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Most Awesome Bed Ever

August 20, 2013

Via Jedi News, here’s this sweet custom-made bed from Posh Tots that just so happens to resemble Anakin’s Jedi starfighter from ROTS:

It starts at a mere $15,000.

Clone Wars On Toonami, But…

August 18, 2013

The sorta good news? Cartoon Network has added The Clone Wars to its late Saturday night-early Sunday morning Toonami animation block, normally reserved for anime (originally I thought Toonami only referred to CN’s Canadian counterpart).

The bad news? Toonami has decided it’s going to exclude the episodes it doesn’t like. From its Tumblr:

On August 17th, Eureka 7 will be going away, never to return. We’ll be sorry to see it go. Replacing it will be STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS, which we’re very happy about because we always felt it was a Toonami show. FYI: We’ll be skipping some of the non-continuity (read: Jar Jar) eps, but they’ll generally run in order. AMERICAN CARTOONS BELONG ON TOONAMI! xoxoxoxo

A day later, Toonami posted a second statement on its Tumblr:

We’ll go ahead and answer this one so people can stop flooding our inbox. Clarification: We’ve been ASKED by the network to skip the super slow/irrelevant/kiddie episodes of Clone Wars. (Boldface mine, on Tumblr it’s in gray.) Our preference would be to run all five seasons of Clone Wars from beginning to end. That said, we don’t consider the (few) eps we are cutting “filler.” FILLER, as referred to by anime fans, is a story arc that takes place outside the source manga a show might be following. Obviously, that’s not what Clone Wars is (unless you consider THE ENTIRE SERIES filler, which, go away). Beyond that, there’s a huge difference in cutting some episodes that have aired multiple (10/15 times each at least) times on CN, and cutting PREMIERE episodes of a show (or episodes that have aired once or twice if we’re talking about Naruto). And let’s not forget, those 100 etc eps of Naruto are still A YEAR AWAY. We don’t even know if we’ll still be on in a year. It’s absolutely ridiculous to us to worry about this mythical possible falloff from airing Naruto “filler” a year from now. This all seems to be a legacy of the myth (and trust us it IS A MYTH) that Naruto and it’s “filler” killed Toonami, which we’ve refuted multiple times. But we wanted to let you know how the decision re: Clone Wars came about because we don’t want you guys to think these decisions are capricious. We wanted Clone Wars, we were asked to make this concession if we aired it. We honestly didn’t think anyone would really care…

Nobody would care? Hahahahahaha…anyway, as Bob put it when he wrote me about this, why put a “kiddie” show on the schedule then in the first place? And what suit at CN is going to decide which Clone Wars episode is “irrelevant” or “too slow?” Showing nothing but action is doing the show and the purpose it served a huge disservice in a year where Clone Wars has been shown a great deal of disservice. Some great episodes are going down the drain because it has Jar Jar, or Ahsoka’s too cute for the neck beards, or it has Padmé in it.

Thanks for nothing, CN. Fans should stick with DVDs and Blu-Rays instead.

A Couple Of Interesting Reads

August 15, 2013

First off is Adam’s latest column on the rise of Palpatine.

And here’s a quick read. It’s aimed at people who don’t like the prequels but you’ll enjoy it if you do love them!

Upcoming Funko Pop Vinyl Figures

August 15, 2013

Coming in November is a wave of new Funko Pop Vinyl Figures that includes Queen Amidala and Jar Jar! I gotta get ’em:

H/T and

Happy Fifth Anniversary To The Clone Wars

August 15, 2013

On August 15, 2008, “The Clone Wars” debuted at midnight, then went into wide release on August 16:

Here’s my 2008 review of the film.

Star Wars & D23 Expo

August 12, 2013

Absolutely nothing new at D23 Expo over the weekend. See what I have to say about that on my LiveJournal.

ICYMI: Star Wars Medley

August 12, 2013

I’ve been posting this elsewhere, but in case you somehow missed it, violinist Lindsey Stirling and Peter Hollens did a medley of Star Wars tunes for YouTube’s Geek Week. Her rendition of “Duel of the Fates” is awesome:

eFX Darth Maul Lightsaber Legend Edition

August 12, 2013

Got $400 to spend? Good news if you do, because beginning tomorrow eFX will start taking pre-orders this super cool replica of Darth Maul’s lightsaber. It’s a direct cast from the movie prop original and it comes with a plate signed by Ray Park. Sure to impress your friends.

Pre-orders begin 8/13 and it requires a deposit of $150. It ships in October.

Samuel L. Jackson In “Coming To America”

August 10, 2013

Eddie Murphy’s “Coming To America” was a huge hit in 1988. It also made a star out of Arsenio Hall.

But little did anyone know back then that the thug holding up the McDowell’s restaurant would one day have the highest box office career cume of any Hollywood star:

Since “Coming To America” was rated R and it is Samuel L. Jackson, NSFW warnings apply!

10 Reasons Why He Loves Every Star Wars Flick

August 8, 2013

JavikKatarn wrote his top 10 reasons why he loves all of the Star Wars movies, broken down by each film, on the Internet Movie Database. (Actually he has a LOT of lists on IMDB). The prequel stuff is here, here, and here.