Lucasfilm Cancels AOTC & ROTS 3D

Oh, I’m sorry, “postponed.” From

Lucasfilm has decided to postpone this fall’s scheduled release of Star Wars Episodes II and III in 3D. Given the recent development that we are moving forward with a new Star Wars trilogy, we will now focus 100 percent of our efforts on Star Wars: Episode VII in order to ensure the best possible experience for our fans. We will post further information about our 3D release plans at a later date.

This is utter BULLCRAP.

They’ve been working on AOTC for at almost two years now and had to have worked on ROTS for a while as well. They can finish the conversion well before post-production on Episode VII begins.

So what’s the deal? Does this mean that they won’t re-release Eps IV-VI either? If the “delay” (frankly I doubt we’ll ever see these in theater) is because they wouldn’t have the resources to convert the older films and get a new movie out in two years, that’s understandable. But they should have said so UP FRONT.

Otherwise it’s once again treating the prequels like trash just to appease the bashers and the media. If they do re-release Eps IV-VI in 3D, I won’t be going to those OR Episode VII. Enough’s enough.

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51 Responses to “Lucasfilm Cancels AOTC & ROTS 3D”

  1. Dawn Richardson Says:

    I agree with *everything* you’ve said! Like Captain Picard, I too am drawing the line here. This far, *no* further! I *HAVE HAD IT* with being underappreciated, maligned, dismissed, and now apparently contemtpuously tossed aside and ignored utterly, as a PT fan. I mean, I thought I’d well-and-truly had it before, but now I *really* have-!! (egads, in what way does today *not* suck as a Monday, I swear to goodness-!)

  2. Simon Maxwell Says:

    And what happens to all the Episode II and III merchandise planned for release later this year? There were books and other stuff due to be released.

  3. Adam D. Bram (Collor Pondrat) Says:

    For some reason, this is where my mind went all day (anyone who catches the reference gets a gold star):

    “As your leader, I encourage you from time to time (and always in a respectful manner) to question my logic. If you’re not convinced a particular course of action is the best, tell me. But allow me to reassure you, and I promise, that no subject will ever be taboo. Except of course for the subject that was just under discussion. The price you pay for bringing up either The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, or Revenge of the Sith as a negative is: I collect your %#&ing head. JUST like this @#$&er here. Now if any of you sons of @#$&es got ANYTHING else to say, NOW’S THE #@$&ING TIME!!!…..I didn’t think so….”

  4. Bob Clark Says:

    I would try to be philosophical about this and say “Alright, maybe without the saga being given mainstream releases all the time, they can get art-house retrospective screenings and finally gain some credibility and legitimacy among cinephiles.”. But of course, probably the only movies that would be given that treatment in most places would be ANH and ESB. I’d like to think that it could be wider– if Lincoln Center can give Ridley Scott a career-wide series, including “Legend” and “GI Jane”, but odds are the Prequels will always be treated like this.

    And yeah, Episode VII just lost all its worth if the actual saga is taking a hit for it.

  5. Eduardo Vargas Says:

    I think we have to be optimistic and hope that they actually delay the release and not cancel it. George has never pleased the hateboys, nor will he ever do it.

    • Lillian Goh Says:

      Yes, but you have to remember that now, Lucafiln is no longer completely under his control :\

      All I really have to say is, Disney, f*ck you.

  6. TPF1138 Says:

    I wonder if this hasn’t got anything to do with the fact that Disney don’t hold the distribution rights to the other Star wars movies.

    Could be they want the next Star wars film we see in a theatre to have a Disney logo up front, not a Fox one. They’re eager to start a new era. The Disney era. I’m disappointed. But it’s understandable.

    • Tom Says:

      I agree about the Disney vs Fox thing. And not just the logos. But it’s complicated. Lucasfilm decides when and if to rerelease but Fox gets the money? Would they agree to a split? Disney agrees to let Lucasfilm put then out but for a cut of the money? What %? These things are just so complicated.

