R.I.P. Clone Wars 2008-2013

Credit Chris Amorim for Rebel Force Radio

Today came the news everyone hoped not to hear. Production of Clone Wars has stopped and Dave Filoni posted this video on starwars.com today as Lucasfilm Animation decides to “go in a new direction.”

Yes, we’ve been promised we will see the remaining episodes in some form or fashion but until they give us solid info, you have to remember that in Hollywood it really means “maybe.” It’s entirely feasible we’ll see this shown on t.v. as movies or in DVD/Blu-Ray sets. It’s also entirely feasible they will sit on the shelf forever and we’ll never see them except as bootlegs. I hope there will be an organized effort at some point to ensure those remaining episodes are seen the way they were meant to be seen. Because right now I don’t trust the suits at all.

My guess is that Disney is doing here what it did when it bought Marvel, canceling “Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” so it could produce its own show in-house. The presser hints at new programs. If you ask me, the writing is on the wall that Lucasfilm Animation’s days are numbered; “Detours” got the boot too (I doubt it will ever see the light of day). Why keep a small, largely foreign based animation studio when you already employ scores of animators?

Props go to Rebel Force Radio and to Bryan Young at Big Shiny Robot for sounding the alarm and trying to save the show. I went from skeptic to backer real fast when I realized these people know folks who worked on the show and they were not kidding or overreacting. I think many fans simply believed it wasn’t going to happen and it was too late to make much of a concerted effort. We gave it a shot and perhaps it was our letters that might have influenced a vague promise to wrap up the show instead of pulling the plug outright.

Of course, we have to thank the whole Clone Wars crew and cast for doing a great show and for being great ambassadors to the fans. Not every episode was genius and sometimes they’ve let me down (let this be a lesson to you: Simon Pegg = bad karma). But at its best, Clone Wars was as good as anything in the films.

Believe me, I don’t want to bum people out. I am not writing this out of bitterness or cynicism. I’m upset because I care and I have cared about Star Wars almost my entire life. I can’t put on a fake smile and write something phony about keeping my eyes on the glorious future before us. Star Wars to me isn’t something that just makes money. I’m always open to new things but they also have to respect the house George built. As I just noted on the FB page, Disney has to earn my trust. Your trust too. They’re not owed trust because they hold the keys to the castle now. Canceling the 3D re-releases and deciding to shut down Clone Wars is not the way to go about inspiring trust, at least not from me.



63 Responses to “R.I.P. Clone Wars 2008-2013”

  1. lin Says:

    Overused, but I have a bad feeling about this….and “this” being Disney. Who knew that the studio who produced all those great classics would turn out to be, well, Captain Hook? And I do get tired of the lies.

    • Peace_Train Says:

      Do they HONESTLY believe ANYONE buys their contrived announcements and their so-called ‘reasoning’? It’s quite clear this steady stream of ‘announcements’ is merely a publicity storm cooked up by a corporation. Is it even possible for Disney to be upfront about ANYTHING? It’s not like they’re an oil company who could give a **** about popular opinion. Would it REALLY harm their bottom line so much to be more forthcoming about their real reasoning?

      Another, equally disturbing, thought just occurred to me. What if Disney hasn’t revealed their true motives because even they don’t know what they’re doing? It seems entirely possible at this point, however, the Bloomberg article hinted that the Disney execs have had a larger plan already in motion for months (years even). Instead of a more open, honest communication, I guess we all have to play the “wait and see” game because that’s the only game Disney’s ever going to allow us to play…

  2. lin Says:

    P.S. – LP, thanks for sounding the alarm. I tried to get people involved in writing, too but some of them really didn’t believe this could possibly be true.

  3. Kenny Kraly Jr Says:

    My thoughts on Star Wars The Clone Wars ending after 5 seasons. Yes I’m sad that the show is ending but is not the end of the world where still getting the remaining episodes on either DVD and Blu-Ray or online. And I’m excited for the future of Star Wars with what is to come and new films coming out with Episode 7 in 2015. The future of Disney and Star Wars is in good hands. And I will always be a Star Wars and Disney fan to the very end. Thank you to The Clone Wars cast and crew, to George Lucas, to Dave Filoni and all the rest for making an awesome five years for all of us The Clone Wars fans.

