Facebook Woes

You may or may not have heard about at least one fan page, Retro Star Wars, being stuck in the Facebook gulag. People have been unable to find the page much less update anything. There are rumors about other fan pages, including non-Star Wars ones, getting the plug pulled in the same manner.

I’ve noticed that over the past day or so, I’ve had trouble posting updates on the SWPAS Facebook page. Occasionally a short sentence goes through and I can share things, but not much more than that. I have NOT received a notice that the SWPAS FB has been unpublished. I’ve just sent a complaint to Facebook but we’ll see if I ever get a reply.

Whatever is happening to Facebook fan pages, it is NOT coming from Lucasfilm or Disney. It is also not affecting PERSONAL pages, just fan pages for different things.

So keep visiting here for updates and the SWPAS tumblr for pix galore!


3 Responses to “Facebook Woes”

  1. lovelucas Says:

    I was wondering what was going on – it seems several Star Wars sites are experiencing your problem. FB is just like a salesman who courts you then deserts you after the money has been exchanged. There doesn’t seem to be a way to inquire about their…support system. I shared/copied what another FB site had posted about their problems which are similar to yours, LP. Shared it on SWPAS-FB P.S. My computer was hacked – on a new Toshiba that has required new sign ins. This is Linda aka Lin, using my email address that I use most often, not the less frequented aol version.

  2. lovelucas Says:

    PS. My hacked computer required major intervention. Best Buy said it was a particularly nasty virus that infects and then searches for passwords, financial sites used, etc and I was told to unplug the computer immediately. Just giving a heads up – evidently it’s really gone viral.

  3. Eddie Says:

    That’s really lousy that so many SW sites are out of commission, but fandom existed before FB, and it will exist after FB’s gone. I remember having high hopes that Google+ would supplant FB, but it was quickly apparent that it wasn’t going to catch on in that way…I hope something better will come along eventually, and then FB will have to resort to the sort of embarrassing, last-ditch commercials that Myspace is currently running—but on the other hand, Friendster or Myspace never had people’s parents and grandparents as members. FB is truly the world’s largest platform for multi-generational narcissism.

    Was Retro Star Wars an “Open” or “Closed” group? There’s a “Rare Vintage SW Photos” group that I’m part of (just to look at the pics, really–it’s filled with people so comically extreme that they even hate ROTJ!!) that’s LOADED with hundreds and hundreds of SW pics, and they’re still up and running–but I figured it was because they were a “closed” group.

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