Final Clone Wars Episodes On Apple TV?

That’s what Jedi News is saying: Disney plans on creating an app/channel on Apple TV that will have all kinds of exclusive Star Wars content, including the Clone Wars last episodes, Rebels bonus stuff, and behind-the-scenes peeks at Episode VII.

The good news is I have Apple TV. The bad news, it’s the ancient version. Gee, time for an upgrade :/.

TFN posits that the content might be available on a variety of venues, making the content more widely available. I sure hope so. I’ve been an Apple girl since 1984 but it would be crazy to keep Star Wars stuff from those who use don’t have Apple products. Or the latest versions of those products.

By the way, guess who’s Disney’s biggest shareholder? The estate of Steve Jobs.

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7 Responses to “Final Clone Wars Episodes On Apple TV?”

  1. peacetrainjedi Says:

    I do not think they would be so foolish. For one, it’s just not economically viable. And Disney rarely does something that would make them LESS money then another avenue of distribution. There might be a temporary “exclusive” premiere somewhere for the bonus content, but that’s about it.

    Now this is extreme Boss-Nass style spitballing here, but…….perhaps they should create a separate Star Wars channel as part of their cable lineup. And instead of Paid Programming infomercials, they could show Droids and Ewoks episodes in the wee hours of the morning. 😀 Oh, and they could even throw in new and old documentaries and TV specials that show the behind-the-scenes of the vast Star Wars universe.Yes, Disney XD exists, I know, but in a few years, with more Star Wars television surely to arrive (besides Rebels), they could seriously create an exclusive Star Wars or “Disney Sci-Fi” channel. Or if they want, transform Disney XD in all but name.. Force knows, Syfy has so little scripted science fiction anymore, someone’s gotta pick up the torch.

    Or to be more broad, they could create a “Lucasfilm/TV” channel if they ever feel like tapping the vast potential of Indy, Willow (you just know Warwick Davis would do this to perfection…), and who knows if they treat Lucasfilm/animation/etc. properly we might actually see an all-new *original* franchise or stand-alone series/film. Hell, they’re gonna be pumping out Star Wars films every year, they might as well do other projects in-between. I believe Kathy Kennedy said as much.

    Or, they could make it exclusive to Apple and just make ridiculous apps for everything….Because that’s what this world needs, more apps. When in doubt, throw an app at it. (or an apple, just please something a little more adventurous than Red Delicious)

    The one thing I loved about The Clone Wars was they would always air the episodes online less than a week later, and they would frequently show reruns online. I never used this feature because I had to see it right away, and DVR if need be, but whenever a friend would ask, I’d just point them to the Star Wars website and they’d be caught up in no time. And if all else fails, the Blu-ray/DVDs are readily available, and they surely will be for the bonus content as well.

    • Eddie Says:

      I agree with you about Disney not willingly leaving any money on the table, but I wonder if due to TCW being created/distributed before the Disney sale, some other company or distributor gets a big chunk of cash from it–similar to how 20th Century Fox has certain rights to the OT through 2020. Whatever the case, *if* this goes down as rumored, it’s yet another fan relations disaster on the part of Disney.

      I love my MacBook, and have exclusively used Macs for the past 15 years or so, but I have an Android phone,Digital Cable with DisneyXD, and a Roku, so I’m not about to go buy AppleTV. I also won’t have an iota of guilt about “just happening” to stumble across the ‘bonus content’ online until I can purchase it without having to buy additional hardware…my loyalty was/is to ARTISTS like George Lucas, Dave Filoni, and all the animators and voice actors working on the show (who’ve all been laid off already), not to some soulless corporation controlled by shareholders. If they’re going to play these proprietary games when we’d gladly pay for Blu-Rays or an iTunes release or whatever, I can play my own games.

  2. oxward321 Says:

    This is total B.S!!!!! Just another way Disney is F’in us!!!!!!

  3. Adam D. Bram (The Nilbog) Says:

    I find many Apple products very user-unfriendly (not to mention I’ve found many of their users to be unfriendly, though I’d never hold people’s technology choices against them).

  4. Mike S Says:

    Never been a fan of Apple products. They’re not user friendly and require the consumer to purchase more Apple product – I don’t like to be bound and gagged. I like to move independently and breathe fresh air all of the time.

    This move is not a very bright one, but Star Wars fans really come together when it comes to helping each other out. The more tech savvy fans will help distribute this content and share it with others – for free – so in actuality, Disney/Lucasfilm are shooting themselves in the foot, if they make this an Apple exclusive.

    What’s wrong with releasing it on BluRay and making the Episode VII content free?

  5. Keith Palmer Says:

    I’m afraid something about people rushing to say “oh, I don’t have the right hardware here (and won’t be getting it anyway)” is just one more unpleasant little detail to this for me. That, though, may point out how while I don’t have an Apple TV myself, I bought an HDTV and a Blu-Ray player only after the Star Wars saga release on Blu-Ray, so I may have set myself a precedent… Anyway, I do sort of get the whole “but other people will see this before I do!” complaint.

  6. losingit2k Says:

    The most probable answer here is that they will release it as Star Wars “The Clone Wars” Bonus Episodes on Blu-ray/DVD. Here they can reach a wider demographic and make more $$$.

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