Star Wars’ New Era And SWPAS

Right on the day I was going to have a short post commemorating five years of SWPAS comes the astonishing news of Disney acquiring Lucasfilm and a new trilogy in the works. I haven’t been shocked like that for over a decade.

If you want to know what I think about this seismic change to the Star Wars we all know, you can peruse my extra long post on my LiveJournal. Here, I’m going to talk about what I think having Disney as a parent company means for the prequels and where SWPAS stands.

At this point it’s too early to tell whether Disney will be very hands on at Lucasfilm or whether it will treat Lucasfilm the way it treats Pixar, standing back and letting Pixar do its thing. I sort of hope for the latter.

In regard to new movies, I don’t know what to think. Yesterday I joked on Twitter about whether I need to start the Star Wars Sequel Appreciation Society. They’re gonna do what they’re gonna do and we can only hope that they all work out. But already I am seeing hateboy nation making the same mistake it made 15 or so years ago, coming up with long lists of expectations and demands. New movies will be different in tone, but hopefully not in spirit, from either the first set of Star Wars films OR the prequels. Pretty soon we’re going to find out what this new trilogy is about, who’s going to direct it, and who’s going to be in it. If it can’t be George Lucas at the helm, I just want a cinematic Dave Filoni, somebody who loves Star Wars, respects Lucas’s vision, and is willing to learn in order to get it right. The last thing I want is some jerk who will say right out of the gate, “I’m here to fix the mistakes made in the prequels!”

It’s kind of unfortunate the shift toward a new trilogy is happening before the prequels have come into their own. There was time between ROTJ and TPM for vindication of Eps IV-VI as the mythology of our era. The prequels won’t get that time and Lucasfilm has long since left these movies to the internet wolves. Realistically, we have to accept that as we get closer to 2015 and through 2021, or whenever Ep. 9 From Outer Space comes out, those films will be the focus not the older ones.

We are going to have to endure a barrage of haterade from those who are going to trash the prequels over the next three years (it’s actually already started as I chewed out some douche on last night) and there might be a few who are going to use praise for Episode VII as a frying pan on our beloved films. But honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if the reaction Episode VII gets is not all of that different from what happened in the recent past. Also, remember the prequels were received enthusiastically upon release and then trashed mercilessly on the internet afterward. Lucas will get all of the blame and none of the credit however Episodes VII-IX work out. (I don’t think Lucas will be entirely hands-off with this trilogy.)

Disney did include prequel settings for Star Tours 2.0, which is encouraging, and there’s no reason to believe that there can’t be film spinoffs of the prequel/Clone Wars era somewhere in the future. Disney is leaving all kinds of possibilities wide open, including spinoffs based on individual characters. It’s also entirely possible prequel/Clone Wars characters could cameo in this new trilogy through the magick of Force ghosts or holograms. Most of the prequel leads are still young and look pretty much the same.

As for Clone Wars, there’s no reason to believe the show won’t continue on its merry way. Though I wonder if there will be collaboration now with Pixar and if this will be the last year Clone Wars is on Cartoon Network. Disney could move it to ABC Family, the Disney Channel, or Disney XD.

Another issue is whether this site and other fan sites will continue to operate with Disney’s legendary intolerance for anyone trespassing on its intellectual property. I will continue to run SWPAS so long as I want to or until I get smacked with a C&D. My hope is that Disney will leave fandom alone.

Do I worry about too much product burying the Skywalker Saga I-VI? Or too much Star Wars diluting the series or oversaturation? Yeah, I do. Will I miss the 20th Century logo and fanfare? Will I miss John Williams if he doesn’t participate? He is 80 years old. Even if he’s around for another 20 years or so, eventually he won’t be scoring Star Wars anymore. Am I concerned they’ll do something ridiculous like reboot or remake the prequels? God yes. I just hope Disney has the decency to wait another century before doing anything like that.

But this whole new era of Star Wars could end up being the best thing that’s happened to us. I want to thank everyone who has been here for the past five years and I hope to keep bringing you prequel-era awesomeness for as long as I can.



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16 Responses to “Star Wars’ New Era And SWPAS”

  1. Kenny Kraly Jr. Says:

    Agreed SWPAS I’m excited for more Star Wars films can’t wait for Summer 2015 and beyond. Star Wars is awesome. And we should be happy about this news that came out yesterday and not worry about what’s going to happen. I am excited for more Star Wars movies and what is to come for the future of Star Wars.

  2. Paul F. McDonald Says:

    And thank you, ma’am.

  3. AAA Says:

    Just a quick thought…Why would we discount the possibility of more “Prequel-Era” Star Wars movies? Think about something in between 1 and 2. More specifically, the obvious gap between ep.3 and 4. Everyone is talking about Ford and Hamill, but I think McGregor could easily motivated to reprise the role and Liam has still involved himself with the franchise (aka Clone Wars), add to that Natailie Portman and Hadyen Christianson maintain very positive relationships with Lucas and Star Wars overall. Nows not the time to crawl away wounded…now is the time to let everyone know how much we appreciate the Prequels and George’s vision. If Disney is good at anything, they are great at market research and this is when we need to make our voices heard. It’s no less important than all the harping the hateboys do.

