Fans Protest; Lucasfilm Thought Fan Reax “Tepid”

Today was the big #SaveTheCloneWars Twitter protest. I’m not sure if it ever trended or not but there were scores and scores of Tweets that ran not just a few minutes or a half-hour but ALL DAY. It’s 7:33 p.m. PST and I’m still finding #SaveTheCloneWars Tweets.

Maybe we need to get louder and more obnoxious because TFN posted this infuriating bit of news that will make you want to spit nails. First, concerning that “bonus material.” We’re getting just two measly arcs planned for S6 and I’m willing to bet one of them was the Clovis arc that was really made for S5:

A source in the know tells me that Lucasfilm is only finishing two story arcs from the material that they had planned for The Clone Wars Season Six. Among the story arcs that will not emerge in this post-cancellation era is one that dealt with Boba Fett and the other bounty hunters who have menaced the heroes for several seasons. This story arc, which my source tells me was almost done, would have shown us the fates of Cad Bane and Aurra Sing.


This part will really cheese you off:

I also heard from my source that the staff at Lucasfilm Animation were shocked by what they perceived as tepid fan reaction to the cancellation of The Clone Wars.

Jesus H. Hernandez, people, maybe that’s because we got the Filoni Hostage Video and a vague announcement that deceived gullible fans into thinking that maybe we were getting S6 after all, just not on t.v.! Just like fans were tricked by that “postponement” of “Detours” and the 3D re-releases of existing films. WE WERE NEVER GIVEN THE REAL STORY!!

Moreover Lucasfilm doesn’t realize Star Wars fans have never had to band together to save anything. Way too many people didn’t realize what was happening until it was too late and way too many just wanted to believe everything was fine.

The events of the past week were a cold bucket of water and the buckets are going to keep coming. Well, I’m not going to shut up and go away. I don’t care if it takes three years, five years, or ten years, I’m not going to stop fighting. And neither should you!


23 Responses to “Fans Protest; Lucasfilm Thought Fan Reax “Tepid””

  1. peacetrainjedi Says:

    *resists the urge to post on overly lengthy, expletive-filled response*

    Jesus H. C. Hernandez is right!

    Somehow this really shocks me, yet somehow I am not surprised. Perhaps I’m still numb from the other recent announcements. I’ve written *politely* on this The Clone Wars issue to TPAB, but I’ve had a nagging feeling my efforts, and the efforts of all The Clone Wars fans have been in vain…

    That Boba/Bane/Aurra arc sounded killer (literally), and it would have given Corey Burton a chance to show why he is among the best at what he does. And no more Daniel Logan (or Jaime King) = 😦

    Also, did Dave drink the Kool-Aid, or did he knowingly convey misleading information? What has become of our Cowboy Commander? Has he fallen off of his horse one time too many? *resists the desire to post a Life Alert “Help-I’ve-fallen-and-I-can’t-get-up!” related joke*

    Was he “duped” like we were? Or did he put on a fake-happy ranch hand face to control any outrage? Once again the duplicity/Palpatinesque word-twisting bothers me more than the actual bloody announcement!

  2. Mike S Says:

    Looks like we’re all getting “Order Sixty-Sixted”
    The Jedi were all duped, now – so are we!