      I’m also wondering about the 3D factor in general. I think we’ve definitely seen diminishing returns on 3D in general. And on 3D re releases as well. I for one was extremely excited for these but not only do I not care to see then in 3D I’d actually prefer not to. It was a good excuse to rerelease. I’m disappointed though. Hope we will see them in conjunction with ep 7

  7. lin Says:

    Now I’m beginning to understand why people loose faith. It was all heading this direction, wasn’t it? Once George got so on board with the 501st, the haters aka fanboys, it did become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Only the OT makes money because the prequels are unavailable in every medium.

  8. lin Says:

    lose – d’oh! Passion has taken over my keyboard and fingers. This is why the Jedi tried to keep calm…

  9. Hunk a Junk Says:

    I have to agree with LazyPadawan that this “postponement” is likely going to quietly become a full cancellation. Disney just cancelled “Little Mermaid 3D” because “Monsters, Inc. 3D” underperformed last month. I bet they’ve crunched the numbers and determined that the stereo conversion market is now topping off at 50m (“Lion King 3D appears to be an outlier in the genre), which means the 3D conversions would likely break even at best once P&A are added in. Companies like Disney are not in the business of breaking even on anything. Shareholders and Wall Street consider that the same as complete failure. It’s also likely true that there are issues still to be ironed out with Fox about previously existing distribution contracts and whether the Fox logo will continue to be attached to theatrical prints. In other words, its a legal and financial clusterfox that won’t be resolved for a long, long time.

    Isn’t it GREAT that the hateboys got their wish and got rid of George so others could finally call the shots on Star Wars? Thanks, “guys.”

    • M. Marshall Says:

      Disney had also planned on doing adaptations of all the “Narnia” books so they could compete with the Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings franchises. When “Prince Caspian” didn’t live up to their expectations, Disney pulled the plug. Believe it or not, many fans were not happy about this, so this isn’t the first time Disney played cat and mouse (pun intended) on its audiences.

  10. J. Reeves Says:

    It feels like it’s all downhill from here.

  11. J. Reeves Says:

    That’s unusually abrupt for me! But this situation is more than a little pants. It isn’t the end of the world, though. I’ve sorta come to expect — nay, demand! — the prequels remain suitably understood and mysterious at this point. 3D or no, long may their unusualness keep them a long way from turning into the “cool kid” of the class.

  12. Hunk a Junk Says:

    The more I think about it, the more LFL/Disney’s statement is utter ridiculousness. “…we will now focus 100 percent of our efforts on Star Wars: Episode VII in order to ensure the best possible experience for our fans.” Really? The 3D conversions were being handled by a separate company, Prime Focus, not in-house at ILM. LFL is a big company with many divisions. Are they shutting everything down to work on EpVII? Is ILM cancelling all other projects so it can exclusively work on EpVII? Clone Wars has to be far more resource intensive than the 3D conversions, so is the series shutting down too because, heck, they can’t walk and chew bubble gum at the same time? This excuse is nonsense. They don’t want to release them. Period. It might be for legal or financial reasons, but it has NOTHING to do with wanting to “focus 100 percent” on a movie that won’t start shooting until mid-fall at the earliest. Good Lord, Disney, if you want the best experience for the fans start by not feeding us BS.

    • lazypadawan Says:


    • J. Reeves Says:

      Even better, they only announced the release dates for AOTC and ROTS in 3D on Novermber 29th 2012 — eight weeks ago:

      (Do take a look and even save the page before it’s pulled!)

      So, apparently, depending on whether your calendar says November or January, you might get two entirely opposite pieces of news.

      It feels like, whatever BS they’re feeding fans aside, their internal communication isn’t up to snuff, either. And that this whole sequel trilogy business — at least, the getting-started phase (INCLUDING THE CHOICE TO MAKE A SEQUEL TRILOGY AT ALL) — is rather last-minute; a hastily-invented bargaining chip of George’s when selling to Disney; and not something, perhaps, that was agonized over years in advance.

