AOTC’s 10th Fest Coming Soon!

AOTC’s 10th anniversary is creeping up on us like cheap underwear!

As I’ve already announced, the theme/focus of Star Wars Prequel Appreciation Day 2012 (5/16/12) will be AOTC. Start thinking of your memories from 2002!

Besides that, 2012 marks the 10th anniversary of Star Wars Celebration II, which is the very first Celebration I attended. Next week, I’ll post my epic road trip to Indianapolis, a journey of rain, Walmart stops, lost keys, wrong motel rooms, LOOOONG lines, slow service, and drooling over Hayden Christensen.

I’ll also post other fun stuff: videos, interviews, t.v. ads, etc..


2 Responses to “AOTC’s 10th Fest Coming Soon!”

  1. Eddie Says:

    Can’t wait!

  2. Paul F. McDonald Says:

    Ah, Celebration. Wish I could have beeb there. A shame I’ve never been to one. August should be changing that. At any rate, I look very forward to hearing about your adventures!

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