Ashley Eckstein Dressed Up As Ahsoka

In a piece about cosplaying for’s Geek Out column, Ashley Eckstein sat through four hours of makeup and put on a costume to look like her Clone Wars alter ego. Check out the article for photos! She looks great!


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6 Responses to “Ashley Eckstein Dressed Up As Ahsoka”

  1. Eddie Says:

    This is a great balance to the sourness associated with CW last week; I love it when the actors have actual affection for their roles. Now that AE and JAT have posted photos of themselves in their character’s costumes, where’s Matt Lanter’s Anakin to round out the trio?

    • taffysaur Says:

      wow, where’s jat as obi-wan?

      omg she dressed up as the karate kid for her school photos!
      too cute!

  2. Mike S Says:

    Simply put – that is amazing!

  3. Adam D. Bram Says:

    I’ve only seen pictures of the “realistic” Ashoka action figure coming out as part of the Vintage series later this year, but I hope it’s based on this (O.T. but the Jar Jar from that series is something I can’t WAIT for).

  4. Eddie Says:

    here you go, taffy:

    • taffysaur Says:

      that is… amazing. great costume.
      voice actors who will cosplay as their own characters = *thumbs up*

      oh, wow. a realistic ahsoka figure is a really cool idea. i could put her next to my ep. iii anakin.

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