Clone Wars News

The DVD/Blu-Ray sets due to be released on October 15 are up for pre-order on

Meanwhile, apparently Mark Hamill revealed at Celebration Europe II that he had recorded a role for Clone Wars, a “Darth Something.” Undoubtedly this would have been one of the biggest surprises of Season Six. Star Wars Underworld seems to think this ties in with a Sith Temple episode that may or may not be part of the “bonus content” that may or may not ever see the light of day.


4 Responses to “Clone Wars News”

  1. Eduardo Vargas Says:

    The Sith Temple episode is part of the Yoda arc. We might see either Darth Bane or Plagueis. Looking forward to that.

    • peacetrainjedi Says:

      Would love to hear more of Plagueis’ tragedy. But I seem to recall Filoni revealing fully modeled Darth Bane and Darth Revan CGI characters in one of the behind the scenes on the Star Wars website and the bonus features on one of the TV season discs about a year or two ago. (I think they were outtakes from the MORTIS trilogy). The Clone Wars crew said they had yet to find the best spot for those characters; the bonus content would be absolutely perfect.

      I just hope we get them sometime this year. Growing impatient am I, yes…

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