  3. Aeryn Says:

    Tepid?! I’ll show them freaking “tepid”…

  4. Jeff Bradley Says:

    I hate to look like the old man that takes your frisbee off his lawn, but here I go, the grown-up in the room, with my cold water bucket.
    Look, despite how long the show was on it never got more than a what – 2%, 3% share. At a million people per share that’s two or three million people. When “Battlestar Galactica” – (the newest one) was on, it got about a 4%. “The Walking Dead” gets about 12, 10 or so. “The Simpsons” get somewhere below 20. “American Idol” gets in the 20’s every week. At it’s height it got in the 30’s.
    So there’s only two or three million out of however many millions of tv watchers watching tv at all and however many thousands out of that that are tweeting these protests. I mean if it’s not like the millions that vote with their cell phones on American Idol. Yeah! It IS gonna’ look “tepid”, to put it mildly.
    It’s sad that the show had to end inconclusively. In the end though, leaving things hanging is something creators like Filoni and company do to keep that fan interest stoked, ratings up, the show on – and they, STILL employed for yet another year….maybe.
    It WOULD be nice to see those uncompleted episodes – since so much was done on them already. If there were indeed scripts completed for a final season, those can always show up online or in print in actual script form – I remember that being done for “Millennium”.
    Honestly, my only concern right now is when are the blu rays for this final fifth season showing up and will those uncompleted episodes show up on them as an extra, or will they maybe be their own set. As much as I loved Star Wars/The Clone Wars – it’s had a good run. It leaves off open ended with enough imagination firing ideas to speculate on beyond the series arcs and yet enough connection to the overall established movie series to genuinely add a fuller dimension to them.
    I think it’s time to let this era and iteration of Star Wars go and get ready to embrace a new era and iteration of Star Wars the way those of us who appreciated the early episode, Republic Era saga greeted it with an open mind and came to appreciate how it expanded on and more fully realized the Star Wars universe. It’s simply time to do that again. Sure, we’ll hang on to the characters and epoch of this early era trilogy we love and admire the way we hung onto and still admire that of the middle trilogy. Let’s try to not turn into the same kind of contrary whiners we’ve come to know and barely abide who cling to that middle epoch with no mind or tolerance or any entertaining of ANYTHING beyond that.
    Let’s “clear our minds” a bit. The Star Wars future is in motion. Let’s not be so tied down to what’s come before that we’re not able to board the expansion of the saga that’s coming next.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      You’re entitled to your POV, but…no. This was totally unjust and unfair not only to the fans watching the show, but also to the team at Lucasfilm Animation and to George Lucas. The show wasn’t tanking in the ratings and it wasn’t as though Dave Filoni and the entire cast were killed in a tragedy. Those things we could understand and I suspect many fans still would want somebody to wrap up the series properly. But there was no reason to axe the show and to do it in a way that was meant to lull fans into a false sense of security is even more infuriating. Lucasfilm Animation was counting on the passion of Star Wars fans, the people who had gone up to see them at Celebrations and Comic Cons and DragonCons to do something but we didn’t know until it was too late. TFN was lulled into it for several days until they woke up too.

      Nobody in 1998 or 1999 told us Star Wars fans we had to all forget about ANH, TESB, and ROTJ to embrace the prequels. Had that happened, I wouldn’t have blamed anyone for the backlash against the prequels. It would have been totally unfair but understandable. Nobody wants the Star Wars they love forcibly replaced by something else. That only creates resentment. Look at how much resentment was created by the Special Editions (which I’m fine with) and those were mostly cosmetic changes. I’m fine with new movies. But I know as well as anyone that it doesn’t have to cost me Clone Wars by ripping it out of my hands, throwing it into a fire, and telling me to forget about it. Screw that. If the Rebels had taken the attitude of “oh well,” there would still be an Empire.

    • Tarrlok Says:

      The fan reaction might be “tepid” compared to that which would greet the cancellations of “The Walking Dead” or “The Simpsons”, but those are shows on major U.S. broadcast networks, each with a built-in audience of tens of millions, while TCW is a show on Cartoon Network. For an action drama on a devoted animation channel (and there are a load of those), TCW is by far one of the strongest ratings performers. 2-3 million viewers is a big deal for Cartoon Network. It’s far more than any comparable show on Disney XD, such as the ill-fated “Tron Legacy”.

      It could be said that Lucasfilm Licensing and other divisions failed to fully capitalise on TCW’s ratings success, and didn’t generate as much revenue from the brand as anticipated as a result. TCW tie-in games pretty much ended after the first three, the LEGO platformer aside. Instead of an ill-advised sequel to the already resolved TFU story, Lucasarts could have produced a Clone Wars-era lightsabre combat game. The turn of the 2010s would have been the ideal time to release a new clone-focused shooter, Republic Commando sequel or otherwise. Hasbro did cancel the TCW action figure line, but this has been diagnosed as the result of their failure to do anything worthwhile with it. The TCW tie-in novels dried up after Karen Miller’s “Gambit”. A fourth webcomic series was promised but never announced.

      If anything, TCW fans were probably hoping that Disney’s involvement would force LF Licensing to pull their socks up and start properly exploiting TCW.

      In spite of all this, TCW was still successful in ratings and in attracting advertisers, generating revenue for LF and CN. In no way can TCW be described as a commercial failure.

      In spite of the vagueness of its cancellation announcement, fans were still extraordinarily vocal. Everyone from fan artists to laypersons got involved in the Twitter campaign. Keep in mind that the “tepid” remark came before the Twitter campaign and before the blog “11ThirtyEight” sent off the first massed batch of solicited complaint letters to Disney and Lucasfilm. Filoni himself acknowledged the support given in his video.

