The Batmobile Lost Its Wheel

And Jar Jar Binks got away…

TPM leapt past “The Dark Knight” on the global box office list this weekend. The 3D re-release has pulled in $85 million worldwide thus far.


6 Responses to “The Batmobile Lost Its Wheel”

  1. Jeff Bradley Says:

    Yipee! That’s wizard!

  2. Stefan Kraft Says:

    Hmmm… Can you be a Batman and SW fan at the same time? (Of course you can! The more success for any of my favorite film series, the better! And not to forget: Mark Hamill – one man in two worlds – three if I count “The Last Airbender”. 😉 )

  3. Paul F. McDonald Says:

    Kitster would be so proud.

  4. Domien De Groot Says:

    I personally always use TDK as a counter-argument when people complain about Anakin’s fall in Revenge of the Sith. I point out how poorly Two-Face’s downfall is handled in that movie to show that the “brilliant and perfect” TDK is actually much more flawed in this respect than the Star Wars prequels. Not that I don’t like the movie, I think it’s good, but it’s ridiculously, amazingly overrated if you ask me, whereas the Star Wars prequels are horribly underrated.

    I really loved Batman Begins, by the way. That one was pretty much perfect to me. Not The Dark Knight.

    • Stefan Kraft Says:

      I did not have any (major) problems with Two-Face’s downfall; influenced by a revue, I thought “well, he’s gone crazy,” and that was it. Interesting though that I prefer Batman Begins, too. (And we should stop this discussion now, it’s not “Batman Appreciation Society”. 😉 )

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