Clone Wars Debriefing: “To Catch A Jedi”

You know it’s bad when an episode opens with a dark and stormy night, lightning flashing from black clouds as the Jedi Council discusses what’s to be done about poor framed Ahsoka, who escaped to Coruscant’s lower levels last week. Yoda, as per usual, automatically thinks Ahsoka’s guilty while Mace Windu, as per usual, thinks Anakin’s too attached and wants him to remain behind. Anakin and Plo Koon insist on looking for Ahsoka and it’s Obi-Wan who nudges the Council into letting them go. Boy that Tarkin, what a douche. But we knew that already.

Meanwhile Ahsoka is skulking around Coruscant’s ghetto and trying not to get noticed by law enforcement, even though her face is everywhere. She makes a rather stupid mistake by calling Barriss Offee at the Temple–stupid because one don’t know if Barriss will rat you out or if she’s being bugged–then she’s chased around on a subway by the cops. You have to appreciate Ahsoka’s acrobatics. Cirque du Soleil’s hiring in case this Jedi thing doesn’t work out, Ahsoka. She is collared by a mysterious buxom woman wearing a mask…your pal and mine, Asajj Ventress. Ventress is now working as a bounty hunter and she intends on turning in Ahsoka for the money. But Ahsoka talks Ventress into an alliance in return for getting a pardon from the Council. They proceed to beat up a bunch of clone troopers. Everybody’s going to laugh at them for getting their armored rear ends handed to them by a bunch of girls. Ha ha. I have to say Ventress’s line about “it’s the new me” was pretty funny.

Ahsoka might have been savvy enough to pull that off but everything she does in this episode just digs her hole even deeper, especially since she’s continually being set up by a mysterious someone. Anakin gets a glimpse of Ahsoka in Ventress’s company and he looks crestfallen, either because seeing her with a former villainess makes Anakin doubt her innocence or because she’s at the point where she trusts freakin’ Asajj Ventress more than her own Master. Barriss tells Ahsoka and Ventress to go to a warehouse where Ventress is knocked out and her disguise is stolen. Then another female figure, one obviously not as busty as Ventress nor as tall, attacks Ahsoka with two lightsabers. This other chick is really good and ends up kicking Ahsoka’s butt. Ahsoka is stunned right next to crates full of nanodroids. I have to say, the moment Anakin gently touches Ahsoka’s arm is a tear jerker. He still believes in her innocence.

Another intense episode seems to have taken away Ahsoka’s innocence forever. Her whole world is upside down and everything she believed in and everybody she trusted are now in question. Her eyes have been opened to a lot and now obviously, somebody has betrayed her. And I think that person’s name rhymes with “Harris Coffee.” Who else would have the Jedi skills to smack Ahsoka around? The figure who fought Ahsoka was almost her height and had the same build as Barriss. Barriss led her to that warehouse in the first place. If I’m right, it’s an unexpected and bizarre turn for a Jedi who just didn’t seem like the type. And shocking, especially since she’s actively betraying a good friend to save her own hide.

The season finale will be Ahsoka’s Senate trial, presided over by none other than Palpatine. Can you say, “Oh ****?”


3 Responses to “Clone Wars Debriefing: “To Catch A Jedi””

  1. Paulie Says:

    Barris the bad girl – but it almost seems TOO right.

    And how much do I love what they’ve done with Ventress? A lot!! Strange times indeed…

  2. Adam D. Bram (Collor Pondrat) Says:

    I want to point out, if I hadn’t already, the fact that I ended up finding the Barris Offee Vintage figure in a Wall-Mart and taking her home the day after last week’s episode aired.

    How’s that for a coincidence?

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