      • J. Reeves Says:

        NOVEMBER. Linda’s not the only one with typing issues. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • J. Reeves Says:

        And yes, I know it was announced on here ‘n’ such at the time; I’m just adding that link for clarity — and a wee bit of justly-deserved sensationalism. Please forgive me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. Eddie Says:

    This sucks, to be sure, but I wonder if this is connected with the rumors that started swirling around this weekend that JJ Abrams didn’t sign off on the 2015 release date, and wanted more production time—as in, maybe the 5 remaining 3D releases are truly postponed, to position them closer to a 2016 Ep. VII release? It seems mind-boggling to spend millions converting them just to do *nothing* with them…

  14. Hunk a Junk Says:

    Not to mention, the released dates were Sept 20 (AOTC) and Oct 3rd (ROTS). That’s nine FULL months away. LFL has to shut EVERYTHING down during that period — a time when J.J. Abrams will be spending four of those months finishing and promoting “Into Darkness” — because they just can’t focus on anything else (even though the 3D work is outsourced to another firm)????? They showed a sweet demo of AOTC 3D at CVI five months ago and it was obvious work had been going on for almost a year at that point. It’s not like the work hasn’t started. On AOTC it’s ALMOST FINISHED! To use EpVII as an excuse is just PR amateur hour.

    Disney, it’s a crappy way to start your relationship with the fans by blatantly LYING to us. How can the company focus “100 percent” on EpVII when the director won’t even be available until May?! Please.

  15. adambadadam Says:

    Disappointing to say the least…however, the voice of reason (and hope) may suggest that Disney may be waiting for the wrinkles of theatrical/re-release rights of the ep 1-6to come under their control before they commit to a date.

  16. adambadadam Says:

    Sort of insidious to claim but Disney wants to maximize profits on all things STAR WARS. Why should a re-release in 3D make money for Fox when it can make money for Disney. If Lucasfilm claims that they are postponing the development of the 3D release’s, it might provide the loophole needed until distribution rights of the 1-6 have been wrestled under Disney’s control. I’d have to be an attorney working on the Lucasfilm + Disney merger to say for sure, but it seems plausible. That and it’s not clear where the profits from this fall’s AOTC and ROTS would go to…Fox or Disney???

  17. obi-rob-kenobi Says:

    THIS IS F****** BULL****!

    The whole freaking POINT was that the movies would have perfectly led up to Episode 7. So this makes no sense any way you think about it.

    Its bull**** and the wanna be hipsters and haters and ignorant little MONSTERS who have been trying to STEAL SW from the artist who created it for years now are going to go f****** crazy and have YET ANOTHER field day over this.

    Episodes 2 and 3 (just like the rest of the saga) were going to do EVEN BETTER than TPM 3D did (which was excellent) and it would have been the PERFECT hype up for Episode 7.

    Part of me really thinks they are just postponing it. Maybe they are still going to release them but they want to release them all in the same year before Episode 7 so like what…2014?

    No matter what they should have just stuck to the f****** original plan. Just f****** release them into the f****** theater in september and october. Whats so hard about that? WTF is the big deal about that? This is bull****.

    Im done with this so called “fanbase”. There IS no “Star Wars fanbase”. The REAL SW “fanbase” is the casuals who just accept it and appreciate it and the TRUE fans who are apart of this site. BUT THATS IT AS FAR AS I AM NOW CONCERNED.

    Thats it. Im done. Im done with message boards. Im DONE with the internet. And Im especially done with people. Seriously. I dont like people. I dont like them. Not when it comes to SW. Star Wars is TOO GOOD for people!!! And Im dead serious. Its too good for them. I value SW more than I value these awful people that overpopulate this earth.

