Prequel fans got a very shocking and unwelcome surprise today when Dave Filoni announced that Simon Pegg was going to have a cameo in this week’s episode of Clone Wars, playing action figure favorite Dengar. Of course they waited until Wednesday to spring this because they likely knew it would be controversial. Yeah, you think? Pegg is perhaps the world’s most famous basher, a guy who frequently and publicly slags George Lucas and especially the prequel films, yet he is always given the royal treatment by Lucasfilm and held out as some kind of “true fan.” In spite of posting on Twitter just a couple of months ago, “Enjoyed Hugo, despite almost being ruined by Phantom Menace 3D trailer. Come and revisit the most disappointing 2 hours of your life, in 3D!” and in spite of saying the Blu-Rays were just a money grab by Lucas, he cheerfully grabbed the money FROM Lucas to appear on a show based on the prequel films. When Filoni got some complaints, he dug in on both Twitter and Facebook, saying he was happy to have Pegg on the show.

It’s obvious Pegg himself has no integrity, wanting to be in the middle of whatever’s going on in Star Wars or Star Trek, depending on the fashion of the moment. He pays lip service to whatever fanboy nation wants to hear, like his blather about how Trek “won the war” against Star Wars because it had more integrity right before the first JJ Abrams Trek film came out and said that he might have eliminated any chance of ever doing anything with Star Wars again. Hah! It seems like the more he trashes Star Wars, the more Lucasfilm tries to kiss his butt. If he ran Lucas over with a car, they might make him president of the company. Even if Pegg asked them instead of the other way around, they still said, “Yes.”

But as a prequel fan and as someone who, like many of you guys, has known what it felt like to get cyber-jumped or to cringe as the movies we love are yet again savaged somewhere, it really does feel like a betrayal by Filoni and whoever else at Lucasfilm who thought this was a good idea. Either they’re tone deaf as to what’s going on in fandom or they don’t care. It’s not as though Pegg has backtracked or apologized for anything he’s said. It’s people like Pegg who have kept the hate party going these last 15 years and made things harder for fans as well as for some of the people who have worked on these films. Bear in mind, Pegg isn’t some random hateboy on a message board or just some dude on hawking his own cut of ANH. This guy is a celebrity and whatever he says gets circulated in the press. He’s a one-man anti-prequel PR machine and he gets rewarded for it! Meanwhile, you and I get treated like Sean Young at an Oscar party.

What’s next, Clone Wars crew? Bringing in fellow prequel hater Patton Oswalt for another episode? How about inviting the Red Letter Media guy to guest direct?

Hell, just invite them all to Celebration and make them grand marshals of the parade.

What makes it especially galling is how Pegg is always held out as some kind of real passionate Star Wars fan and that is often used to justify his bashing. It goes back to what I’ve said over and over again. The attitude at Lucasfilm and in Star Wars fandom is that a REAL fan only has to like Eps IV-VI; in fact the TRUE fans don’t like the prequels. If you’re passionate about the prequels and don’t want to see them trashed, then you’re not treated or regarded very well. A guy on Facebook (not on the SWPAS FB) had posted that if you had a problem with Pegg on Clone Wars, then you should let a car run over your head and die. The posts on announcing today’s news had more fun posts from people with screen names like “Lucas Is Worse Than Hitler” who called for Lucas’s execution. See, not even putting Simon Pegg in Clone Wars is enough to appease these jerks.

But appease them is what they do while the rest of us are just chumps they take for granted. I feel like Adele after getting dumped. Now I have no desire at all to see Friday’s episode (it looks like bounty hunter fanservice anyway) and they’re lucky if I tune in the rest of the season or next for that matter. Not going to any panels this summer either. They’ve lost their goodwill with me and it will be a long-time coming to get it back. I don’t care if Pegg’s vocal skills amount to 30 seconds’ time playing an overrated background character. It’s the principle.

Some commenters on TFN have said this just shows that Filoni and Lucas are above the fray and have class. Oh yeah? Here’s what Pegg had to say to an unhappy fan today on Twitter:



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22 Responses to “Betrayal”

  1. Mike Says:

    This is just stunt casting for publicity, pure and simple. There are so many talented voice artists working on the Clone Wars, and there are so many other talented artists out there trying to make a living, it’s really depressing that they went after this opinionated blow-hard.

    I too am very upset, but I’m going to give Filoni and company a pass on this because it’s the Clone Wars first major misstep. I’m not counting the prequel bashing on, I just mean the Clone Wars hadn’t mucked up this badly before. Everybody gets one.

