Clone Wars To Go Into Syndication announced today that the first two seasons of Clone Wars will go into syndication (U.S. only) presumably this fall.

Syndication is where the real money is at in t.v.. Just ask Jerry Seinfeld and the estate of Lucille Ball. Between syndication bucks, reaching a bigger audience, and hooking more kids in the process (not to mention the merch), Clone Wars alone could fill Lucasfilm’s coffers for many years to come.


7 Responses to “Clone Wars To Go Into Syndication”

  1. Eddie Says:

    that’s great news! The more kids/people that have access to TCW, the better. That syndication cash will hopefully bring the live-action show closer to reality, too.

  2. oxward321 Says:

    Probably help get a newer generating into the PT era. Strengthening our couse. 🙂

  3. Bob Clark Says:

    Please say it’ll be syndicated in 2.35. I know it won’t, but please, say that it will.

  4. Chibiwolfstar Says:

    In the trailer for the clone wars season 5 there’s this part that breaks my heart Clovis is in padme’s apartment and anakin comes in freaking Choking him and padme is just standing there like wth just happend like is this the part where he kills her I hope not and then finally palpatien finally get off his lazy butt and actuly does something and then ahsoka I think is helping the rebels omg I hope she ends up with lux and I hope padme don’t die plz plz plz plz plz plz

  5. Thomas Says:

    The best analogy here, of course, is the fact Star Trek would be nothing today were it not for syndication. This bodes well for the show.

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