  4. Peace_Train Says:

    Despite my gripes with some episodes and the somewhat contrived Jedi traitor plot of the final story arc, I really, really enjoyed the show. At its best, the show presented an engaging escapist entertainment that reflected the spirit of the films while also “doing its own thing.” The animation kept on improving by such leaps and bounds that I was actually hoping they might have revisited old episodes for model/animation improvements or to restore pivotal arcs into full mini-movies, with glorified special edition director’s cuts to make the series have a more chronological, organic flow. Guess that’s not ever going to happen. 😦

    As it is, I’m extremely glad they plan on producing at least a handful of pivotal series closing arcs that will hopefully tie the Clone Wars series together in a brilliant, fulfilling way. I will be majorly upset if they leave something like Maul’s story or other overarching story arcs unresolved as that would SEVERELY diminish the relevance of previous episodes. The preview video showed some promise, and ending the show with a series of non-filler, beautifully animated, well plotted, kick-a** episodes would raise the ENTIRE series to a high not seen since Revenge of the Sith. 😀

    I have an extremely bad feeling about this “new series” as I can’t get such comba-inducing, brand-exploiting shows such as “Jake and the Neverland Pirates” out of my head when I think of Disney’s television animation. Disney may have created some awesome television animation in the 90s and earlier, but their recent TV track record is bland and uninspired. Cancelling old shows that were doing well (and receiving critical acclaim) in the cases of both Marvel and LucasAnimation just shows that Disney execs don’t know what they’re doing in the television department.

    And if they release one more damn announcement proclaiming the obsessive need to wipe the slate clean for a riveting Episode VII and “future Disney-fronted projects” at the expense of (literally) everything that came before I will mentally (and perhaps physically) EXPLODE. I’m starting to feel like General Grievous when he was shot by Obi-Wan. Every single announcement by Disney/ the New&Improved Lucasfilm (Now with less Lucas! And more FILMs!) is like a blaster bolt to an exposed chest cavity, and my eyes are beginning to burn through my cyborg eysockets trying to read through these painful, blatantly deceitful ‘announcements.’

    On the other hand, if the next announcement were the new release dates for the re-releases of Episodes II and III (followed by IV, V, VI) then my outlook might become positive once more. Your Move, Disney. YOUR MOVE. 😐

    • lazypadawan Says:

      I have to admit that feeding us a steady stream of bad news with the promise that it’s simply good medicine and we’ll all feel better later doesn’t reassure me at all.

  5. Nic Says:

    I totally agree – the more things that get cancelled, the more I wonder if Disney is right for STAR WARS. They are losing my loyalty even before they had it.

  6. M. Marshall Says:

    At least it got to run for 6 years, that’s better than some other shows: to this day I’m still upset with whoever cancelled “Freaks and Geeks”, “The Legend of Calamity Jane” and “Terra Nova”.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      Terra Nova cost a small fortune to make and it was bleeding viewers. As for the rest, I wouldn’t know.

  7. Eddie Says:

    What a dopey move. I really had been hoping they would just continue to produce direct to Blu-Ray Clone Wars movies for years to come; as long as they have great stories to tell, they sell, and Disney makes their precious profits–and they would–why stop?? The whole “we don’t want to dilute the market for Star Wars before Ep. VII” thing just doesn’t hold up. Since the early/mid-90’s, we’ve had constant streams of Star Wars merchandise, books, comics,video games, etc…and all of that didn’t prevent the SE’s or the PT from making hundreds of millions of dollars. I’ve been peripherally aware of those Warner Bros/DC Animated direct to video releases for years, and after looking up their release dates( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DC_Universe_Animated_Original_Movies#Sales_performance ), they’ve been steadily coming out since 2007…a bunch of them either star or feature Batman, and yet, the Christopher Nolan Batman movies released concurrently didn’t seem to suffer financially one bit! Though I’ve never seen any of those DC Animated movies (I was always more a Marvel fan), I know that most of them were far closer to comic book continuity than Nolan Bat-film continuity. As Star Wars fans, we’re used to being able to go back and forth throughout the entire SW timeline–so why would there be any problem for us to continue getting PT-era Clone Wars stories while simultaneously being invested in Ep. VII? Lame.

    And I second the props to RFR and Bryan Young while also pointing an accusing finger at TFN (though you’ve already damned them to hell today, LP 😛 ), who did NOTHING to “Save The Clone Wars”…RFR is to SW fandom now what TFN was over a decade ago–at least, to the portion of fandom that isn’t rotted out beyond repair.