    You wanna talk boycotts? Here a boycott for ya, I CAN LIVE WITHOUT THE INTERNET! I CAN GO BACK TO LIVING HOW I LIVED FOR YEARS AND YEARS! Happy! I was HAPPIER when there WAS no internet!

    I remember I got my first computer in the year 2005 (yes that late!) and ever since then all it did was show me awful things and an awful, angry, lost generation and the awful media and bull**** “geek culture” that KEEPS things awful. So im done now.

    I have a life to live. i have a job and a home and lots and lots of money to look forward to. And I never ever want to hear another human beings opinion on my idol and his wonderful masterpiece ever ever again.

    I dont care about Episode 7 either! Wanna know why? Because The Star Wars Saga was finished and completed in the year 2005 with Star Wars Episode 3:Revenge Of The Sith. Thats why. I dont care what a bunch of people get together and try to do with the thing George Lucas created and only he is the master of.

    And when I see it I DONT WANT TO SEE IT WITH SW FANS! I want to wait a day and see it with casual people. I want to see it with little old ladys and immigrants who cant speak English! I HATE so called “Star Wars fans” because 98% of ANYONE who calles themselves “SW fans” are absolutely anything BUT true fans. i hate them and I hope their EU crashes down on them in the worst way possible. And I will gladly and LOUDLY tell anyone this to their face IN REAL LIFE too right before i tell them off and walk away. Ya wanna know why? Because I wanna show them what THEY CREATED. I wanna show them a mean angry person who is loudly and publicly obnoxious to THEM.

    Thats what I want. Its all good. Ya wanna know why? Because A wonderful, brilliant artist named George Lucas completed making something that I OWN. And I can watch it in glorious 1080p HD on my 60” Flat screen in THX surround sound.

    My whole family comes from a neighborhood where people KILLED and ROBBED for a living and most of them STILL didnt have a 60” flat screen with the SW Saga on it –and most importantly! The ability to TRULY understand and appreciate it the way rare TRUE fans do.

    Edited for language.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      Wow and I thought I was having a bad day ;).

      My immediate reaction was they were just pulling the prequels because it was yet another nerd focus group decision. Then I realized there was more to it than that but because of many elements of fandom, the media, pro geeks, etc., I don’t have a lot of faith in Lucasfilm when it comes to the prequels. I haven’t in a long time.

    • J. Reeves Says:

      Rob, have you heard of this little thing called the Force, and this other thing called the Dark Side of the Force? ๐Ÿ™‚ Your passion is commendable, but it may be time to brush up on your Confucius: “Those who are firm, enduring, simple, and unpretentious are the nearest to virtue.” Which also means it may be time to brush up on your Jar Jar; for this is nothing if not a funny world. Seek the comedy; or learn to feel it all around you. And as Ralph Waldo Emerson reminds us: “Donโ€™t waste yourself in rejection, or bark against the bad, but chant the beauty of the good.” You’re a good chanter, Rob. You can do it!

  18. adambadadam Says:

    @ Obi-Rob…

    WOW…That is quite the rant but somehow I can’t say I’m not feeling those same emotions. The difference is your the one brave enough to say it. The “schadenfreude” that has widely taken over fandom and grossly infected the internet has actually undermined (for me, at least) what the “world-wide web” was supposed to do for people, and that was to bring them together. For awhile now, I feel the need to be as far away as I can get. The old saying…you can never get too much of a good thing-DON’T BELIEVE IT! Thank you for sharing. Your not alone in your sentiments.

    • Bob Clark Says:

      Adam– nice diagnosis of “schadenfeude”. Most telling thing I’ve seen said about the internet this side of “Serial Experiments Lain”. I may have to rip it off at some point.

