Clone Wars Updates

Rebel Force Radio now has a voice mail line where fans can voice support for the show. RFR will record messages and submit them on CD to Disney and Lucasfilm. Call 708-320-1RFR. My advice is keep your message short and sweet. No threats or cursing, please.

Eric Goldman at IGN, who writes about television and frequently reviews Clone Wars for the site, posted about shows he thinks are potentially on the chopping block. He does not address any cable programs in his piece. But someone in the comment section asked about Clone Wars and this was his reply:

“Cable, so not on this list, but it’s coming back. (just not sure on what channel yet)”

Does he know something or is he just assuming that somebody in the Disney empire will pick up the show? *Shrug.*

Most interesting though is Ashley Eckstein addressing the rumors during a live chat with Del Rey on Facebook earlier today:

“For all of you asking about the future of The Clone Wars. There are more Clone Wars stories left to tell and they are working on an announcement on where you can find those future stories. Stay tuned for more information, but that’s all I know for now.”

To me it sounds like the big question about Clone Wars is WHERE it will be shown from here on out. Here, there, everywhere…here, there, nowhere? (Had to throw in some Echo and the Bunnymen.) I doubt that answer will be, “You will find future Clone Wars stories in the Giants’ end zone next to Jimmy Hoffa’s body.” But until we know for certain there will be doubts and as long as there are doubts, well, we should keep those cards, letters, and calls coming. If any of you out there have kids who watch the show, urge them and their little friends to send letters too! It’s especially important they hear from the padawans and younglings out there because ultimately Star Wars is for them!

P.S.: Here’s what NOT to write in a letter.


10 Responses to “Clone Wars Updates”

  1. Gallandro (aka Yancy) Says:

    Pretty much what I’ve been stating on a number of boards and on Facebook. It was never a matter of IF the show was going to return, but WHERE was the show going to return. I suspect Cartoon Network has been working feverishly behind the scenes on a deal with Disney to keep the show on their network as the show is now back to pulling in over 2 million viewers a week.

    I really don’t think Disney would put the show on The Disney Channel (as it’s a little more girl centric and skews younger), and I’m not sure about Disney XD as that network has struggled to find an identity. So that pretty much leaves Disney Family or ABC. I’m actually leaning ABC right now as they could package star wars with a Marvel based cartoon and have a “Marvel/Star Wars Cartoon Power Hour” which would likely be a big draw.


  2. Hunk a Junk Says:

    I hope my skepticism on this issue serves to motivate people to write letters and prove my skepticism wrong. That being said, I’m sticking to my prediction that Disney isn’t bringing the series back. Ashley is right, there are more stories to tell (episodes in the can), but like the 3D releases, Disney has business reasons why it’s better to leave them on the shelf. The acquisition of LFL will only be deemed a financial success by Wall Street if Episode VII opens to Avengers-sized numbers. That means a 200+ opening weekend, records for fastest to 300 and 400m, and a domestic total over 600m. To achieve those numbers, Disney can’t just rely on casual fans or, frankly, us — the loyal fans who like the PT and Clone Wars. They need to win back the hateboys. They need the angry “Han Shot First”/”The Prequels suck” people back on board. They need the Simon Peggs of the world to not only go, but to be first in line at midnight opening day. And since WE are going to be there regardless, they get those people there by ending everything about the PT as soon as possible. They need to signal they are moving on and making the type of Star Wars (i.e. “If you liked Empire you’ll LOVE this!”) the disgruntled fans have been demanding. I asked a hater friend of mine what he thought about Clone Wars just ending. His response? “Good! Then we can forget the ****ing prequels ever happened and get a REAL movie!” Disney doesn’t reach the numbers it needs without making those people happy. If they end Clone Wars now, yes, WE’LL be unhappy, but we’ll still go to Episode VII. They calculate that our anger and disappointment will fade just as news of the new movie starts heating up. They need to create a void of material so that by the time the new movie opens people will be in need of their Star Wars fix. Believe me, these types of discussions are taking place. Does it mean this is what Disney will do? No. But it’s a solid possibility. So I’m writing a letter and so should you. Hopefully we can at least get a few episodes to wrap up the series, but… don’t be surprised if it doesn’t happen.