    Now that it’s pretty much over, it’s astounding to believe that something old Ben Kenobi briefly mentioned when I was four years old has produced over 50 hours of mostly great, often beautiful stories. We were lucky to get it, and lucky to have a cast and crew that were so engaged in not only the material, but with the fans. It’s a comforting thought to know that 30 years from now, JAT or Ashley Eckstein or Dave Filoni will be warmly greeted by Star Wars fans at some convention, Celebration, or wherever–and they earned that affection by being decent human beings, and by putting their hearts into what they were doing. If Disney wants that kind of love and loyalty (and not just $$$) from Star Wars fans, they should pay attention to how The Clone Wars team has behaved.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      Couldn’t have said it better myself.

      • Paul F. McDonald Says:

        Few of us can, LP. RFR and Full of Sith are my main sources of SW news, along with this lovely site. P.S. What is going on with TFN? They drove away Dan Curto and the Collectors Cast, then Jason and Jimmy Mac …. there is no real commentary any more, just news. Haven’t listened to the new Forcecast yet and really don’t have an urge to.

      • Eddie Says:

        I’m glad Curto, Jason, and Jimmy got out from under the iron fist of Phillip Wise– they all seem to be doing better than ever with the Curto/Burns Collectors Cast and RFR, while Rebelscum and TFN are just kind of editorially bankrupt…God love our neighbors to the north, but I shake my head at the massive spike in niche Canadian collecting news on RS since Curto was axed. Eric Geller seems like a good guy, but I’m with you, Paul–The Forcecast was about the guys on it more than the name or the “brand”. Hey, at least Supershadow hasn’t been compromised…yet!! 😛

  8. Hunk a Junk Says:

    I agree with LP that there is no reason to believe the remaining episodes will ever see the light of day. The carefully worded statement on the official site gives Disney all the wiggle room it needs to completely mothball everything while still claiming it is planning Awesome New Stuff (TM). Saying they’re “exploring” a new series, to Disney’s lawyers/creative execs (they’re the same thing, after all), means they talked about it for five seconds during a meeting once. They have no immediate plans to do it. They threw that out there only to cushion the blow of the real news: they’re making the Clone Wars go away. Saying they’re going to “wind down” the series is just a cover for the bitter truth — like when mom and dad tell the kids that everything will be okay now that daddy is going to be living in an apartment across town. “Don’t worry, how we feel about YOU won’t change at all!” The word “soon” means “never, but I don’t want to listen to your protests so I’m telling you something open-ended.”

    What this announcement makes clear is what I’ve feared since the Disney acquisition: they’re re-branding Star Wars. That means they’re ending and/or mothballing EVERYTHING George Lucas has done since 1997. The prequels, the Clone Wars — hell, maybe even the Special Editions — are all going away for a long, LONG time. Disney needs to get the hateboys back on board the franchise and stop all the “Star Wars that I Used to Know” nonsense. Since we prequel lovers are going to support the new trilogy anyway, they’re only option is to placate the haters. And haters won’t be happy just with a new trilogy that is a love-fest for the OT. They need everything they’ve hated since 1997 wiped out of existence. Even though they’ve put a smiley happy face on it, the larger message Disney has been sending is “we’re done making THAT kind of Star Wars (the PT and SEs) and we’re going back to make the stuff EVERYONE seemed to love.” So if we see the remaining CW “arcs” as “bonus” somewhere, I’d be very surprised. I bet we don’t see anything until at least after the sequel trilogy hits theaters. As far as Disney is concerned, they’re calling shots off the hateboy playbook: the SEs and the prequels never happened.

    • steven Says:

      sorry but yu know nothing about marketing sorry thats the truth

      • Hunk a Junk Says:

        And yet for weeks I was predicting that Disney would cancel the series. They not only did that, they cancelled 1313, Detours, the 3D rereleases… they’re clearing house. That’s a fact.

      • Steven Says:

        The problem is it proves nothing so far nothing shows that they have any interest with hateboys

    • PrinceNaboo Says:

      Why are we going to support the new trilogy anyway? I supported Star Wars projects until now because I liked them and I thought they were good. Not because I would do anything “anyway”.

      Chances are high that I simply won’t care for Mickey Mouse Star Wars.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      I don’t know about the hateboy stuff but I read today about LucasArts “putting on hold” (there’s that phrase again!) an unannounced shooter game that took place during the OT-era. This has more to do with Disney taking out every project it didn’t launch itself so it could launch its own projects instead.

      • Hunk a Junk Says:

        Exactly, LP. Disney is taking out everything Lucasfilm is currently producing, which is almost exclusively PT-era material, while at the same time talking non-stop about how the ST will emulate the formula of the OT. If they were stopping the current productions while also announcing PT-era projects, I’d be less suspicious of their motives.