    • J. Reeves Says:

      I hate the tribal aspects of the Internet — how, in some ways, we seem to be witnessing the growth of a new global tyranny. This isn’t show much about restricting what a person can say or think (thought crime), but literally a collective consciousness, or mass brain, becoming rigid, closed-off, and diseased: or a sort of “tyranny of the majority”. That is hugely disappointing (and worrying). On the other hand, the Internet does put people in touch with swathes of relevant information at the push of a button (the Google search facility is now faster and more accurate than ever), big fixtures like Wikipedia, YouTube, and Facebook continue to grow, and it’s easier than ever to find the odd like-minded soul or two — look how this place has blossomed! My Internet experience is not undermined, but enriched. Bashing at this point is too funny for words. Who’d have thought, twenty years ago, that at the turn of the new millennium, a wonderful new communication medium would be clogged with geeks denigrating fake microscopic lifeforms and a clumsy orange frog alien? We should remind ourselves that we still live in an age of near-limitless starlight, yet we kill people for the liquidized remains of dead animals buried beneath the sand. It’s a stupid world; yet, in the words of Ray Kurzweil, there is no problem that exists for which a solution cannot be found.

  19. Eddie Says:

    throw tomatoes or rocks at me, but the best “Star Wars laughs” I’ve gotten over the past 14 or so years have come from the performance artist(s?) known as SuperShadow. I can’t imagine that anybody other than a sugared-up 10 year-old could fall for a single line of his malarkey about being BFF’s with GL, or his ridiculous yarns about the plot of Episode 12, or ANY of it. I don’t check his page regularly, but when I do, within minutes, I’m inevitably laughing my head off at some asinine turn of phrase he’s used to reply to his “readership”. This one, from yesterday, not only made me laugh, but also is proof that even good ol’ Supes can say something true every blue moon or so, no matter what his intentions:

    “Monday, January 28, 2013

    SS. I have a suggestion for Mr. George Lucas. Go back and redo Star Wars Episodes 1 2 3 in the same way as Star Wars Episodes 4 5 6 were made. The acting and drama were so much better in the Star Wars classic trilogy and the new ones were plain horrible. Sure, there’s better special effects, but you can’t replace good writing and acting with a bunch of flashy green screen lame garbage crap. (SuperShadow: The Star Wars film episodes are all exactly the same. What has changed is you personally. When you initially witnessed the holy majesty of Star Wars Episode 4 A New Hope for the very first time, your young life was overflowing with hope and promise. You had an unlimited future until the arrival of the true nature of reality. Then you started to become ancient and entered the abyss of being more and more bitter and pessimistic while completely loathing all aspects of life. Change and greatly improve yourself in order to see the real genius of the Star Wars prequel trilogy.)”

    (this just seemed timely… ๐Ÿ˜› )

    • lazypadawan Says:

      LOL! I had no idea Supershadow was still around.

      • Eddie Says:

        I know, it’s amazing!! I’ll forget he exists for months on end, but every time I go back to his page, it’s current and stuffed with new madness. At this point, I almost have fuzzy Prequel-era nostalgia for that site…almost like using the internet archive to look up that old TPM “Virtual Edition” that used to be on TFN in 98?/99. I could swear that before anybody knew exactly what Jar Jar looked like, they used Yoshi from Mario Bros. as a stand-in!

    • J. Reeves Says:

      SuperShadow’s a legend!! If Go-Mer-Tonic (bless him) deserves a Purple Heart, SuperShadow must surely be entitled to a tin of cookies or a mop with a smiley face on it.

    • J. Reeves Says:

      Eddie, I only recently stumbled on that “Virtual Edition”, and it’s still around — on the main site:

      Yes, be sure to take a look at those goofy copy-and-paste images (crude mash-ups based on existing SW footage, some Star Trek imagery, publicity/pre-release TPM photos, et al.) Pretty funny.

      Note the first instantiation of the title, too: “THE PHANTOME MENACE”. Why haven’t we seen THAT edition yet? ๐Ÿ™‚ Is that like some epic TOME? Maybe a 4-hour edition? (I’d seriously kill for a 4-hour TPM!).

