front of Obi. Nothing Obi says quite matches his mouth. I have a copy I recorded off Cartoon Network, and the sync was perfect when it aired. It’s not just this episode– the sync is off for most, if not all, of them. It’s a pretty widespread issue as you can see in the pages of discussion at the link below:

Let’s get the word out so Warner Bros. will fix this and offer replacements as they often do when these issues arise. Thanks!

I haven’t bought Season Five yet, much less the Blu-Ray (don’t have a player as of yet), so has anyone else noticed this problem?


22 Responses to “Technical Issues With Clone Wars S5 Blu-Ray?”

  1. oxward321 Says:

    Ill check mine later. I hope it’s aright. Ill report back when there’s something to report.

    • oxward321 Says:

      Just watched the Maul EP, didn’t notice anything wrong.

      • Paul F. McDonald Says:

        Fingers crossed on mine. I’ve never had a problem with blu-ray.

      • peacetrainjedi Says:

        Same here. Looks good. Just checked “The Lawless” and the dialogue sync was fine. I even had an old February Cartoon Network DVR recording of the episode to compare it to as well. It seemed all fine now; if there was any subtle change in sync it was beyond my powers of observation.

  2. dean Says:

    I’m from the U.K and the blu-ray simply doesn’t work at all. A number of people on Amazon have reported the same issue. I’ve told Amazon and Warner and they say nothing is wrong with this title. Also i’ve noticed supermarkets are not stocking this blu-ray now.

  3. oxward321 Says:

    Anybody else find any issues? I haven’t had a chance to watch anymore EP besides those four, been too busy. Just curious.

    What’s the deal with Warner Bros. how do I get in contacted with them? Hopefully the rest of my set is fine. Regardless ill sign some petition or something. In this day and age people shouldn’t put up with this poodoo.

  4. Joe Says:

    I can’t get mine to load all I get is a black screen. I sent for a replacement from Amazon and hope it solves the problem.

  5. Kenny Kraly Jr. Says:

    I hope WB / Lucasfilm gets these audio issues fixed and corrected soon. I plan on getting Season 5 of The Clone Wars on Blu-Ray Disc on November 1st.

  6. Joe Says:

    I just received my replacement from Amazon and once again they load to a black screen and wont play. Warner needs to fix this soon
    because Amazon wont give my money back only exchange for the same title.

    • dean Says:

      Amazon will give you a full refund Joe. I’ve had the same problem and sent two copies back and they refunded my money. Lots of retailers are not stocking this title now off and online (Tesco, Asda,Sainsburys and even Amazon uk themselves) I emailed Warner and they are looking into it apparently.

  7. oxward321 Says:

    I watched the young Jedi arch, that looked fine to. It was a LOT better then i remeber it. Maybe I’m just so into the EP I haven’t noticed it.

  8. oxward321 Says:

    I think I finally noticed something, in the Droid arch, part three. Not sure but it seems like the dialog.

    Does anybody use the link to Warner Bros for this complaint?

  9. Acoi Says:

    The BDs can’t play on my Toshiba. I’ve read most Sony player won’t too except the PS3. Some players that can play have the sync issue. I think it takes too long for WB to fix this because all those datas in the 20 episodes can’t be properly fitted into two discs and they have to reissue this with 3 BDs set and have to totally replace the existing sets that have been bought since the old package box is only fit for two discs. Think the amount of costs they have to bear, and these problems also happened on the Complete Seasons Box Set on season 5 discs.

  10. PaulMack Says:

    Got the blue ray today and it won’t even play, quite a common problem apparently

  11. lazypadawan Says:

    I can’t believe I’m still getting comments on this story! WB really stepped in it this time.

  12. Dan Garcia Says:

    I bought this and when i tried watching it well it was just impossible i only got a black screen but then i updated my bly ray player and it worked both discs and no audio sync problems so this may work for some of you my blu ray player is a sony by the way.

  13. Donald Biedermann Says:

    mine doesn’t play at all
    tells me its invalid?

  14. Mat Says:

    To those living outside of UK or country that not using region A discs, please write to Warner Home Video Costumer Service. My set couldn’t run on my Toshiba BD player and I emailed to them, and less than a week they shipped to me here in Malaysia the corrected discs. These discs now play smoothly on my player without any defective issues.

  15. Luc Welch Says:

    After not being able to find season 5 in the stores I finally purchased the blu ray yesterday from Walmart. No dice on getting it to play. I live in the US. Two blu ray players (both Sony) and on one I just get a black screen. That one is the newer player. The older player I get an “invalid disc” error. I tried installing a firmware update after getting the same error from another disc about a month ago (Disney movie for what it’s worth) but that hasn’t helped. A quick search pulls up a lot of discussion threads just like this one. Apparently it is a very common, very BIG problem. I hope the manufacturer will make this right…

    • Mat Says:

      They did solved this problems. Just e-mail or phone them and providing them with the serial no. of the set that you purchased together with your shipping address (no P.O. Box adress) and they’ll ship to you the corrected discs via express post for free and you are olso not required to return back to them the problematic discs. I got mine less than a week and am very satisfied with their response. Now the corrected discs play fine on my old player without issues.

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