  2. Tim Says:

    I never liked Filoni anyway

  3. JR Says:

    Honestly, I think Lucasfilm comes off looking pretty good. After all of his comments, they still very graciously offered Pegg a guest spot on the Clone Wars cartoon. It also makes him a hypocrite, so Lucasfilm manages to sting him a bit as well.

    Besides, refusing to hire someone based on what they think of the prequels strikes me as fairly silly, especially for a company as large as Lucasfilm. Pegg’s proven to be a talented actor and I’m sure he’lll turn in a fine performance as Dengar.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      It would be nice if that “graciousness” extended to those who appreciate Lucas instead of to just people who up until very recently tear him down and his work. Pegg HATES the prequels and thinks those of us who like them are fools. Of all of the billions of people on the planet, why reward him for publicly saying over and over how much they suck?

      Have you also forgotten that the Clone Wars is BASED ON THE PREQUELS?? And as for talent, whatever. You tell me, what does it take to get on Lucasfilm’s persona non grata list? Hell, they owe David Prowse an apology if you ask me.

    • Stefan Kraft Says:

      (lazypadawan, feel free to remove parts of this comment or the entire comment. I am only expressing my opinion here and certainly do not want to ruin anyone’s good time.)

      Already posted on facebook: I can see why you’re upset, and I respect that. I rather share JR’s point of view, but that’s just me. I can understand your reaction because I can imagine all the bashing you probably have borne. We should just be careful not to overreact. I have read some comments saying that the prequel supporters now have become fanboys themselves… I do not want to judge whether that’s justified or not, I can see why some think so, but still…
      And yes, they should rather apologize to David Prowse if they have no problem in inviting Pegg to The Clone Wars. And yes, couldn’t they just have chosen another actor that may not agree with the prequels, but has at least expressed his opinion decently? Or they should have offered the role of Dengar to Pegg only if he dubs a Gungan, too…

      • Stefan Kraft Says:

        Sorry, I thought my comment would await moderation before being published! I am sorry if anyone feels offended.

  4. Hank Says:

    Here’s the problem. It’s not like Pegg is going to have a sudden conversion and start praising anything about the prequels even though he’s now A PART OF THEM. He’s going to be the same wanker he’s been because his shtick is just about fanboy street cred. So whatever “graciousness” Lucas and Filoni are showing toward Pegg is going to bite them in the ass because Pegg can’t help BEING an ass. I still think highly of Filoni, but this was a unforced error.

  5. Bob Clark Says:

    This all might sting a little more to me if I gave half a damn about Pegg’s work, but I don’t. I haven’t seen “Spaced”, and based on what I’ve heard about it and what I’ve seen in his other collaborations with Edgar Wright, I’m not about to. I recall seeing him in an episode of “Doctor Who”, and the only impression he made there was that of an insufferable fool who deserved the rich and greusome comeuppance everyone who faces the Doctor recieves. Besides that, I mainly know of him as the single most annoying addition to both the “Mission: Impossible” and “Star Trek” franchises, which is saying something for a pair of film series that have seen fit to overwrite the best parts of their continuity (I grew up with TNG) and turned all-American hero Jim Phelps into the biggest traitor since Benedict Arnold (talk about adding insult to injury for the fanbase– my father still refuses to watch the first M:I movie). So really, I could care less.

    I would like to know why they haven’t reached out to more Prequel-supportive fanboy icons out there, in the past. I’d rather hear a character voiced by the likes of, say, Kevin Smith than Pegg, anyway.

  6. Tim G Says:

    As much as I love this site and the way it supports the prequels, as well as agreeing that Simon Pegg shouldn’t have been cast, you shouldn’t let this one decision to cast Pegg ruin you love for the series, where you don’t want to watch it anymore. Sure it bugs me that this prequel hater is now involved with Star Wars, but I love the franchise and this series so much, that it would take a lot more than stuff like this, and alterations to the films to keep me from watching these great stories.

    I hope you can get past this and continue to enjoy this series, despite this so called “fan” doing the voice of Dengar. Hopefully it’s just for one episode.

  7. PrincePfNaboo Says:

    I can’t believe it. It became quite clear to me a long time ago that the Lucasfilm people are pretty much OT-only-Faboys, so they are no surprise.
    But I can’t believe Katie Lucas accepted this, she is a writer on TCW. I mean, she is aware of the hatred towards her father people like Pegg supported and kept alive.

