You Gotta Read This

Adam posted a terrific piece on his blog taking apart the common twaddle perpetuated by Darth Media and Darth Hateboy. Do go check it out.

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14 Responses to “You Gotta Read This”

  1. Adam D. Bram (The Nilbog) Says:

    Wow, I’m popular today. Thank you all so much for this.

  2. Paul F. McDonald Says:

    And thanks for posting it on my blog, Adam. Look forward to reading it. Blast, if only there was no work today.

  3. oxward321 Says:

    I don’t agree with everything he said but, he made a LOT of good points. He should submit that to Lucasfilm film as well. We NEED to put th on thier place. I hope Disney will set it strait.

  4. oxward321 Says:

    I think the bottom line is, the Prequels are just better. Stronger charaters, better acting, more indeepth ( adult ) plot. And the haters know this. But they refuse to accept it because they don’t want nothing to tranish their memories of the so called ” holy trilogy”

  5. oxward321 Says:

    Not trying to dis EP. 4-5 I love them to.

    • Adam D. Bram (Collor Pondrat) Says:

      The only thing that I-III bashers are doing when they point out “flaws” in I-III is actually getting me to see those flaws…in IV-VI. In essence, not only are they trying to bury I-III, but they’re inadvertantly ruining IV-VI for me. That’s why we need to fight. It’s six wonderful movies, soon to be seven, then eight, then nine. We need to bring balance back to the Force.

  6. oxward321 Says:

    I agree Adam.

  7. PrinceOfNaboo Says:

    Darth Media is even worse than Darth Hateboys. Hateboys are pathetic lifeforms, but Darth Media shapes opinions basend on the strange perception.

    There was an article in a newspaper a few month ago where the author criticisized how movie heroes were always “too good” and therefore “boring” because “whe knew they would succeed in the end”. The article was accompanied by a photomontage of Frodo (LOTR), Harry Potter, Neo (Matrix) and Anakin and initially thought: Wow, she is going to name Anakin as a positive example who is not too good and boring!
    But after I finished reading a was just thinking: WTF?!

    At first the auther provided examples of Neo and Potter, but when she moved on to Anakin she suddenly started to criticize how Anakin was “unlikeable” and the usual complaints arose.

    Get it: Her whole article was about boring heroes (who were a “too good”) but instead of naming Anakin as an exeption (or don’t mention him at all, he doesn’t fit the pattern), she bashed him just for the sake of it and still managed to make it look like Anakin was part of her “problem”.


    • may_child Says:

      Anakin was “too good”? That’s a new one. The complaint I’ve most often heard is that Lucas didn’t make Anakin “bad” enough.

      I think what they mean is, “Lucas didn’t make Anakin a cool badass who tosses off smart-aleck lines while slaughtering Jedi with each slash of his lightsaber, as The Imperial March plays in the background.”

      • PrinceOfNaboo Says:

        That was just the funny thing.

        Her article was basically about heroes who are “too good” and she tried to support that idea with examples. And it did work with heroes like Harry Potter and Frodo, they tend to be boring because they’re the heroes.
        But then all of a sudden, she came to Anakin and criticized Anakin for being the opposite – “not likable” etc.

        That’s the point: Although Anakin is all what she wanted (not too good, doesn’t succeed etc.) and yet STILL she couldn’t bring herself to praise the Prequels (for a hero who is NOT “ttoo good), no, she thought it was appropriate the criticize Anakin although it completely contradicted the point of her article.

      • Adam D. Bram (Collor Pondrat) Says:

        Not to mention that she’s wrong about Frodo and Harry as well.

    • may_child Says:

      I don’t see what the point of her article was. She’s complaining for the sake of complaining.

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