Lost Padmé Scene From AOTC?

You might have seen this still from AOTC that wasn’t in the movie and doesn’t seem to match up with any known deleted scenes. It’s obviously Padmé and it looks like one of the Naboo locations in the background.

Star Wars Aficionado delves into the mystery and got a small bit of information from Nick Gillard, who confirmed it was definitely shot at Lake Como because he recognizes the background. But he wasn’t there when this filmed. SWA has tried to contact Trisha Biggar and Leland Chee for more info without success.

It’s possible this is nothing more than a test shot for a costume that was never used. Or, it could have been a scripted scene ditched early on. Any guesses? Anybody with reference photos lying around? Anyone connected with the film reading this?


9 Responses to “Lost Padmé Scene From AOTC?”

  1. Lin Says:

    LP – this is has been speculated on for YEARS. That photo was uncovered I believe on the Galactic Senate. Nick thinks it’s Lake Como and while he wasn’t there during filming he did say at some point he was there. The background resembles the loggia (tri-arched post nightmare) from the Villa Balbianello but I’m not totally convinced that it is… I traveled there in 2006 and compared my photos to those arches and they’re not quite the same – each of the Villa Balbianello loggia’s 3 arches are equal in height and they have smooth surfaces – but perhaps it might just be the angle. I don’t recall ever seeing this headgear on a Padmé costume – I don’t think Trisha was at Lake Como although my guide who was on set during the entire filming there, did mention her name as being part of the party. If this is an interior shot, I still don’t recall any of Padmé’s bedroom having arched windows/doorways etc. and I was actually inside the room itself. I still am in contact with the guide and she very, very specific about days and timing and locations. They were only at Lake Como a few days and at least one of those days was rained out. The picnic scene was the very last thing filmed. The interiors were combined shots – when Padmé is looking out of a window to see her father and Anakin in discussion by that beautiful tree – which was filmed at the Villa/Lake Como – Padmé herself and sister looking out of the window – that was actually filmed in Sydney. I would guess that the mystery shot was also filmed in Sydney –

    • lazypadawan Says:

      Hmm, interesting. Maybe it was shot in Sydney after all, just with a “Naboo” interior set.

  2. may_child Says:

    That outfit looks like the one the evil queen wears in Disney’s “Snow White.” I guess you could say it’s a “companion” outfit to the one she wears in another cut scene, the scene where she addresses the Senate — the outfit (and her expression, in a couple of stills) makes her look like Maleficent from “Sleeping Beauty.”

    • lazypadawan Says:

      It looks very similar to the deleted Senate scene outfit but it’s different. The mystery shot looks like she’s wearing a cloak with a metallic frame around her face.

  3. oxward321 Says:

    I’ve wondered about this shot myself. I hope someday, in another bluray box set, they give us EVERYTHING!!!!!!! 🙂

  4. Bob Clark Says:

    Interesting. I’m reminded here of how many lost little snippets there are of these films that tend to get overlooked in the focused attention on complete deleted scenes. For instance, I use as my WordPress avatar a stray shot from AOTC that was cut out of the pre-Zam Wessel chase scene, where Anakin is simply meditating in Padme’s apartment. It’s a beautiful shot, and has a great ambient lighting and art-deco design to it, but was cut from the film presumably for pacing reasons. Aesthetically, though, it’s so much of what I love about the Prequels, and its a shame there wasn’t any space for it in the finished film.

    On a related note, as far as everything Padme– I’m recalling the various articles I’ve seen written here about the dearth of Amidala dolls, both in her Queenly and Senatorial guises. I agree that on one hand it’s too bad that you don’t see more of those out there, while other movies get plenty, but something occured to me today while watching “Legend of Korra”. During a commercial break, they played an ad for a line of Mattel dolls based on Pixar’s “Brave”. While it’s pretty much the norm for Disney princesses like the Celtic lass of that movie to get their own Barbie, I can’t help but think that it’s pretty much one-hundred per cent contrary to the supposed message of the film. If you’re going to make a movie about a princess who wants to challenge gender norms and go on adventures fighting with bow and arrow instead of simply being a courtly lady and getting married off to some teenage Braveheart cosplayer, is turning that heroine into a Barbie doll really sending the right message?

    Yeah, it’d be nice for collectors and Prequel enthusiasts if there were more Amidala dolls. But at least there’s always been plenty of Amidala action-figures.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      There’s going to be a limited edition Katniss Everdeen Barbie coming down the pike ;).

      Well, speaking as a gal myself, no matter what there will be plenty of girls who like dolls. I still like dolls. I’d rather give a little girl a proactive character like the wee ginger in “Brave” than something from the slutty-looking Bratz line.

      • Bob Clark Says:

        The only suitable Katniss toys that should ever be made are ones that can fire a projectile that can take a kid’s eye out.

  5. Lin Says:

    I think I have all of the Padmé and Amidala dolls. But the film they should have concentrated on for dolls/costumes was AotC. Trisha and her crew created a beautiful wardrobe….and that includes the Picnic Dress, the Senate gown (both of them), Packing Gown, Traveling as a Refugee, Lake Retreat Rainbow Gown, George’s design of that black fireplace number, the Tatooine Poncho and of course the Wedding Gown. Well – at least I have the paper dolls. From RotS, the two I would love to have would be the cut scene Peacock Gown and the Water Dress for her funeral/with Padmé in her casket. I’ll never forget reading that Iain McCaig wrote he was there for the beginning of the character of Padmé and for the entire journey to her death… including those flowers was his idea, to represent tears but there’s also a lotus to represent hope/rebirth. There have been fan-made Padmé funeral/casket dolls and they’re really good – with the likeness of Natalie… but can’t find them now. That’s a doll I would pay good money for and be happy that I did.

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