Full Length Clone Wars Trailer

Some enterprising soul has posted the full 2:11 Clone Wars Season 5 trailer that debuted yesterday at Star Wars Weekends. Yes it was shot surreptitiously from someone’s camera but it’s still fairly clear. See it before it gets pulled!


4 Responses to “Full Length Clone Wars Trailer”

  1. oxward321 Says:

    WOW!!! Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!:)

  2. Adam D. Bram (Collor Pondrat) Says:

    I could barely hear anything…

  3. Eddie Says:

    Is Embo snowboarding on his own hat?!!

    The sound on this one is a little better, but the visuals go out of focus a few times…so maybe watch the one LP posted while listening to this one 😛

    • Kota Says:

      Yeah could anyone make out what maul was saying? All I heard was ” with our combined strength” something sith ” our enemies will fall.”?

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