The Tragedy of Representative Binks

Adam’s latest essay is all about everyone’s favorite goofy Gungan, Jar Jar. Read and be enlightened!

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15 Responses to “The Tragedy of Representative Binks”

  1. Eduardo Jencarelli Says:

    Great post.

    I’m guessing you’re aware of this rather pretentious fan video:

    4 Rules to Make Star Wars Great Again

    Rule Nº 1, in particular, is absurd.

    Recently, I’ve read a piece from The New Yorker which made a very good point regarding certain segments of Breaking Bad fandom. She called some of them bad fans for dumping on Skyler.

    I think this applies to segments of Star Wars fans, as well. More and more, it feels to me that they’re watching the saga wrong.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      Maybe we ought to make t-shirts: “You’re watching the saga wrong.” 😉

      I heard about this video a couple of days ago. It was made by an advertising guy obviously looking to score himself some 15 minutes of fame and the adoration of mouth-breathing, stinky people who talk funny and stand too close to you. And worst of all, too many Star Wars fans and even Lucasfilm, help promote this kind of crap.

    • peacetrainjedi Says:

      Saw that abomination earlier. That video is like having a lobotomy. I mean, in order for there to even be frontiers, there has to be some sort of city or urban center, otherwise the word frontier loses all of its meaning. It would just all be wilderness. Frontier implies that its on the edge of something greater for the love of the Force. And the royalty of Amidala seemed to escape this person’s attention. Again, it is impossible for things to have a “worn-down” feel unless they were once new. Star Wars has always involved science, the 3rd argument is mute. And dear Lord, Star Wars has ALWAYS had cuteness. R2-D2 is “cute”. Jawas are “cute.” Princess Leia’s hairbuns are “cute.” Hell, even Chewbacca makes all sort of cute/adorable faces. And all of those are just from the original Star Wars! Star Wars most definitely has cuteness ingrained into it in every single film, even the darker ones.

      And the “Love, everyone,” bit at the end made my blood boil. So to show that not EVERYONE agreed with this kindergarten-level thinking,I tried my best to upvote comments that said anything remotely positive about the prequels, and to downvote anything with outright lies in them, such as the prequels not having real sets, etc. If enough pro-prequel comments get voted up, the video’s purpose can be thwarted.

      • Keith Palmer Says:

        I’m pretty sure I ran into the video mentioned as an “off-topic” post on a weblog I follow, and it’s always especially annoying for discussion on something to be interrupted by wearily familiar complaints about Star Wars. Without even watching it, I had a fair sense of what it would amount to… At least I’ve got a copy of “The Star Wars Heresies” now to finish reading.

  2. lovelucas Says:

    This is so good. I thought when haters learned that Jar Jar was portrayed by Ahmed they would drop the racist accusations. I thought that in AotC when Jar Jar was doing his best to try to represent Naboo via Padmé (which is what she asked), that the useless comments would stop..but then…even in TPM when Naboo was facing total defeat, it was Amidala calling on Jar Jar’s help that saved the day, remembering his revelation that the Gungans were warriors and that they were army-ready. That action saved Naboo. Critical crossroads = Jar Jar was there and made huge impact both times. To this day, I don’t believe we’ll ever see Ahmed Best at a fan event because he probably thinks Jar Jar has no fans at all. I hate how this is going.

    • Adam D. Bram (The Nilbog) Says:

      Who showed Qui-Gon to Otoh Gunga allowing him to arrive to Theed in time to rescue the queen? Who bumped into R2, making him late to the repairs and not blasted first? Who needed Anakin to save him from Sebulba, thus allowing Qui-Gon to take notice of him?

      I rest my case.

      • peacetrainjedi Says:

        Very well-written essay, and Jar Jar will be recognized one day, but that day is not this day…(sadly). The end of Jar Jar’s story has not officially been closed, and he is alive at the time of post-Return of the Jedi…

      • Paul F. McDonald Says:

        Wicked cool essay about a very geeky subject. 🙂

    • Eddie Says:

      You would think that when Ahmed Best was respectfully sent a link to an entire month-long, sincere celebration of Jar Jar, and even specifically, of *his,* contribution to creating JJB, he’d acknowledge it…but no such luck. Perhaps he was too busy trying to say something quotable on twitter, but oh well, I still enjoy the character and his valid role in the Star Wars story, even if the actor who portrays him thinks responding to somebody non-famous is beneath him. It reminds me of an episode of “The Facts of Life” from when I was a kid, where Tootie painstakingly made a life-size, Papier Mâché bust of Jermaine Jackson, and tried to get it to him at his concert…where his security handlers, suspecting it was a bomb, destroyed it by placing it in a shower and turning on the water (what kind of bomb did they think could be neutralized with water?!? Did they think it was like a black, globular bomb with a lit fuse??? Who knows.). Tootie was crushed, but life went on!

    • lazypadawan Says:

      He was at NYCC and Collectormania in London last year but he doesn’t do a lot of those kinds of appearances.

  3. M. Marshall Says:

    I suspect that one of the reasons white Andy Serkis gets more credit for motion-capture acting than black Ahmed Best is because of racism, but that’s just me…
    It’s also hypocritical how people will still swoon over Mammy and Prissy from “Gone With the Wind” but reject Jar Jar…
    Just sayin’. 😉

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