Clone Wars Debriefing: “Shades Of Reasoning”

That was a wild episode, wasn’t it? Pure genius throughout.

The Maul-Vizsla band of rustlers, cutthroats, murderers, bounty hunters, desperados, mugs, pugs, thugs, nitwits, halfwits, dimwits, vipers, snipers, con men, et al. arrive on Mandalore to put their nefarious plans into action. Vizsla wants to displace Duchess Satine and restore Mandalore’s warrior ethic. Maul wants to use Satine as bait for Obi-Wan. They pull it off with a false flag operation where the baddies start attacking the populace.

While Satine has her panties in a twist as her people are being terrorized, Death Watch “heroically” flies in to save the day. It’s hilarious as Savage is fake-fighting Pre Vizsla; they’re almost exchanging winks. Savage, Maul, and the other dirtbags are “captured.” The gullible Mandalorians are grateful to Death Watch for saving them. With Vizsla’s approval ratings at 100% and Satine’s in the toilet, she is arrested and tossed in the pokey. And who should be in the next cell over than former prime minister Olmec? Remember him? The poisoned tea guy from a few seasons back?

Savage and Maul are paraded for show, then put in the same cell after they’re told the ruse’s over and Vizsla is officially screwing them now that he had what he wanted. Big mistake! Maul quickly forms an alliance with Olmec and then they bust out of the joint.

Maul finds Vizsla and challenges him to a duel, where the winner becomes the ruler of Mandalore. We all knew from the get-go that Vizsla had underestimated Maul due to his big fat ego. He had no idea who he was dealing with. Vizsla’s plans were always small potatoes compared to Maul’s and Maul is a lot smarter. So you just knew this was not going to end well for Vizsla. It was a great fight scene though. Vizsla accepts his end, knowing he had been defeated by a superior warrior, ironically killed by his own cortosis sword.

Maul demands Death Watch’s allegiance but Bo Katan refuses to bow to a non-Mandalorian. She and her fellow defectors fight their way out. Meanwhile Olmec, restored as prime minister and now Maul’s bitch, tells the public Satine had Vizsla killed. Uh oh!

Sam Witwer continues to bring his A-game voicing Maul. Jon Favreau’s turn as Vizsla has come to an end and he’d managed to create a special brand of low level menace, a tough guy who ultimately got too big for his britches. With her leader gone, Bo Katan has room for character growth in future episodes.

What’s tragic about Satine’s fall is that she’s hardly a bad person but she is filled with pride. It could only be out of pride (along with its attendants stubbornness and arrogance) that someone could cling to an ideal to the point of stupidity and irresponsibility. She not only left herself but also her people vulnerable to the kind of evil she was trying so hard to avoid. Her “security forces” were laughably ineffective. Her response to the criminal elements attacking Mandalore is to cling to her ideals even more. And she’s fearful of Death Watch. She might be principled and disdains corruption, but as a leader she sucks.

Now Obi-Wan is her only hope.


7 Responses to “Clone Wars Debriefing: “Shades Of Reasoning””

  1. Eduardo Vargas Says:

    I really like Duchess Satine, and to be honest, I feel really bad for her.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      She means well; Mandalore was apparently nearly destroyed by a civil war and she didn’t want that to happen again. The problem is she was trying to force a different philosophy on the population that probably wasn’t going to last over the long term.

      • Paul F. McDonald Says:

        Pacifism is a tough one, isn’t it? Especially in a galaxy that has “wars” in the title. I feel bad for her too, though she is rather dissociated from anything resembling the real state of affairs now. It is ironic that an act of pacifism by Luke saves Vader, while an act of violence (killing the Emperor) saves everything else. Then again, only a Sith deals in absolutes. There’s a time to extend compassion to a Sith Lord and a time to blow up the Death Star, and it seems to me a real Jedi knows which is which. So this will be a really interesting issue in the sequel trilogy’s treatment of violence.

  2. oxward321 Says:

    Didn’t Dave say that all the last episodes of season five come right from George?

  3. Adam D. Bram (Collor Pondrat) Says:

    Pre Viszla, this is no time to lose one’s head.

    That’s no way to get ahead in life.

    Shame you were so headstrong.

    You’ll never be the head of a major corporation.

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