Second Obligatory SWPAS Housekeeping Post

The great thing about SWPAS when it first started was that it was very low maintenance, though hardly anyone knew it existed ;).

It’s flattering more people are interested in SWPAS and are participating. But with that there are going to be more issues and issues have flared up at least a couple of times this month.

I started SWPAS because I wanted to help the Star Wars prequels. I wanted to do that because I’ve always been about helping the saga overall. I wanted a place for likeminded people to gather and have it be something different from the cauldron of ugly I’ve found just about everywhere Star Wars is discussed. There’s a reason why I no longer associate with fan groups in real life; I’m sick of being on the defensive even among other “fans.” Especially among other fans.

So please understand I don’t want to be on the defensive about the prequels, the people associated with them, or Star Wars itself here.

Things got a little heated in an exchange with a commenter last night and let me just say, I did not mean to hurt anyone’s feelings and I apologize if I did. Sometimes, after a long stressful day I don’t handle things the best way.

That said, I think that in order to keep things low maintenance, I’m going to have to draw up some explicit rules for posting here, posting on the Facebook page, and for submissions so that we’re all on the same page and everyone understands what the expectations are for this site. I’ll let you know when they’re done.


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