      I think it’s fair to say that Disney/Lucasfilm doesn’t care much for TCW or its fans. Merely keeping TCW on the air until the planned conclusion and keeping its production crew intact was not a huge expectation given how successful it was. Dozens of other shows’ creators would kill for TCW’s success. That Disney/Lucasfilm finish and release the bulk of the already produced content is not an unreasonable demand. However, they failed to meet the former and seem poised to do the same with the latter. Their actions do seem to reveal a degree of (perhaps ignorant) contempt for TCW, its creators and its fans.

      This should not be the time to “let go” of TCW. Not at all. The show was in its stride and it was continually improving in both animation and storytelling. Audiences loved it and critics loved it. Sure, it had a “good run” in the sense that it has already given us some of the best SW content ever, but there was never any reason to expect it to not last another three seasons before a proper conclusion.

      That probably explains any complacency or “tepidity” on the part of the fans and media. As lazypadawan has said, SW fans have never had to fight for anything with the ‘Wars logo on it before. In the case of TCW, it genuinely seemed that there would never be any reason to do so until February/March of this year.

  5. Bob Clark Says:

    I can’t claim to be any big media expert, but one of the reasons I think you didn’t see a huge reaction to the show’s cancellation is the fact that its target audience isn’t necessarily the type to do this sort of thing. Do grade and middle school kids really follow the productions of their favorite shows? Is TCW’s cancellation well publicized to anybody other than the uber-fans of all ages? Do they know that the program’s cancelled, and that you can even do anything to stop it? Older fans do these things, but kids?

    • lazypadawan Says:

      I think LA was counting on those uber fans not so much small kids. You know, the people who go to Celebrations, Comic Con, DragonCon, etc.. The reaction WAS tepid on certain sites I won’t name and a lot of fans didn’t believe it was happening until it was too late. And even then they were still in denial or angry at me for being angry. Did you see the SWPAS FB that day? People were jumping on MY case for being “too negative.” They wanted to buy the PR line. It took several days for a certain big site to finally change its tune.

  6. TPF1138 Says:

    This isn’t about ratings. The Clone Wars was doing well enough, and it was certainly making money.

    This is about Disney wanting to clear the decks before they launch into their new era of Star Wars. I’m not happy about it, but it’s understandable.

    I’m also not exactly looking forward to Episode VII. I’m curious certainly, and I hope I end up enjoying it. Abrams is a strong filmmaker, and he’s got a good head for story, but a lot of his stuff feels ‘safe’. Lucas is a filmmaker who took chances. He came at the mainstream from odd angles. Sometimes he dovetailed beautifully with what the mainstream wanted, and other times… well, he didn’t. I’m going to miss that inventiveness, and the subversion of expectation that he seemed to delight in engaging in, because J.J.’s only gonna’ give people what they want…

    • lazypadawan Says:

      It’s not understandable at all. It’s petty Hollywood ego politics at work. They could have asked Filoni to wrap up the show by the end of S7 in 2015. They could have put it on a Disney network or put it out as a series of DVDs or put it on iTunes/Netflix. But they chose not to do any of things.

      If they’re this callous and tone deaf about Star Wars now, it doesn’t bode well for the future.

      • Tarrlok Says:

        “If they’re this callous and tone deaf about Star Wars now, it doesn’t bode well for the future.”

        It doesn’t bode well for any serialised production of Disney’s, whether by Marvel, Lucasfilm, Pixar or by their core business units.

        My advice is to not get too engaged with anything that Disney does. So you like this new cartoon of theirs? Great. If there’s a change of direction (new management, CEO’s private jet breaks down and he has a sad, etc.), they’ll probably cancel it for the most spurious of reasons and with the least tact imaginable. They’ll spit on fans’ desires for more and fire everyone involved in the project for good measure.

        With a battered trooper helmet above the door issuing a warning about the fickleness of Disney/Lucasfilm management whims, the stuff that does get produced probably won’t be as innovative or ambitious as The Clone Wars.

  7. Yancy Evans (aka Gallandro) Says:

    I posted this over on message boards:

    I gotta love how Lucasfilm throws the fans under the bus, as if the response was tepid. Well, they did that to themselves, there was virtually no information about what was going to happen to the show post-Disney buyout. In fact most early reports were the show would simply move to Disney XD, so that really doesn’t create a sense of urgency about the fate of the show. It wasn’t until a few weeks before the cancellation that rumors began to circulate that the show was going to be dropped… that’s when the fan response started.

