General Grievous Sixth Scale Figure

Up for pre-order on Sideshow is this new General Grievous sixth scale figure. It’s due out in February and it can be yours for $250.

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4 Responses to “General Grievous Sixth Scale Figure”

  1. Adam D. Bram Says:

    It’s POSABLE!?! Oh that is just too damn cool.

    I hate being poor.

  2. Eduardo Jencarelli Says:

    Off-topic, if anyone wants to disarm prequel haters, show them the transcript for Leigh Brackett’s original draft of The Empire Strikes Back.

    It doesn’t have Yoda, Han doesn’t get frozen, and it has a whole other nest of differences.

    This settles once and for all who gets the proper credit for how Empire ended up being as a story.

    It’s also a valuable lesson in screenwriting, and as to how the story ultimately changes for the better during the writing process.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      I’ve read it; it’s in “The Making of The Empire Strikes Back.” Poor Ms. Brackett was dying and she did her best to crank out something before she passed away but people tend to overstate her influence on the movie, mostly because they were nice enough to give her credit. TESB is the product of George Lucas and Lawrence Kasdan.

      • oxward321 Says:

        Lucas wrote the story and half of the screen play. ESB IS Lucas’!

        This Grevious is too F’in cool! If I only had the money. Anybody want to buy a kidney?

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