More Star Wars Weekends Merch

Check out the goods that will be for sale at Darth’s Mall, the pop up shop set up for Disney’s Star Wars Weekends. These are so amazing, I hope Disney will still have them for sale at Tatooine Traders when I head out to O-town in August! (Oh and it would be nice if Disneyland’s Star Traders got them too.)


2 Responses to “More Star Wars Weekends Merch”

  1. Stefan Kraft Says:

    This Donald Darth Maul is amazing!

    By the way, Disney Italia created a series of space adventure stories in the 1990s. They were (or at least the second story was) a hommage/parody of Star Wars. Unfortunately, the stories seem to never have been released in the UK or the States. I can only provide some information (mostly) in German:–_Die_geheime_Garnison
    Articles in inducks (yes, there’s a whole website indexing almost every Disney comic story)

    It should be noted that the adversaries are robots and that the last installment of the series was named “Invasion of the Replicants” – and that in 1996. Nice coincidence. (And Goofy – and not Mickey – is one of the “Lords of the Galaxy” = Jedi Master like figure. And let’s not talk about Goofy’s cousin Arizona Goof. 😉 )

  2. Eddie Says:

    Though I’ve tried to avoid the pull of Duck Maul, I can’t say no to him anymore! Curse him and his Sith magicks.

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