    Hell, all one has to do is look at Star Trek Enterprise and Season 4. Paramount and UPN made it pretty clear early on in Season 3 that the show would likely NOT return for a fourth season due to ratings. Fans started a letter writing and internet campaign fairly quickly, and this was well before the advent of social media. Fan response finally came to a head with a “Save Enterprise” gathering outside of Paramount studios. Paramount relented and Enterprise completed its fourth season.

    Had Lucasfilm been more forthcoming about the fate of the show I’m sure the response would have been not so “tepid.” Heck I have friends who regularly watch the show and were shocked to learn the show would not be returning to Cartoon Network. But Disney played this well, they want a Star Wars drought so people are itching for more Star Wars… stupid in this day of Star Wars being a part of the contemporary lexicon and a regular fixture on social media, but I’m sure some bean counter thinks this is the best way to drum up interest in the next installment.

    if you don’t tell the fans that there’s a possibility the show might not return, or you stay mum on the future of the show and give vague hints that suggest all is well; “just be patient, we will make an announcement later,” it’s kind of hard to blame your fans for their “tepid” response. Most viewers are simply not that engaged or up to date on the latest rumblings over social media.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      Good points.

      Star Wars fans have never had to fight to save something before, unless they’re also ardent t.v. fans. We’re used to getting what’s been promised and as someone posted on my LJ, we don’t know the “signs” the show’s getting axed.

  8. oxward321 Says:

    I would proudly wear a T-shirt that read “I prefer the prequels” make it so number one. 🙂

  9. Mike S Says:

    #SaveTheCloneWars @disney email Lucasfilm and voice your concern about TCW getting axed

    LP; we need to regroup and launch a counterattack (ie) another scheduled Twitter protest aimed @disney.

    • Yancy Evans (aka Gallandro) Says:

      Agreed, count me in. While I would love to see the show return, I’d be happy with seeing existing material finished and a 2 hour wrap up direct to DVD adventure which leads up to the events of Episode III. There’s no reason Disney could not do this, and the amount of goodwill it would engender in already skittish fans would be incalculable.

      Additionally, I firmly believe Disney is shooting themselves in the foot with younger fans, and especially younger female fans. This is a c ore audience of fandom Disney should be trying to grow rather than tossing them away for the next two years while they focus on a Sequel Trilogy featuring aging Star Wars actors.


    • lazypadawan Says:

      There definitely needs to be another step. Maybe after Easter.

  10. Jeff Bradley Says:

    Certainly the show could have gone another two or three seasons for a full seven or eight seasons. Most cable shows, and anymore even network shows, strive ideally for a run that long. It’s well known that tv series are harder to sell in syndication past a run of that many episodes. It’s too many episodes for a channel or network to buy. So eight is definitely enough. If you look back at many of the Cartoon Network shows though, most rarely go past 3 or 4 seasons. There’s exceptions like “Ben 10”, which basically has survived because they create another iteration of the show rather than continuing the same series. When the “Power Puff Girls” were a pop culture phenomenon they only went 4 seasons. Clone Wars indeed did very well – but in a 500-1000 channel universe – it simply needed to pull in even bigger numbers for Disney to decide to take it home and feed it. It was a show they DIDN’T create on a network they DON’T own. They’ve just bought this giant playset and they’re trying to figure out how to put it together and hook it up and make it playable in the House of Mouse and they’ve got this whirring thing buzzing and spinning around while they’re trying to look at the instructions and connect the pieces for this new thing. They did what any grown-up would do – shut it off, take the batteries out, put it up somewhere until they get this new thing figured out.
    Sure when “Phantom Menace” came out in ’99, it wasn’t as though you didn’t see ANYthing of Episodes 4 – 6 anymore.
    But you didn’t see as much.
    After ’99 and til ’05 it was pretty much the era of a new trilogy. One could even argue, given The Clone Wars series, that’s lasted even into ’12 and early ’13. Now though, as we head toward that Ep 7 release window of ’15 we’re simply going into the era of yet another new Star Wars trilogy. I don’t suspect we won’t see ANYthing of the early, 1-3 episodes anymore.
    But we won’t see as much.
    That’s just the cycle of how these things are made. Lucas has always emulated the 7 year release cycles of Disney. He was told initially that’s who he should have taken Star Wars to, to be developed, AND NOW – they actually own it. Star Wars has been through these cycles before. We didn’t get overly attached to the Brian Daley novels or Timothy Zahn’s or the Dark Empire comics. There’s things that engage us in the interim between the movie trilogies and then we settle in for the big show. I suggest that’s what we do again.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      What a grown up would do? What’s that supposed to mean? How do you know Disney “needed bigger numbers?” You haven’t any idea. You’re just making stuff up.