        They aren’t.

        Instead, they’re talking about exploring “a time previously untouched” (i.e. NOT the PT) and using every opportunity to assure fans that the ST will be the OT on steroids. Read the Bloomberg article and they talk about the “disappointment fans felt” with the PT. That’s not an accident. That article is part press release and Disney is well-aware of the split in fandom. They can’t afford to perpetuate such a split going forward. They have too much on the line, especially in the next few years. They NEED Episode VII to be a Avengers-sized hit to convince shareholders the LFL acqisition was a good deal. To do that, they need ALL the fans on board. They need to win back the disgruntled hateboys and the casual fans who might not rant about the PT, but weren’t thrilled with it either. So all these moves are signals about intent. Just watch. Over the next two years Disney will continue to emphasize the OT while at the same time quietly making all PT era stuff disappear from its marketing and products. Heck, just go to the official site right now and look at how OT imagery and themes dominate the main page. In two years, Disney will barely acknowledge that the PT even exists.

      • lazypadawan Says:

        Well, if they go that far Disney needs to remember that which doesn’t get used within a certain amount of time falls into the public domain. In other words, I could make my own mass market PT items, say Jar Jar figures, for profit and if I get sued, I claim Disney let the trademark on those characters expire. (It’s something in trademark law that prevents a company from holding onto a brand name forever even though it hasn’t made Burma Shave in 70 years. This is separate from copyright law, by the way.) A part of me cackles evilly at the idea of Disney having to pay me millions to get back the rights to prequel characters.

  9. Steven Says:

    Looks like the deal isn’t as good as everyone believed well at least we will get a new series that isn’t In the over exposed dark times and rebellion era

    • oxward321 Says:

      I wouldn’t to be sure about that Steven. It’ll prob dome how include Han, Luke and Leia.

      I have absolutly nothing nice to say about Disney. I hope their Star Wars fails. They just lost one fan. I’m sure I won’t be the last.

      • oxward321 Says:

        Its more like RIP Star Wars 1977-2013.

      • Simon Maxwell Says:

        I’m liking the whole Disney deal less and less all the time. And I didn’t like it much in the first place.

        I’ll be boycotting episodes 7 to 9 and any other spin-off films produced by Disney. The only Star Wars films I will accept as existing are the current six films.

      • Steven Says:

        I would watch it just to hate the films frankly I have no interest in watching those shit sequel films

        If you ask me, you’re better off saving yourself the $20 and staying home instead than doing that.

  10. steven Says:

    not really yes it MAY include luke han and leia but it wont be in the dark times and well it could be knights of the old republic but the bright side is the fact that new story arcs will be made before it ends so its more of a finale then cancellization

  11. Eduardo Vargas Says:

    I share my thoughts on this matter on my own blog. If things go downhill, I might file for a divorce from Disneys Star Wars.

    • Hunk a Junk Says:

      “If things go downhill…” Um, Disney has already shoved us so far down the hill that we’ve gone right past Crapstick valley and are headed toward So-long-suckas ravine.

    • Steven Says:

      I would be a bit more positive if a qui gon force ghost appears but so far this really isn’t a cause for pessimism I mean the show will get a wrap up and a new show that takes place before or after the six movies(most likely after makes more sense) so this doesn’t concern as much as it suppose to as long as it has prequel elements

      • lazypadawan Says:

        Do you know when and where it will be available? Have you believed anything we’ve been told since October 2012? I won’t cheer up unless we get an announcement or Disney changes its mind and keeps the show on the air.

  12. Steven Says:

    I am already writing my review for episode 7 and it’s shit and well I have no plans on giving this movie a chance

  13. Kenny Kraly Jr Says:

    I will not boycott episode 7 I just will not. I’m a Star Wars and Disney fan forever. I blame CN and WB for this more so than Lucasfilm and Dinsey.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      Why? CN had nothing to do with this.

      • Kenny Kraly Jr Says:

        I know LP but give it some time theirs no need to be mad at Dinsey and LFL. And boycotting Episode 7 is going down the dark path and the wrong thing to do which I will never do. I’ve been a Star Wars fan for 23 years and always will be.

  14. Peace_Train Says:

    I’m all for harshly criticizing Disney, and I must admit my outlook has become more bleak (see my previous post about inflamed eyesockets and exposed cyborg chest cavities) but let’s not hate on Episode VII before we’ve even seen a trailer (or any fotage for that matter)!

