ICYMI: My Comic Con Wrap Up

Nothing terribly exciting to report–all of the big news are being saved for Celebration this week and D23 in August–but in case you care about my two days at San Diego Comic Con, check out my reports here and here.


5 Responses to “ICYMI: My Comic Con Wrap Up”

  1. M. Marshall Says:

    Your articles reminded me of this article from the Atlantic Wire: http://www.theatlanticwire.com/entertainment/2013/07/how-nerds-lost-comic-con/67304/. I heard that this year had Comic-Con’s largest attendance which is maybe why you weren’t able to get in line to the panels you wanted to attend (like the X-Files). This is why I’ve stuck with smaller comic venues. Last month I went to an Alameda County Flea Market (In California) which had vendors selling sci-fi related stuff. I bought The Lucas Family collectors set (the one where they’re in costume as their characters from ROTS) for $20 as well as an action figure of Maris Brood from TFU for $10. I also went to a comic book show in Pleasanton (one of the vendors had the Star Wars Christmas Special on DVD) and a comics and collectible show in San Jose where I got an autograph from Veronica Cartwright of “Alien” fame.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      I don’t want to say Comic Con is only for an authentic group of people and everyone else needs to stay away. My frustration lies more with con organizers, the studios that seem to have taken over the con, and with the press. With a lot more media, Hollywood people, and entourages at the con, those are fewer passes available to the general public. And with the more press SDCC gets, that draws even more people who want to go. I’ve also been long irritated with the way they would host panels that have nothing to do with comics, gaming, anime, horror, fantasy, or sf. “Glee?” “How I Met Your Mother?” It doesn’t matter that one of the characters on HIMYM is a “geek” or whatever, it’s a run-of-the-mill sitcom. You might as well have had panels on “Downton Abbey,” “The Bachelor,” or “The Next Food Network Star.” Horror has been all but edged out. Independent genre films used to be promoted, now they’ve disappeared.

      • M. Marshall Says:

        I think that was the same point the article was mentioning. All these Hollywood types and non-genre shows that are worming their way into the (traditionally) comics/sci-fi/fantasy/horror convention just to attract attention to their pet projects.

  2. Bryan Says:

    Ah. You missed the Star Wars vs. Star Trek panel on Friday, in which I valiantly fended off intended slights against the prequels.

  3. lovelucas Says:

    Yay Bryan! From what I’ve read, because I’ve never attended, it seems that Comic Con has lost its pureness in thought and intention and definitely the focus. It’s now considered the prime event for promotion and therefore diluted in its intent. What is worth standing in line all day and tolerating cranky security guards? For me, only Star Wars but it has to be exhilarating to be surrounded by our kind. CIII was the most crowded con I ever experienced but everyone was so geeked and even the 501st security etc were part of the experience instead of rent-a-cops getting their gestapo glory on.

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