      If you didn’t like the show and don’t care it’s gone, fine but don’t tell me what I should and shouldn’t get attached to or what I should enjoy from Star Wars. That’s really obnoxious and against what this site’s about.

  11. derp Says:

    I don’t think that the unclear annoucement was the only thing to blame in the tepid fan reaction -and tepid it was-. There was also a good dose of denial in the fan reaction. The announcement was not clear, that’s true, but there were also a lot of fans who simply did not want to believe the show was ending. Also, that statement was probably said before the protest.
    Episode 7 does not justify the end of the show in any way. Just because Disney is the new boss doesn’t mean it shouldn’t respect past engagements of Lucasfilm. The show should have gotten a conclusion. No excuse. And if they really had to diminish the amount of Star Wars, theydidn’t have to end the show to do so. With no more 3D prequels, no more Detours, no more 1313, it seems that Disney had gotten rid of quite enough an amount of Star Wars to allow itself of finishing the Clone Wars.
    Now, they just angered a whole generation of fans. The Clone Wars was almost a third trilogy; there is the prequels generation, the OT generation, and the Clone Wars generation. And although I am not yougn enough to be a ”Clone Wars generation”, I have watched and loved the Clone Wars for the past years and am totally disgusted of Disney now.
    Disney is doing all of this because they think that Episode 7 will get the fans to accept whatever they do, without any consequences for Disney. And looking at so many people saying Episode 7 justifies this, and they have been right until now. Unless fans decide to do something and show them that what they do will not systematically be met without opposition, we can only expect more of this. We need more twitter protests. One was a good start, but it takes many to change things. The fight for the Clone Wars should continue, and not be slowed down by the prospect of new movies.

    • Jeff Bradley Says:

      But the show had to end SOME TIME. It can’t be an ongoing Star Wars phenomenon unto itself. That would be as if the Ewok/Droids cartoon were kept on the air until the Episodes 1-3 came out. You’re on the track there with the “generations” idea. The Luke trilogy era, the Anakin and now we’re simply going into another “generation”. If you get your appreciation locked into one you can’t appreciate the whole thing. THAT’S why this blog here and the fans have to so adamantly defend the prequels from that “generation” of fans who were too locked in on the Luke era trilogy. Keep going and you just become the same thing again but just locked in on the Anakin era trilogy.These spinoffs are great – I was just reading today about the comic adaptations of “THE Star Wars”, Lucas’ early draft ideas for the saga being adapted to comic form. Can’t wait! But these things are just spinoffs. THE MOVIES have always been the core and all these other things that expand the Star Wars universe just eminates from that. Sure I have ideas based on current movie trends, the director they’ve chosen, the writer they’ve got, the dramatic pattern of the saga, elements from the Expanded Universe stories – that give some indication of what Disney might do with the next trilogy, but I don’t hold on to that. Given the talent they’ve gathered for it I’m sure it’ll be a worthy successor. Might they TOO refine some of Lucas’ “quirks” that made the Saga so far, what it is…? Yeah. Thatcouldhappen. But Star Wars’ appeal has always been aimed at the upcoming “generation” – the kids. And they’re looking for something new. This is just how Star Wars has endured and they’re trying to do that again. If you’re hanging onto the Star wars you know just because you’re scared of the one you don’t know – yet, you’re just not gonna’ have the fun with Star Wars that it’s all about.

      I loved “Star Wars/The Clone Wars”. It was a great five years. It’ll be cool to see those unfinished ‘Eps as DVD extras or webisodes or graphic novels, whatever – but it’s gone. If you want to wear this fight for the continuation of it like a fan club T-shirt, to give you something to gnaw about, okay fine. I guess there are social networks formed by worse. But the Star Wars Saga – THE MOVIES – are the expanding center of this enduring movie and pop culture phenomenon and I think the genuine enthusiast moves with that rather than being TOO obsessed with only one portion of it.