    Always remember the little Yoda in the back of your head (oh no, I just had a terrifying image of Yoda as Jiminy Cricket! Make it stop, please, make it stop! 😉 Anyway, these lines are particularly relevant now:

    “Fear leads to anger; anger leads to hate; hate leads to suffering…”

    “Anger, fear, aggression… the dark side are they. Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny.”

    “Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.”

    Let’s not become haters ourselves. Disney surely deserves to be watched closely and criticized in its handling of certain things, but let’s not condemn the new trilogy before it has even begun. “A little more knowledge might light our way…”

  15. Adam D. Bram (The Nilbog) Says:

    The timing of it all smells stinkowith. Next week’s Jedi News article will really be a doozy (I already sent in the Part 2 of the Fave Characters for this week, but next week…)

  16. Jim Raynor Says:

    I see some people here suspecting bad motivations from Disney and writing off Episode VII in advance, something that I hope people won’t do.

    Guys, this news sucks if you’re a fan of the show, but it’s not out of the ordinary. The comparison to the cancellation of Avengers: EMH is spot on. Companies with big franchises do this all the time. They have no problem canceling projects or ongoing shows in order to start something that more closely ties in to the main source of revenue, which is the movies.

    Sometimes deviations are tolerated, but generally they try to limit the number of different portrayals that are out there at the same time. For example, Batman and Justice League cartoons were allowed to exist several years ago, but certain characters were banned from appearing because of the Nolan movies.

    The people running Disney might mildly pay lip service to the “hateboys” on occasion (i.e. “We’re trying to bring back the fun of the Original Trilogy”), but they don’t serve them. They care about corporate synergy and drawing in masses of mainstream customers. Going forward, Star Wars shows are going to be previews or tie-ins to cash in on the Sequel Trilogy.

    Remember, this is the company that has made a fortune off of stuff like Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      We’re used to walking and chewing gum at the same time though I fully expected most of the Star Wars focus on the ST beginning in 2015 anyway.

      I guess we can expect the announcement that Demi Lovato is going to star in the flicks right ;)?

      • Steven Says:

        I been too harsh on episode 7 but maybe we should wait for the animated series remember its more of a transition then a Canzellization I mean they are still deciding Were to air the content and the new series there are only 2 options knights of the old republic era or post return of the Jedi So for once in all my negative posting I might be optimistic Plus I thought about the knights though seems too far and well they need kids to be familiar with the new characters of the st

    • Steven Says:

      Maybe greed will save the franchise Think about it Disney needs phantom menace or avatar type numbers in terms of attendance you can’t and won’t get those type of numbers by alienating fans of the prequels so it will embrace them

  17. Louis Ghanem (@lgghanem) Says:

    I’m with all of you when it comes to utter distaste with Disney at the moment, but please, let’s not prematurely bash Episode VII. SWPAS has always been an anti-basher haven, let’s not become the very thing we’ve sworn to destroy.
    With this cancellation though, it’s quite clear that the last vestiges of Lucas’s Star Wars have been swept away. There was a time when decisions were made for creative reasons, but now it’s all about profit and corporate BS. LP is right, this is less about Disney wiping away the PT than it is about removing any project they themselves didn’t initiate. Star Wars was once about George Lucas telling the stories he wanted to tell the way he wanted to tell them, paying out of his own pocket if he had to. Now it’s all about PR and pleasing shareholders and God knows what else.
    While I don’t participate in all the pessimism regarding Episode VII, I must say this decision worries me about the future, because it shows that Disney may not understand exactly what Star Wars is. To them, Star Wars is just another product, another investment. In actuality, Star Wars is a mythology, and when new elements are introduced into that mythology (the Clone Wars and its characters), there is an obligation to see it through. Mythologies do not have loose threads. Ahsoka, Rex, Ventress, and Maul are all main characters in the Clone Wars–to fans, that means they’re main characters in Star Wars as a whole, but to Disney, that makes them peripheral–and right now, they are loose threads. Thanks to Disney, we are moving into the future while the past still has loose threads and open endings! This is reflective of a fundamental misunderstanding of what Star Wars *is*, and it worries me about the future.
    That’s not to mention the blatant disrespect to Dave Filoni and his wonderful cast and crew who have grown to be our new Star Wars family, and the disrespect to the fans who were invested the show, and who trusted Disney back in October in the face of all the naysayers and the haters. As Anakin recently said, “I trusted you, I stood by you!” And this is how they repay our loyalty?

