What You Wanted To Know About Padmé But Was Afraid To Ask

The Gungan Council’s Bombad Radio conducted a pretty informative interview with Clone Wars’ Catherine Taber. Here she talks quite a bit about Padmé:

And you cannot forget, that she is very often sent on “missions of diplomacy” or in the “wrong place and the wrong time” precisely because her moves are being manipulated and orchestrated by Palpatine. He is using her, and is very often entirely responsible for where she is and the danger she encounters. This is a hugely important plot point of the Star Wars saga, Palpatine using Padme to influence Anakin. Palpatine also knows Anakin is the one area where Padme is vulnerable, the one factor that can cause her to loose her usually cool head.

Read the whole thing!

Meanwhile, Club Jade has another interview with Taber, where she talks a little bit more on her KOTOR work and other SW stuff.



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