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Celebration VI Hi-Lites 8/25

August 25, 2012

Read the rundown of the important stuff here!

AOTC 3D Footage Shown At Celebration

August 25, 2012

The good news is based on Tweets from attendees at the first panel (there will be a couple more today) the footage looks amazing! People are saying it looks even more three dimensional than TPM.

The bad news? No release date. The only hint given was from Dennis Muren, who said that TPM took about a year to convert and AOTC will take about the same amount of time. I know they started on AOTC early this year, which would make the earliest release date February 2013.

Update: Bombad Radio has audio of the panel here.

Update 2: IGN thought it looked great too.

Bootleg Clone Wars S5 Celebration Trailer

August 24, 2012

The quality’s not spectacular–it was likely shot under someone’s coat or something–but you do get glimpses of cool stuff. It’ll do until a better quality version comes along:

Clone Wars S5 Celebration Trailer

Here’s another bootleg with a clearer picture… will have the “official” version up at noon tomorrow:

Another Clone Wars Bootleg

Celebration VI Hi-Lites 8/24

August 24, 2012

Read ’em all here!

Kevin Smith Sticks Up For Prequels

August 24, 2012

“An Evening With Kevin Smith” at Celebration VI was on a little late for my recap, but Big Shiny Robot has a summary. In part, Smith sticks up for the prequels:

When one fan asked him about how he’d change the prequels, he practically auditioned for the “Why We Love the Prequels Panel.” He wouldn’t have done much of anything to change them and loved them for what they were. Sure, they weren’t perfect and Jar Jar was equivalent to him to the Ewoks, but none of it stole from his enjoyment. “Some of these losers were saying you know that George Lucas raped their childhood, but that’s really an insulting slap in the face to the guy who built my childhood. He didn’t rape anything.” (I’m paraphrasing there, but the spirit is the same.)

He then proceeded to tell a rousing tale of the whispers through his youth of the creation of Vader and that fateful volcano-top battle we’d all heard legend of and, upon seeing it, he was reduced to tears. It gave me the chills in the same way the movie does.

TPM Shown At Celebration In 3D

August 24, 2012

Surprisingly, last night’s showing at Celebration of TPM was in 3D! Fans were given exclusive 3D glasses to watch the flick.

Apparently, AOTC was still in 2D but tomorrow is the Future of Star Wars In 3D panel…

Star Wars Detours

August 24, 2012

Today was also the first Star Wars Detours panel at Celebration VI, which offered a first look at the comedy animated series from Seth Green, Matthew Senreich, and Todd Grimes.

Detours is set between Eps III and IV but there are prequel and Clone Wars references aplenty as you can see in this trailer:

Star Wars Detours

There are other clips of the show floating around; it looks like Kid Safe Robot Chicken. The show will feature Clone Wars veterans Catherine Taber and Dee Bradley Baker as well as Ahmed Best as Jar Jar. Also coming on board are Anthony Daniels, Billy Dee Williams, Donald Faison, Zachary Levi, Felicia Day, Weird Al Yankovic, Todd McFarlane, Breckin Meyer, and Todd Grimes.

No word yet on when the show will debut or on what network.

Breaking News: Clone Wars Moved To New Day/Time

August 24, 2012

The Season Five premiere was today at Celebration VI and it was announced Clone Wars will move to Saturdays at 9:30 a.m. on Cartoon Network.

Yeah. 9:30. Saturdays.

My opinion on it is, “For the love of God, why??” I think the show is a little sophisticated for pajamas and cereal, even though they have in the past run the show on Friday and re-run it again on Saturday mornings for the Bedtime At 8 crowd. It’s no problem for me to be up by 9:30 but for many out there who sleep ’til noon on the weekends, it’s going on the DVR list. I don’t know how this is going to affect the show’s ratings for the better.

In any case, the premiere episode we all missed if we weren’t at Celebration will air on September 29. Lots of great feedback on Twitter about it!

Celebration VI Hi-Lites

August 23, 2012

Are you not at Celebration VI? Too busy to keep up with social media? I’ve condensed it all right here, culled from zillions of Tweets. Enjoy!

Trailer For PT Pop Up Book

August 20, 2012

The follow up to the popular “Star Wars: A Pop Up Guide To The Galaxy” focuses on the prequel flicks. The trailer for “Star Wars: A Galactic Pop Up Adventure” is up on’s site.