  20. adambadadam Says:

    Just goes to support…W.E.B. Sarcofiguy’s (aka John Dimes) theory…”There Are No Bad Movies (Only Bad Audiences).”

  21. General Grevious Says:

    It would have been great to see Eps 2 & 3 in 3D but you have them in dvd or blue ray form so is not end of the world. I was excited that there might have been extended or new scenes but i guess not.

    The Star Wars ‘saga story’ is not the modern fanboi demographic that gets well catered to in blockbusters, that nostelgia is from the OT being well ahead of their time in spectacle to a great degree and when such spectacle was still fresh. That demographic is basically wanting a modern fanboi blockbuster with Star Wars trappings to go with all their other favourite annual fanboi blockbusters that come out. Because this is a well supplied Genre, they are very loud as are use to getting what they want!

    But that was never GL’s Star Wars, SW was a story based continuous Saga. Trying to mix the two may cancel each other out in the longer run of things.

    If that’s the case, they would be better of with stand alone fanboi Movie tales of Star Wars from any of the eras like Old Republic, pre Old Republic, Prequels, Classics etc silmultaneously with this 3rd saga trilogy on release at same time at cinemas. That would show that Star Wars is a movie universe also. Star Wars was always bold cinematically as part of it’s on going success…

    The cancellation of the two remaining prequel 3D’s may be somewhat blinkered vision in over-looking the saga nature of what Star Wars has been.

  22. Peace_Train Says:

    Disney’s/’s abrupt little response reminds me of Palpatine’s speech in Revenge of the Sith. Every single word reeks of utter duplicity and an attempt by Disney to get the sheep (us) to blindly accept their one-sided decision without any true explanation or discussion. The prequels are being thrown under the bus just like the Jedi got blamed for…well everything. Like Palpatine, Disney claims to be making this “postponement” (cancellation) “for a safe and secure” spectacular Episode VII. I acknowledge the financial/contractual difficulties, but the fact that Disney does not admit their real reasoning openly is the worst offense of all.

    I now increasingly believe with 95% certainty that Episode VII will do to the Star Wars saga what Sidious did to the Republic…completely corrupt and destroy it from within. The worst part is that this is literally happening “with thunderous applause.” Nearly every single damn website I’ve visited has the same damn response of negativity towards the prequels, not to mention complete misinformation (nearly half of the comments state that somehow Episode I was a “failure” in 3D which is verifiably untrue. Half of the authors of these so-called articles are sickeningly biased rabid putrid disease-ridden rakghoul-infested filth. I absolutely hate reading these articles when I search for tidbits and updates on Star Wars news and this site is the only one to provide a 100% “safe haven” against the hater onslaught.

    Although I’m now unfortunately 95% sure Episode VII is headed down the “quick and easy path” of the dark side, there is a 5% chance, however unlikely, that the film and new trilogy will be a worthy continuation of George’s legacy. All I can say is that every news update is breaking my heart and I feel Star Wars is heading down I path I can’t follow. While George lives and breathes and sites like this survive, there is still hope, there is always hope.

    • J. Reeves Says:

      Nice — if brutal — analogy.

      I’m pretty sure it’s headed down a rocky road with Abrams at the helm. Sorry, but where GL is bold, radical, and esoteric, Abrams is political, trite, and obvious. At least, IMO.

      Just check out this classic “Wired” interview from ye days of ROTS:

      Some great comments there, including this classic when Lucas is asked about the emotional issues art is best-equipped to deal with: “Life and death, or “I really want to kill my father and have sex with my mother.” I really enjoy Lucas’ follow-up sentence as well: “It’s hard to talk about that kind of thing in a family situation without somebody getting upset.” He’s hilariously up-front and wryly understated. Almost no-one seems to appreciate that about the man or the art that reflects him.

