Lucasfilm Responds

If you’re one of many people like me who dropped a line to Lucasfilm as well as to Disney about Clone Wars, you might have received a response like the one sent to Club Jade’s jawajames (I got one yesterday).

The tone of the letter is, “Sorry, Toots. Elvis left the building on the horse that left the barn.”

Realistically, I did not think they would do a sudden turnaround and go back to production. But it doesn’t mean that somewhere down they line they won’t change their minds even if it takes years for it to happen.

Look, I’ll write a book or fund a documentary (*checks lottery tickets*) on Clone Wars if that’s what it will take for the show to get the conclusion I think it deserves.

That said, at least we got a response. It’s just the beginning…



7 Responses to “Lucasfilm Responds”

  1. oxward321 Says:

    Yeah, I got a letter too.

  2. DSK Says:

    I got one too. I applaude Lucasfilm for actually respoinding, and it boosted my admiration for the company. But if they think it’s going to stop me from trying to save The Clone Wars, they’re wrong.

  3. Simon Maxwell Says:

    That letter is just a load of corporate bull$%*£ from Kennedy. “After five critically acclaimed seasons of The Clone Wars, we felt the time was right to wind down production.” Yeah, right. The truth is that if Lucasfilm hadn’t been bought by Disney they would be continuing production on The Clone Wars.

    The whole Disney/Lucasfilm deal stinks. I hate it.

  4. derp Says:

    I didn’t get any letter back, but it’s nice to know they (kinda) heard us. I’ll just keep fighting.

    And that answer is Bullsh!t. The Clone Wars was written for eight seasons, there is no way they simply thought it was a good time too end it.

  5. Mike S Says:

    Got mine today. I am impressed that they’ve responded to the fan base. Even though it’s a generic letter, they didn’t have to respond – but they did.

    I know they’ve cancelled the show, but we are at least getting this bonus content, which looks really, really good. Now I’m not trying to sugarcoat the situation any, but If they wanted to, they could have turned around and said we aren’t getting anything new at all.

    Imagine how much worse that would have been.

  6. peacetrainjedi Says:

    When you invoke the great Christopher Lee in your closing statement, you know you cannot fail. This is just the beginning. I’m not liking the tone of their generic letter, but as has been said, at least they gave a dog a bone. Next time, there might be some actual food left on that bone, but knowing the current state of affairs, I fear we are in for a long wait.

  7. derp Says:

    Well, I just got my letter today. It seems that we are all getting replies about at the same time, hopefully it means that the message got through, that they now consider the save the clone wars movement to be too big to ignore.

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