Homework Assignment: Time To Act

I was trying to see what people were writing about the Clone Wars Season Five finale screening last Friday to see if there was anything to the rumors of Clone Wars being in trouble.

Here’s the relevant snippet from Jawa James’s recap of the event on Club Jade:

Before the Q&A started, Pablo answered two important questions that might have been on people’s minds: No, they weren’t going to take any questions on Episode VII or other non-TCW topics, and there is no official announcement yet on if/when/how Season Six (and later seasons) will be broadcast or otherwise enjoyed by the public.

Meanwhile, Bryan Young posts this on his non-spoiler review at Big Shiny Robot:

At the Q and A afterward, Pablo Hidalgo mentioned that there has been no official announcement about if and when the sixth season (or future seasons) will be airing or available for our consumption. I did ask questions about the future of the show, but was greeted with many no comments. One person close to Lucasfilm did tell me, though, that now is the time to raise a ruckus about the future of the show. I’d been waiting until the Disney schedule announcement in March to start causing a stink, but I think that might be too late.

This show is too good to let slip away. And after the unanswered questions raised by these last two arcs, it would be a disservice to fans to let episodes that are already in various stages of production never see the light of day.

And trust me, after this last episode, you’ll have twice as many questions than you did after that business with Darth Maul.

He also posted this today on SWPAS’s Facebook page:

There’s totally reason to panic. Trust me.

Now, I’m skeptical if one guy is saying something about Clone Wars on Death Row. I’m less skeptical if it’s two guys. Nobody can say who their sources are but I know who are some of their associates are or might be, and those folks would be close to the show’s production.

“Why would they consider dumping this terrific show?” you may ask. Good question. I don’t know why Disney just axed “Tron: Uprising.” It’s not a show I watched. I do know they axed “Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” because Disney wanted to do its own version. Here’s my guess as to this situation: it’s not a cancellation per se that’s at issue, rather it’s a question of “who’s going to broadcast the show?” My theory is that Disney doesn’t want Cartoon Network, owned by rival Time Warner, to broadcast Clone Wars after this season. They don’t want somebody else to get the ad revenue from the Star Wars brand. Which is fine. The problem, so goes my theory, is that there’s no one under the Disney umbrella of broadcasters who really wants the show. For one thing, Clone Wars doesn’t fit many of their formats. Only Fox shows animation in prime time and no other regular network succeeds at it outside of the odd Charlie Brown special. Disney Junior skews much younger than Clone Wars. The Disney Channel is mostly live action fare aimed at tweens. The only way Clone Wars would end up on ABC Family is if Ahsoka becomes a fashionista boarding school student who regularly gets into bitch-slapping matches with other girls who annoy her and steal her boyfriends. (“Stay away from Lux, you slut!” *Slap!*) There is Disney XD. The thing is, does Disney XD want it?

We have to remember, we are dealing not with a small band of Rebels in San Francisco anymore. We are dealing with Hollywood now. And things run very differently there than they would in the rest of corporate America. It’s very political. Everything is built on favors, relationships, and getting the right people to back your projects. I’m sure the decision makers at Disney XD have their pet projects they’re backing and maybe they don’t want to make room for something that they never developed themselves. You gotta remember, they’re not the ones who ran out and bought Lucasfilm. Somebody way above them did. Clone Wars becomes the rock band suddenly dropped from a label and their last album is left unreleased because their A&R guy was laid off after a bigger company bought the label (I’m a music fan, I see this happen all of the time). An independent Lucasfilm could have just gone to another network or found a distributor to put Clone Wars out in another format. A Lucasfilm that’s part of a big conglomerate can’t make that decision for itself anymore.

Personally, I would be okay with it if they ran Clone Wars online from here on out or if episodes were released directly to streaming/DVD/Blu-Ray. But we have to make sure that at the very least those options are available instead of just leaving Clone Wars up in the air for all eternity. Don’t buy any shizola about needing all resources to make Episode VII. My gut feeling is that if Clone Wars’s future is in doubt it is NOT because of new films.

So, what do we do? There is this guy running a petition. But I think Jimmy Mac is right…it’s probably most effective to write Bob Iger himself. Again, no death threats or profanity. In fact, I’ll be super nice and post a short, sweet, pithy form letter those of you who don’t write well can just copy, paste, and send. Add a little flair to it if you want. The tone of letters at this point is to emphasize how much Clone Wars means to us and that we really want it to come back.

Disney Studios
500 S Buena Vista St
Burbank, CA 91521
Attn: Bob Iger

Also CC or write separate letter to Lucasfilm:

P.O. Box 29901
San Francisco, CA 94129-0901
Attn: Kathleen Kennedy

But we as fans must also ask ourselves, “What ARE we willing to do to save the show?” This is just step one. If Disney decides it’s just going to let Clone Wars wither on the vine, then it goes to step two. Stay tuned. But if you are a Clone Wars fan, make it your goal to send a letter this week.

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3 Responses to “Homework Assignment: Time To Act”

  1. Mike S Says:

    My letter’s already on it’s way!

  2. jamesfloyd181929504 Says:

    Thanks for speading the signal on this. Just to share a bit of timeline – Disney will announce the 2013-2014 schedule for their channels at their upfronts on March 12 or so.

    It is important to let your voice be heard to both Disney AND Lucasfilm.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      Wow, we need to hustle! But right now the campaign is a bit disjointed; I think a lot of people either don’t want to get on Disney’s Dark Side or don’t believe it could really be the premature end of the show.

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