Yoda Chronicles

Who wants some good news? Well, coming soon on Cartoon Network is The Yoda Chronicles, a LEGO-themed set of three specials about the little green fella. It takes place during the prequel timeframe.

There’s been a lot of buzz about this show appearing on Cartoon Network’s planned 2013-2014 schedule but not Clone Wars, leading to speculation the show might be heading to Disney XD. Nothing as of writing has been confirmed yet and it may just be they have yet to figure out where Season Six is going to air.

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2 Responses to “Yoda Chronicles”

  1. Peace_Train Says:

    I thought they were focusing 100% on “Episode VII?” I mean, logically they should cancel…er, I mean delay this, The Clone Wars, all of the current Dark Horse lines, the upcoming Del Rey releases including the Jaina Solo trilogy (I mean, it’s all “officially” non-canon mumbo jumbo now anyways, right?), Star Wars 1313, and that Detours show everyone seems to have forgotten about…I mean clearly they need a massive creative huddle of their severely limited pool of resources and short-staffed company to focus on pre-production, set design, CGI, and post production for a movie that is not even close to filming yet…They wouldn’t want to lose money due to some old contract with Cartoon Network or saturate the market before the imminent release would they?

    Sorry to spoil the mood, I’ve had a really bad last couple of days, I mean a snowstorm, car crash, and the news that AOTC/ROTS were canned was like a triple punch to the face. The sad thing is the snowstorm passed, the crash was very minor, but the Star Wars news seems to have put me in a permanent bad mood. I had forgotten about this Yoda series though, and it does look like some lighthearted fun. I adored the previous two Lego specials, and this looks to be another interesting addition to Lego’s own small screen Star Wars universe. I wouldn’t mind if they took a more serious “Clone Wars” style animated approach (or, even better, a live-action series) about the nearly 900 years worth of adventures that everyone’s favorite green Jedi must have had, but I’ll take anything as long as it’s made with heart and infused with the Star Wars spark that the other two Lego specials had.

  2. lin Says:

    I am so bummed about the the non-AotC/RotS appearances on the big screen. That’s what kept me going. Now I’m drifting right into indifference……sort of the way I feel about posting on other sites, defending the prequels. It seems so pointless now.

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