    • Steven Says:

      Sorry but your friend does not know how marketing works they simply should not give 2 shits about what this site calls hateboys because they make a niche audience nuff said

  3. Gallandro (aka Yancy) Says:

    Sorry Hunk, but that’s simply not how the entertainment industry works. When a cartoon is bringing in over 2 million viewers a week (and that’s just eyeballs on during the broadcast, not including DVR and people watching on, and is bringing in larger ratings than some primetime shows on your lineup and shows on your affiliated cable networks, you tend to take notice.

    There are other factors weighing in on this as well which people seem to be disregarding. I hear all of this “Disney hates the Prequels and hates the CLone Wars” nonsense. Really? Clone Wars takes a pretty predominant role at Disney Weekends, and the Jedi Training show at Disneyland is very Prequel heavy in its look. There’s absolutely nothing out there to suggest Disney has a poor view of the PT.

    But wait, what about Kasden saying he wants a tone more like the OT? Okay, again so what? Wouldn’t that kind of make sense given that a new Republic would be emerging from the darkness of the Empire, so we wouldn’t be seeing the sort of shiny universe presented in the PT? Plus from a marketing perspective what would you have to lose by trying to attract grumpy old OT fans?

    As for your “hater” friend, he makes up a very, very small minority of viewers. Also you said something curious:

    “The acquisition of LFL will only be deemed a financial success by Wall Street if Episode VII opens to Avengers-sized numbers. That means a 200+ opening weekend, records for fastest to 300 and 400m, and a domestic total over 600m. To achieve those numbers, Disney can’t just rely on casual fans or, frankly, us — the loyal fans who like the PT and Clone Wars.”

    Oh, you mean numbers like The Phantom Menace, the so-called “worst” Star Wars film ever? Let’s see in it’s run TPM made $474 million dollars in 1999, which adjusts to $727 million in today’s dollars, a full $110 million more domestically than the Avengers. Hell, TPM made more money than TESB or ROTJ adjusted during their initial releases (not including SEs). And please do not start with the “pent up demand for Star Wars in 1999” thing. The Phantom Menace had an amazing run which lasted all the way from May-September. It made steady amounts of money over a long period in theaters. Repeat viewings by fans, and more importantly, families, gave TPM the enormous legs it had.

    That’s the kind of performance Disney wants from its new tentpole franchise.


    • Eduardo Vargas Says:

      To be honest with you, I think that Episode VII and beyond will be a mix of OT and PT. OT on the side that we will likely see the protagonists of the OT, but PT on the hand that we will likely see Coruscant, the Galactic Senate, and The Jedi Temple. Besides, why wouldn’t Hayden go back as a force ghost? I think that the next trilogy will be in more than one way, it’s own thing.

  4. oxward321 Says:

    Let’s try to be optimistic here.

    Made my phone call. Got some google message? Hope it went through. Like my letter I also voiced my concerns over episodes I-III.

    • Paul F. McDonald Says:

      I personally would have gone with “Let’s keep a little optimism here.” But maybe that’s too OT. 🙂

  5. oxward321 Says:

    OT! What’s that? 😉

  6. Yoda2245 Says:

    Tim Curry has signed onto The Clone Wars to voice Palpatine, so it’s a high possibility that the show isn’t getting shunned after all. Just be optimistic. Anything is possible. I don’t think the people at the mouse house will let a phenomenal show like Clone Wars slip through the cracks. I think they are aware of how popular the show has become and how disappointed everyone would be if it was put to an end. In some form or another, Clone Wars will live on and we will get to see the loose ends get tied up. Just be optimistic and hope for the best.

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