IGN Interview

IGN posted an extensive interview with Dave Filoni, looking back at Season 4 and discussing a bit about Season 5. Most of it is pretty interesting, though I am not at all mollified by his side of the whole Simon Pegg thing.


5 Responses to “IGN Interview”

  1. M. Marshall Says:

    Skimmed the interview to the part about Simon Pegg (an actor I’ve never even heard of until I researched him on wikipedia) and yeah, I have to agree with you-I don’t think Filoni has read any of Pegg’s tweets. He may be a passionate fan, but he’s a very mean man who is too fixated on his unhealthy hatred of the prequels instead of his love for Star Wars. How many times a day can you tweet how much you hated episodes 1-3? Life’s too short for such griping. I even wonder if he’s even seen any episodes of Star Trek. What are his thoughts on that franchise? Does he like one series (TOS, TNG, DS9 or VOY) over the others?

  2. Chyna nitollano Says:

    Will padme be pregnet in this season
    If she is I hope she won’t end up dead again
    Like the movie she is one of my favorites
    And anakin I hope he will like join the dark
    Side but the padme,ahsoka,and obiwan
    Have a epic fight and bring him back to the

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