New Swag From The Shoppe

Introducing my first t-shirts:



And a new button for Star Wars Prequel Appreciation Day:

Visit the Shoppe here.


10 Responses to “New Swag From The Shoppe”

  1. Ted Says:

    Awesome! Can’t wait to see people walking around Celebration VI wearing this one!

  2. Eddie Says:

    Those are great, the shirt especially—it just rises above the fray and shrugs at the teeth-gnashers! I can’t help but look at the button and hear Morrissey warbling that…

  3. Carl Says:

    Love the button, but as a strict defender of film preservation, can’t get on board with the shirt. Just me, though.

    The point of it is there’s no controversy with who shot who first in the prequel trilogy, though I’m not really bothered with the changes made in Eps IV-VI either.

    • Carl Says:

      Ohhh, I see. That makes more sense.

      I dropped the rest of your comments because this is not the place to complain about Lucas and his changes. Again, this is NOT a fanboy soapbox, this is for appreciating the prequels and moreover, it’s off-topic.

  4. buick runner Says:

    In the original cut, before the dubbing, Greedo doesn’t shoot or even plans to shoot Han. He was just going to take Han to see Jabba, but Han shot him in cold blood in the rough cut. Of course with the dubbing and subtitles they changed Greedos lines to indicate he was going to shoot Han. That scene has been changed many times, even before the film was released. I really like the shirts and button.

    • Bob Clark Says:

      Does Greedo point a gun at Han at all in the rough cut? Because that alone would make Han’s shooting him an act of self defense. Another reason this whole controversy is nothing but a tempest in a sake cup.

      • taffysaur Says:

        in the script greedo greets han w/a blaster poked in his chest, just like the movie. + han was the only one who shot. it’s clear greedo intends to kill him tho i think, when han says jabba will take the falcon ‘over my dead body’, + greedo says ‘that’s the idea’.
        i *always* read it as self-defense, even when i was little + it was only han who shot. so it makes very little difference i think. it certainly doesn’t ‘fundamentally alter his character arc’ or any such nonsense.

  5. Domien De Groot Says:

    Why does it look from here like the T-shirts have LOTR-style letters on them? I guess it works as a T-shirt for LOTR fans too 🙂

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