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Eddie at The Phantom Menace: The Holiday has a great response to a post on about self-hating fans making genre entertainment worse. Given how often i09 and its readers do everything that article listed, I posted on Eddie’s Facebook that the article should have been called, “I, The Pot, Am Calling The Kettle Black.”

Amy Geek has a great post on Asajj Ventress’s evolution as a character on Clone Wars.

And in a general sense, I’m sure you’ll enjoy Paul McDonald’s latest piece, “Lucas The Sell Out.”

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5 Responses to “Thoughtful Reading”

  1. Eddie Says:

    Thanks very much, LP. For all their highfalutin posturing about how fans should or shouldn’t act, it’s readily apparent that io9’s posting policy in regards to Star Wars is to get as many page views as possible–and to pander to their hipster-geek readership, that means a steady stream of cutesy OT content served up with a side of bitter Prequel-bashing. They recently ran some “worst sci-fi movies ever” tournament, and I knew before clicking on it that TPM would be there….sooooo predictable.

    The Asajj post is good, I’m really eager to see where they go with her character in Season 5 (and beyond). It’s been years since I read the Dark Horse comics set during the Clone Wars, and I wonder if they’ll give her as much of an open-ended fate on TCW.

    Paul’s piece is great, I’ve thought the same things myself in regards to the idiotic charge that GL is a “sell-out”. In addition to all the other reasons half-fans and hateboys despise him, so much of the bile directed at him is simple jealousy: he’s had massive success, and pretty much doesn’t have to answer to anybody…who doesn’t want that kind of life? I doubt there would be quite as much disdain for GL if he worked within the Hollywood establishment, and it’s easier for people who don’t understand how “un-Hollywood” he is to just label him a “sell-out”.

  2. neonspaceman Says:

    That kind of pot vs. kettle behavior happens ALL THE TIME with high-traffic geek/hipster sites. Fan the flames for page hits, put out some hypocritical pseudo-rational editorial, then back to flame-fanning.

    It’s not just Star Wars, but just about every single thing that inspires uncontrolled nerd passion/rage. Just look at how gaming sites (and especially io9’s Gawker stablemate Kotaku) handle the issue of sexism.

  3. Paul F. McDonald Says:

    Thank you, as well, LP. I really enjoyed both of those.

    I, like most people, am anxious to see what they do with Asajj. I just hope they pick up next season where they left off this one, and we don’t have to wait a year or something to see what happens with Savage and Asajj and all the other alliterative names. As always, I will have to side with the Forcecast. This show does need momentum and continuity. That would make it about perfect. I mean, I’m still waiting on seeing what happened when the Council found out about the whole Umbara travesty. Assuming they did. See? I don’t know what happened.

    Eddie is very much in my head. At this point, I don’t find prequel hating intolerable though so much as simply boring. I mean, here we are, providing great new, fresh, witty, original, sometimes heretical, content, and the haters are the proverbial broken record. Zzzzzz is pretty much the only response I can muster these days. I just start to nod off but it’s not like I’m missing anything. Lucas is surrounded by Yes-Men, Midichlorians are the Force, Jar Jar Sux …. see, I nearly nodded off again. Never been to i09, and don’t really plan to now.

  4. tatooinesand Says:

    I loved both Eddie’s and Paul McDonald’s posts. It’s really great to read something that is similar to my own thoughts but much more informative, coherent and well-written than anything I could produce. 🙂

    Thanks for the link to the post about Asajj. 🙂 She’s an interesting character.

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