      • Tarrlok Says:

        I hate to say it, Jeff, but you are arguing against an army of strawmen.

        No-one is hanging on obsessively to anything. No-one is suggesting that the Anakin/PT era be held onto to the total exclusion of the Sequel Trilogy. The outrage you see from TCW fans is not specifically aimed at the Sequel Trilogy and it is certainly not motivated by a “fear of the unknown.” It is specifically towards the downright shoddy treatment that ‘The Clone Wars’ got.

        You’re especially off-target when it comes to TCW. I think I can say with 90% certainty that no-one on this website was either expecting or hoping TCW to continue long into the age of the Sequel Trilogy, even if it made it past the opening date of Episode VII. Season 8 was planned, but there was a general sense among the fandom that TCW would end some time before Episode VII was released.

        However, TCW was very successful indeed, outperforming pretty much every animated action series on Disney’s channels in the ratings. That’s even with international distribution being poor. There was every reason to expect TCW to continue to its pre-planned conclusion, whether on a Disney channel or on Cartoon Network. A crap tonne of exciting and fundamental new content was teased by Filoni and other people behind the scenes. This wasn’t mere fluff being teased, but proper Umbara/Ahsoka-style arcs that are fundamental to TCW’s place in the SW universe.

        And no, TCW continuing for another two years to its pre-planned conclusion rather than abruptly being terminated for a dubious branding/PR reason is not comparable to the hypothetical scenario of the 1980s Ewoks and Droids cartoons continuing PAST their planned conclusions to the release of the Prequel Trilogy in the 1990s. That comparison is risible.

        No matter how you slice it, TCW’s fans and especially its creators got a seriously raw deal. Seriously, these people were unexpectedly fired and had most of their work discarded for a spurious reason. The fans’ expectations that TCW continue to its pre-planned conclusion are entirely reasonable, not the delusional demands of some obsessed, attached fanboys that you are trying to make them out to be.

      • Jeff Bradley Says:

        But EVERY show – or just about – has plans beyond their cancellation, unless of course they KNOW when the show’s going to end or the creators themselves have control over it. They HAVE to. They don’t want to have a shot at continuation and no material. That’s probably even WORSE than abrupt cancellation. If the quality of the work suffered because you weren’t prepared you may not get any more work when the show finally DID end. The general story arc of Ahsoka’s introduction and betrayal/fall-from-grace was enough to culminate the show. Sure, there are a few storylines that careful viewers can elaborate on and INDEED, as we’ve been told, there are storylines written for those. But would the protests have been sounded so vehemently if we DIDN’T know about this further work on the series?
        Personally, I think if they’ve got other material prepared and if they can make money off of it – they’ll put it out there. I still remember the “Return of the Jedi” radio drama, that came along YEARS after the radio dramas for ‘Star Wars and ‘Empire had been played and replayed on Public Radio and the tapes and cds of them sold and resold. As for the Clone Wars series, the cost to produce the show is simply more than what Disney thinks they’ll make back off of it. If Clone Wars was getting the ratings “The Walking Dead” was – they’d probably run it Friday or Saturday nights on ABC. But the show gets, what, a 2 – 4 share and out of that how many are generating the “tepid response”? 20, 000? 80,000? I’m sure it’s not half a million. There’s just not enough to convince Disney to keep it on. I still remember a few years ago when “Caprica” was canceled when averaging only a million viewers every week. The animation for the show has gotten more advanced as the show has progressed and that HAS to cost more than when the show started out. Maybe that was okay for Cartoon Network but Disney’s a bigger company and they’ve got more mouths to feed there. As was said in “The Godfather”, ‘nothin personal, it’s just business.

        I think what fans REALLY need to do now, rather than make a lot of noise in a futile endeavor, is express that enthusiasm for “Star Wars: The Clone wars” as an enduring part of the Star Wars canon. Rather than railing at Disney for canceling a show they didn’t make, encourage them now in new creation of the series characters, storylines, etc, etc., for newer novels, comics, video games – all the “spin off” media we’ve come to know Star Wars to generate that expands the exploration of that universe. Eventually encourage to the point that these characters become a regularly recognizable entity right beside the movie phenomenon. Characters like Ahsoka ultimately becomes as recognizable to fans – and maybe even non fans – as Artoo and Threepio, Vader and Chewbacca. I think that’s a worthier objective than summarily completing the leftovers.

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