New Stuff From Her Universe

A bunch of new goodies have been put up for sale on Her Universe’s online shop, including a sweet japor snippet and some fun Clone Wars-related stuff for little girls/infants, such as onesies and toddler tees or an Ahsoka hoodie (will also fit very short women). Bad girls can opt for the Sith tank top. Pick up the something-for-everyone tote bag.


4 Responses to “New Stuff From Her Universe”

  1. Bob Clark Says:

    You’d think that some collectible company would make their own Jappor Snippet item in full production quality for people to purchase. Maybe it’s not in demand because it’d be a pretty pricey item to produce and sell for what would basically be a recreation of a piece of wood, or whatever Jappor is supposed to be?

    • Eddie Says:

      also, what an ominous gift to give your wife/girlfriend!! 😉

      • lazypadawan Says:

        Heh heh. Though Anakin/Padmé fans still want ’em.

        There were people who made their own unlicensed versions and sold them on eBay. I bought two, one of which was a really good copy. People would stop and ask me where I got it. I have all of the other charms anyway, and this one is small and subtle enough to wear in non-fannish situations.

      • Eddie Says:

        Even aside from it’s poignant story significance, It’s a really nice design, and it’s surprising (or not, sadly) that it hasn’t been officially licensed ’til now. It would’ve been a great high-end item to release in 1999 or 2005; I guess it’s more money left on the table by neglecting female fans for so long, which is why Her Universe is such a cool step in the right direction.

        Didn’t Master Replicas do The Emperor’s cane and cloak clasp? I can’t believe that a Japor Snippet wouldn’t have sold–they could’ve sold it in a slick little display box and included a necklace in case people wanted to wear it, hitting both the prop replica market *and* fans who’d want it as a piece of jewelry.

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