Clone Wars Season 5 Release Announcement?

Rebel Force Radio is reporting the release date of October 15 for the Clone Wars Season 5 DVD/Blu-Ray set will be announced this Friday, presumably at Celebration Europe.

The interesting part is there will a Collectors’ Set with all five seasons sold separately but no date will be announced yet.

Even more interesting is that the Season 5 set will NOT have the unaired Season 6 episodes. No word if the Collectors’ Set will have them either.


2 Responses to “Clone Wars Season 5 Release Announcement?”

  1. lovelucas Says:

    What strategy is this? Why withhold completed episodes – an entire season yet? If Disney is about $, and we know the are, the sales would inevitably be much larger with the season that no one has seen – and with this decision, well, jeez – will it ever see the light of day?

  2. Ian Says:

    Wait…why aren’t they releasing the unaired episodes in the season 5 box set?
    They announced that the episodes were complete. What was the point of hyping the existence of the unaired episodes and then not show them? Was Disney behind it?

    I got 2 theories:
    1) It’s possible that maybe they may release the unaired episodes separately(Kind of like a pseudo Season 6) except it will be direct to video. Which if it’s true then I’m sold.

    2) Disney got involved and asked them to not release them due to the violent content.(I really hope this one isn’t true)

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