    It’s real betrayal. You know, people who watch Clone Wars and likely enjoyed the prequels kept and keep Star Wars and their Lucasfilm jobs alive and now Lucasfilm pays for someone who treats them like idiots.
    To be honest, I don’t really watch Clone Wars and I cetainly won’t now. Count on the haters, Lucasfilm.

  8. TPF1138 Says:

    Betrayal seems a bit Harsh. While I’m constantly baffled by Lucasfilm’s essential self-abuse, I don’t actually feel affronted by this.

    Whatever, you know.

  9. tatooinesand Says:

    This Pegg is a hypocrite of the worst, annoying kind. Sadly such people are not rare, it seems.

    What you have told is baffling and disappointing, though I’m not going to bash The Clone Wars because of this.

  10. Eddie Says:

    If you swap out the concept of “fan” with “friend”, and you had one friend who was loyal to you 100% of the time through thick and thin, and another who was loyal to you only 50% of the time, and spent the other half of their time badmouthing you—would you be an idiot to reward the friend who badmouths you half the time while ignoring the feelings of your 100% loyal friend? Of course. I would also see that as a “betrayal” of your loyal friend in favor of somebody who doesn’t deserve it.

  11. Paul F. McDonald Says:

    T was fun seeing Simon’s character in Doctor Who die, I admit. Sad to say, is this even that surprising? Pegg is on the blu-ray special features, he gets paraded around on the official site all the time … Someone at Lucasfilm is clearly in love with the guy. It’s just bizarre. Taking a role in the prequel era at all does make him seem even more of an ass and a hypocrite. Still, he’s certainly not ruining the CW for me by a long shot. As for Filoni, at least we know he does love the prequels. He was cosplaying as Plo Koon before he was even affliated with the CW. And I’ve heard him on the FC enough to know he is a diehard Lucasfilm fan. “Lucas is worse than Hitler” is a screen name? Let’s do ourselves a favor and stop worrying about these idiots. They’re INSANE.

  12. Adam D. Bram Says:

    It’s very unfortunate because I am a fan of Pegg’s work (that of it I’ve seen, anyway). I’ve never heard him make any of these prequel-bashing comments, though I did find sources after hearing about them here.

    It does seem kind of strange to go and work for people you claim not to like, but whatever. As much as I don’t condone the prequel-bashing and especially the way its done, Pegg’s still not crossed over into Mel Gibson territory yet, so I’ll continue to enjoy his work until he does (same for Patton).

  13. Mike S Says:

    I’m not happy about it, I think it’s an inequitable act by Lucasfilm to have rewarded Pegg in this way, but the horse has already bolted and there’s nothing we can do about it. No one’s going to listen or care.

    Someone at another site suggested that LFL did this intentionally, in an effort to curb any future prequel trash-talking from Pegg.

  14. lgghanem Says:

    I agree with most of what was said. I don’t like the way Lucasfilm have handled the prequel hate; they never directly addressed it and always pretended that everything was dandy when the fandom is greatly damaged. Instead of being grateful for those of us who have stuck by Lucas against the largest bandwagon in recent memory, they choose to appease any prequel haters that haven’t jumped ship yet and take prequel fans for granted, by doing things like this. I don’t mind references to the Original Trilogy in the episodes themselves (Star Wars is a complete saga after all), but rewarding a prequel basher in a prequel-era show is a slap in the face to the audience. But I can’t begrudge them this strategy because from a business perspective it unfortunately makes sense.
    That said, I won’t skip the episode (for all we know, Pegg could actually do a good job, from a purely voice-acting perspective of course), and I certainly won’t stop watching what has otherwise been a great show; I don’t want to denounce The Clone Wars the same way prequel haters denounced Star Wars when they saw Jar Jar and probably felt the way we feel now.

  15. ladylavinia1932 Says:

    I have to be honest. I don’t really follow “THE CLONE WARS”. It has always struck me as some kind of attempt to turn the Prequel Trilogy into the same style as the Original Trilogy. Now, I’m not saying that I hate the OT. I don’t. I love it. But I never saw how the Clone Wars (except for the beginning and end) was essential to the saga’s narrative.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is I guess I don’t care whether Pegg appears in “THE CLONE WARS”. I don’t love the series enough to care. I’m more than happy with the movies.

  16. taffysaur Says:

    hahaha, ‘sean young at an oscar party’.

    i love this place. =0)

    still love patton + simon, too. i just wish they’d use their heads before they open their mouths sometimes (okieday, often).

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