    • oxward321 Says:

      That’s exactly why I have no respect for Disney now and worrying about the future of Star Wars. I have little hope they’ll follow Lucas’ vision and try to make Star Wars its own as if it always has. There not in it for the story it’s all profit. Hence the spin off movies. They already jumped the shark in my opinion. Without Lucas it’s not Star Wars. Just some other sifi fantasy. Its VERY hard to get behind Disney after all the BS they have pulled!

    • steven Says:

      well said but i think we should just boycott the film frankly i have no interest in the sequels simply becuase of this poorly thought out bull****

      Edited for language.

  18. Bob Clark Says:

    In reading a lot of forum posts and articles written by people who are espousing their hopes and expectations for what will come in the Sequel Trilogy, something’s become very clear to me, personally. It’s not just a matter of not wanting to see a movie that ignores or disparages the Prequels (the way “Skyfall” disparaged the Brosnan era of “GoldenEye” and its oh-so-silly exploding pens). At this point, I can honestly say that I really don’t have a whole lot of interest in most of the things that those looking forward to the Sequel Trilogy want to see. I may think Han’s okay, but I don’t really care about what he’s like as a grizzled old man, and don’t care if he dies or not. I may be interested to see the politics of the New Republic, but I don’t really care if Leia or Lando are the new Chancelor.

    And I may think it’d be neat to see Luke as a wise Jedi Master, but I don’t look up to him as some kind of messiah. Would it be cool to see more of the Prophecy from the Prequels or the Mortis story brought into the trilogy? Yes, but I think the chances of that are slim. If the fanboys get they’re way, we might well see Luke as some sort of Superman/demigod figure whose mastery of the Force puts any of the senior Jedi in their prime to shame. I don’t really buy that. And as much as I’ve liked Luke in my life, I don’t think seeing him with his lightsaber again will be any cooler than seeing Yoda with his.

    I grew up with the OT on VHS, and then the SE and the PT in theaters. And you know what? I prefer the PT now. That’s my era of “Star Wars”. And it really does feel like my generation’s stuff is being shoved away in favor of the obsessions of aging Gen-Xers.

    • Steven Says:

      Well said skyfall was a perfect blend of old and new bond why cant star wars do that

      • Bob Clark Says:

        I’m not sure I’d say it is. To me, it’s definitely trying to blend the old and new, but all you really get is classic Bond (say the Connery era, maybe a little of the Moore) and current Bond. The elements of Craig’s era are all there, sure, but Brosnan’s time is roundly made fun of. And really, the classic Bond eras are the most heavily reinforced– the movie really lays it on thick with the “sometimes the old ways are best” motif, what with the return of Q, Moneypenny and a male M under a much more old-school regime. Dragging out the Aston Martin from “Goldfinger”, complete with machine-gun headlights, struck me as a little much. I really dread the “Star Wars” equivalent of all that.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      So much attention is being put on the OT crew returning but I actually am a bit more interested in who the new guys are going to be. They’re the ones who are going to drive the trilogy. If *I* were the one writing this thing, I’d make it about a new generation of heroes trying to escape the shadow of not only Anakin/Darth Vader but Luke and Co. as well. It’s something I’m sure Lucas’s kids struggled with; Katie Lucas is now making short movies under the name Katie Rose. It’s something that loomed large over the prequel cast, the Clone Wars cast, and all likelihood the new cast as well. How do you live up to a legend, good or bad? But that’s just me.

      Well, as long as I’m doing this site, nobody’s going to sweep the PT away. Also, see my response to Hunk A Junk.

  19. steven Says:

    sorry luke is overrated being first doesnt make you the best that title goes to qui gon and yoda and obi wan

  20. Eddie Says:

    Though the damage is already done with The Clone Wars, Disney could do themselves a big PR favor by releasing a statement like this:

    “Though we realize that many Star Was fans will miss The Clone Wars, and we recognize what a great addition it was to the Star Wars Saga and to animated entertainment, we at Disney and Lucasfilm are focusing our energies on the post-Return of the Jedi era for the time being. Rest assured, that, moving forward, we will not forget or ignore the characters or stories of the Prequel Era, as we know how important they are to the overall story of Star Wars, and respect their place in its history.”

    …even if it was just lip service, it’d be nice to hear!

  21. Steven Says:

    They need to acknowledge the prequels or they will fall into public domain and god picture that star wars films from multiple studios

  22. Roundup: Reacting to Lucasfilm Animation’s new direction and The Clone Wars ending Says:

    […] Prequel Appreciation Society declares Rest In Peace to The Clone Wars and feels that Disney needs to inspire trust after this announcement and […]

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