USA Today’s Preview Clip, Article

USA Today posted an article and a preview clip from the upcoming Clone Wars bonus material. The clip focuses on the mystery of Syfo-Dias and stars none other than Plo Koon. In the article, Filoni mentions that he is working on completing these bonus arcs.

Naturally Clone Wars fans are all aflutter about the news. I am also looking forward to seeing these episodes. But hold up little buckaroos. Don’t start throwing the confetti yet. There are still some unanswered questions:

When and where are we going to see these arcs?

How many arcs are we going to see anyway? What are they?

What about the unaired Clovis arc that got booted from Season Five?

Rumors say that most of Season Six was completed before the ax officially fell. If true, why not just produce a full Season Six then?

Bear in mind, we were already told they were working on this stuff anyway. This is not the full season. More stories were planned than what we’re getting. I’ve just heard that Ashley Eckstein mentioned at C2E2 last weekend that Ahsoka is not in this bonus material, so this will not tie up the entire series. Until then, fans of the show have to keep up the pressure to complete it as originally planned, which is to tie in with Episode III. Participate in the 5/4 buycott of all things Clone Wars. Join in the weekly @Disney Twitter protest. Keep sending in your cards and letters. If you’re going to Star Wars Weekends, wear Clone Wars gear. #SaveTheCloneWars


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