  4. Nicholas Maertz Says:

    I wouldn’t worry to much about SWPAS getting slapped with any kind of S&D. After all, there are plenty of unofficial Disney fan sites out there and Disney also doesn’t seem to be to bad with their youtube cops considering I can go on there and watch old Mickey Mouse cartoons easily. Now, on the other hand…

  5. M. Marshall Says:

    Read your LiveJournal article. Here’s another reason why Joss Whedon should be disqualified- he can’t write one decent Wonder Woman script, then he blames it all on her mythology or lack thereof (and touts himself as a feminist). James Cameron will be working on “Avatar 3” and -get this-will plan an “Avatar” prequel (was prequel ever in our vocabulary before Lucas?) As for the post ROTJ EU stories, my feelings are the same as yours-“hoo-boy” If these new films have any Solo/Skywalker children, my Jaina Solo action figure might get into battle position as I make room for new Sequel Trilogy figures-if I enjoy these new films.

  6. TPF1138 Says:

    “Lucas will get all of the blame and none of the credit however Episodes VII-IX work out. (I don’t think Lucas will be entirely hands-off with this trilogy.)”

    Well they’ve already named him as creative consultant. I suspect his involvement will be similar to how its been so far on the Clone Wars. He’ll probably have significant input (beyond the extensive notes we’ve been told about) on Episode VII, with his involvement becoming less and less as they move forward.

    I think George might be quite eager to see what others do when let loose in his universe. I must say I am too. But it must ALWAYS be remembered that it is HIS universe…

    As to how this new trilogy might be received. I’d imagine it’ll be similar to how the Clone Wars has been received. We’ll hear about how they’ve redeemed Star Wars (assuming they don’t just drop the ball), and I’ll shrug, smile with amusement at how pathetic they all are, and move on…

    Star Wars really has entered a whole new era here. It’s becoming perhaps, a lot like Bond. There WILL be bad Star Wars movies. Guaranteed! Movies that get lost, or miss the point. It will be diluted, and then renewed. Updated, rebooted, and redefined. This is the future. But for now. For right now – and despite his diminished involvement – it is still George Lucas’s Star Wars. It is still pure. And with Kathleen Kennedy steering the ship, I don’t think that purity is going to be sullied anytime soon…

    Thank’s to you LP, for providing all us faithful with somewhere to discuss our enjoyment of Star Wars in peace for five years. Good work!

    • lazypadawan Says:


      Actually Clone Wars was savaged by critics at first. Ahsoka got raked over the coals big time. It took a couple of seasons for them to warm up to the show. I just think it’s going to be the default reaction from here on out but the prequel films and these new movies won’t have the benefit of having a new episode out every week, 26 times a year.

      • TPF1138 Says:

        Actually, that always felt like a knee-jerk reaction to me. A kind of; “well we’re supposed to hate Star Wars now, so we hate this too”.

        As soon as it became clear that liking the Clone Wars (“Oh, hey Lucas isn’t really all that involved”) could be spun in such a way that it could validate one’s hatred of the prequels, then that quickly became the prevailing mood.

        With Lucas’s VERY public step back, it becomes easier to do the same with regard to VII, VIII, & IX. I don’t doubt that they will do so, with relish.

        For my money these next three Star Wars movies will be very much a George Lucas product. It’s still his story they’re working from. Beyond that there’s the rather exciting prospect of expansion and mutation. Lucas’s saga (I – VI) will always be paramount for me, but there’s something intrinsically cool about his saying to others, “here, you have a go now…”

        Will we have to listen to whiney fanboys? Of course. Comes with the territory. At this stage though, I really have disengaged from them. Leave them to it. I’m having fun.

        Will I end up liking the new Star wars? I don’t know. One thing I won’t be doing is crying about it if I don’t.

        As always, we will wait and see…

        Thanks LP.

  7. Didn’t we just leave this party? | A Certain Point of View Says:

    […] at SWPAS makes a salient point that needs to be shouted from the mountaintops NOW and repeated over and over […]

  8. Adam D. Bram (Collor Pondrat) Says:

    I’ve calmed enough to realize that if they treat Lucasfilm like they do Marvel and Pixar (i.e. leaving them mostly to themselves aside from a couple of “make this” memos), then this will probably turn out okay.

    It is in this hour that we need the SWPAS the most!

  9. David MG Says:

    You know, having enjoyed everything that has come out of Star Wars – and now knowing that even a cartoon largely in the hands of other people can be just as much fun, I dont have that much to fear.

    In fact the only thing that bothers me now is the endless repeats of anti-Lucas media doing the rounds. The other day on the BBC the journalist asked if there would be anymore clunky dialogue. I looked at her and thought I’ll bet you have never seen a single film.

    If by clunky dialogue, you mean classic pantomine exposition, that a thousand kids and adults repeat to each other around the world everyday while beating each other with plastic sticks, then yes – more please!

    I’m sure she couldnt recite a single line. The negativity is such a supermassive black hole now its almost impossible for light to escape. I’m sure whats to come will be great, I wish it could just fly free of all the endless griping. George seams a nice generous creative fun guy, enjoy your retirement – if you can really put the toys down!!!

  10. Eddie Says:

    Thanks for the SWPAS, LP, and happy anniversary! Finding the SWPAS single-handedly restored my hope (and I’m sure many other people’s) that a larger Star Wars fandom not comprised of morons and bitter, entitled man-children existed.

    Your Live Journal piece was the best thing I’ve read yet on this crazy new era of Star Wars…it’s a shame that the masses aren’t reading that instead of some of the ill-informed dreck that mainstream sites have been putting out in the past few days.

  11. tatooinesand Says:

    The news are shocking indeed! I’m sure GL thought a good deal about what will become of SW when he retires. If he chose Disney then we can expect it was the best choice he could do. The worse possibilities you’ve listed seem real too.

    Thank you SWPAS, and I hope this site will go on. 🙂

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