      Have you ever seen or heard Abrams say anything as pointed or insightful as that? Y’know, George Lucas is the kind of person who acknowledges the likes of “Oedipus Rex” (Darth TYRANUS and JOCASTA Nu in AOTC for two), and the rich scope of history, politically and artistically, and appears to have a good grasp of art’s role in challenging and even circumventing social taboos. He’s someone who seems to have a great conscience and has tried to impart that to people via Star Wars (the PT especially). I can’t see Abrams — even if he’s hand-picked by Lucas — bringing the same intelligence, erudition, or visionary sweep to his contribution(s). We’ll see.

  23. Louis Ghanem (@lgghanem) Says:

    Well, at least they won’t get newer, lower Rotten Tomatoes scores like TPM did. Blue milk glass half full and all that.

  24. Jim Raynor Says:

    Hey guys, haven’t posted much in a while, but this caught my attention.

    As the next blog post (and some of the comments here) say, this could just be a legal issue between Disney and FOX over distribution rights. That, or other factors such as the perceived decline in 3D re-releases, or a desire to move the 3D re-releases closer to Episode VII’s 2015 (or later) release date, is probably it.

    Actually, I’m rather sure it has to be something like that. I seriously doubt any movie studio will scrap a multi-million dollar project because the fanboy haters complained.

    Just look at Twilight and the Michael Bay Transformers series. Favorite targets for fanboy geeks and self-labeled “film buffs.” Hollywood keeps pumping those out because the angry online geeks simply *do not matter* in the grand scheme of things. It’s about appealing to the mainstream that far outnumbers them.

    I’ve learned over the past year to just stop fretting over extremist Prequel bashers and just get on with life. It’s amazing how quickly and completely their noise just disappears once you stop wasting your time on certain forums or comment sections.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      Good points. My initial reaction was, “Here we go again! Hosing the prequels!” And the reports in the media seemed to reflect that just had to be the reason for it. Then as I got info that Fox still had distribution rights, I realized it had to be some kind of legal entanglement. But the press release should have said so. Tell us the truth. Again Lucasfilm lets its own property get unnecessarily get beat up by the media.

  25. Jim Raynor Says:

    Liking (or disliking) a movie is normal and perfectly fine. What ISN’T fine, and what no one with any sense would do, is dive into an angry rant about how the Prequels “raped their childhood” and ruined their entire life to the point where they’re depressed and angry (and whining on internet forums) on a daily basis.

    Lost among all the entitlement and macho fanboy displays found in online forums is an ugly, unacknowledged truth: That all this hatred and fighting isn’t normal or healthy.Over the past year, I finally saw enough to make the conscious decision to walk away from it all.

    There was the angry fan who was told me that he had actually fallen into depression because of the Prequels. When I suggested that he treat the Prequels the way I treat Spider-Man 3 (a disappointing sequel that I don’t like, but which doesn’t affect my daily life in any way), I was told by another fanboy there that they were ENTITLED to their continual depression and hate. They didn’t want to get better, or be more happy in life. They wanted to stay that way.

    That’s not the only one. I attracted a bully/stalker on another forum, who couldn’t tolerate me liking the Prequels. Later on in another, much more serious thread, he actually admitted (and I kid you not) that he had once tried to commit suicide.

    These are extreme examples, but they aren’t as extreme as many angry haters would prefer. It’s a sub culture that swings between emotional extremes, alternating between victim and bully without finding a healthy middle.These people are vocal and get the press, but they are NOT “the fans” as they often claim to be.

    They’re SOME fans. Other fans buy the Blu-Ray, watch the TV show, go to conventions, make fan videos, or write fanfiction. They ENJOY themselves, because that’s what movies and entertainment are for. The families that watch the Blu-Ray together in their living room, and the millions of kids who follow The Clone Wars, are not represented by the forums and online comments.

    After realizing the above, I wondered why I had ever even bothered with people like that. Why deal with them? They hate themselves enough as it is.

    I think Prequel fans would be well-served by avoiding the same depths of anger and hate. Be better, more well-adjusted people than that. Focus on discussing the positives of the Prequels, rather than continually reacting to or arguing with others over them.

    If someone can discuss the pros and cons of these movies in a level headed way, that’s good. But don’t waste your time with those who are clearly troubled and too emotionally invested. If you have to, walk away from this subject a little and do other things with your spare time. This is entertainment, so it should be fun. Save your frustration for real life problems.

    Also, don’t start hating on the Sequel Trilogy in advance. Those movies, and J.J. Abrams, deserve their fair chance. Being a hater is no way to live.

    • Buick Runner Says:

      I also have been stalked online by prequel haters Jim, I think many PT fans have been at one point or another. These guys hate the PT films so much and have invested so much of their lives to this hate they can’t even accept other people may like these films. They have to prove that any PT fan’s opinion is wrong, that the only correct opnion are the hater’s opinion. It’s hard to ever just talk about the PT films without some jerk attacking them or you for likeing them. It’s hard not to run into these haters but I have learned it is a waste of one’s time to argue with hateboys.

    • Stefan Kraft Says:

      @Jim Raynor: More or less my thoughts, Jim.

    • J. Reeves Says:

      Brilliantly said, JR! Why, you share my initials, so how could it be otherwise? ๐Ÿ˜‰

      A lot of projection comes from haters, too. They’ll slam a prequel fan for being an obsessive loon, a Lucas butt-kisser, an apologist, a this or a that, and then say you’re in total denial for good measure, while they’re the ones who likely spent thousands of hours (and dollars) on Star Wars to begin with, can’t let the prequels go, despite saying how much they hate them, and keep harassing you, to the point of sometimes slamming you for intolerance, while being nothing but intolerant themselves. It’s a self-run pity party — or more accurately: self-pity and self-righteousness (never a good mix) — with no end. Why should a true fan want to get involved in that?

      I’ve had a few stalkers, too. A few on TFN, a few on IMDb. One even tried baiting me — through the TFN private message system — into a “fight” in another thread if I had “the balls” to join a splinter board/group he belonged to. I won’t name names, but this same person publicly claimed, on more than one occasion, to have a PhD from Harvard. Would a guy with a PhD from Harvard of ALL places really be wasting time on a Star Wars board, much less baiting people into “fights”? Really, some of these people simply DO NOT live in the real world. I say it about myself, of course, but I like to think I have one foot in fantasy and one in reality. Some people, though, I’m not too sure about.

      Overall, I think you nailed it here: “These are extreme examples, but they arenโ€™t as extreme as many angry haters would prefer. Itโ€™s a sub culture that swings between emotional extremes, alternating between victim and bully without finding a healthy middle.” BALANCE, the thing TPM talks about over and over, is the one thing these people clearly lack. They reject the very art that may offer insight and bring clemency to their worlds. But such is the way these things tend to go.

  26. lin Says:

    I just wanted to see them on the big screen again. I would have gone every day. I did that for AotC in Imax. Last show of the night. Every night. and dude it’s very difficult to be “well-adjusted” about our negative responses since the prequels have been shafted over and over. and yes, we expect this from the OT worshipers but not – not from the Maker – and it has happened over and over and progressively more so, faster with more intensity.

    • J. Reeves Says:

      At the very least, the one film the maker got out there is TPM — a prequel movie, and by *some* metrics, the most hated of the lot! That’s some vindication. Even if the other films are currently in limbo, the one that avoided that fate is the one that has taken the most hammer blows; and George is the one who made it all happen. It may well stand alone as the only time a Star Wars movie with classic stylings — the music of John Williams, the melodramatic motifs that GL is so very fond of, and the whole operatic sweep of the piece — met the third dimension. And thereafter, perhaps, never the twain shall meet. It’s frustrating to not have the others, but if need be, I think I can live with that. ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Buick Runner Says:

    Well this news really blows. Guess all the hateboys will be happy.

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