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Could This Be The Problem With The TPM Trailer?

October 22, 2011

“Captain Typho” on the TFN message boards apparently works in a movie theater and had mentioned Deluxe was the company that sent out the batch of trailers (including TPM’s), called a “trail mix:”

This was the first time EVER that Deluxe released a trail mix. They just got into the trailer business this week. Deluxe’s trail mix drive had the 20th Fox and the Warner Bros trailers on it while Technicolor’s Trail Mix drive had everything else. We received the technicolor drive on Wednesday and I was very disappointed it was not on there, but then we actually got a phone call that day from Deluxe saying to expect their trail mix on Thursday. I know it’s cutting it real close but the drive did show up Thursday as promised and we ingested the trailer. Check around your theatre and see if you have a grey box laying around that says trailers on it. Might have overlooked it.

“Link1130” also works in a movie theater and said his/her theater never got the trailer in 3D from Deluxe:

We got the Trail Mix that said it was supposed to be on there, but for some reason it instead had another digital copy of The Three Musketeers. Hearing that a lot of theatres aren’t playing the trailer leads me to believe that this wasn’t an isolated incident.

So what we have here is a company that just got into the business and of course, screwed up. If theaters got the trailers on Thursday, they may not have had time or the inclination to get them set up by Friday. Deluxe apparently did not send every theater the trailer either, by mistake.


Hallmark And The Enthusiasm Gap

October 21, 2011

Okay, we know that Hallmark has made ornaments from all of the movies but I had been disappointed in its home/office knicknack line and a lot of its recent cards because they seem to pretend Eps I-III don’t exist outside of The Clone Wars.

This little statement from an interview with a guy from Hallmark hones in on EXACTLY what I’ve suspected:

I know you’re a fan of Star Wars, are there any Hallmark pieces that you’d like to see made in the future, and do you have a personal favorite?

That’s a hard question because there are very few things I don’t love and gravitate towards in the Star Wars Saga, well at least in the Original Trilogy.


This is the kind of thing we’re up against.

TPM Trailer Botch And The Enthusiasm Gap

October 21, 2011

Today, I went out on my lunch break to a nice 15-screen multiplex near where I work to catch the TPM trailer with “The Three Musketeers.” There was no way I was going to be able to see the whole movie, but I planned on hanging around for at least half of it. It was a mistake I’ll never make again. I sprung for the 3D showing because part of the reason why I wanted to see the trailer with this film is to get an idea of how the 3D looks. I go in, sit through about four or five trailers and that was it. No TPM. It ticked me off so much, I left right then.

Then I saw on TFN one guy who said he had to go to THREE theaters before he finally got to see the trailer. Another guy on Facebook said they didn’t show the trailer with his showing of “The Three Musketeers” either.

Not good.

Movie tickets in 2011 are expensive, especially when you see a 3D showing. $10.25 for a matinee is a steep price to pay for disappointment. My advice is to 1) check with the theater before you buy a ticket and 2) insist on a refund if they don’t show the trailer after you’ve been told they have it. The trailer might be shown with some of the big films between now and the end of the year but I don’t go to the movies very often and catching the trailer with anything is going to be very hit and miss. I’m worried that not many prints went out or that not many theaters want to show it.

Worse yet, there wasn’t really a big rollout on No reminders the trailer’s out, no online version (though obviously we’d rather see it in 3D), no nuthin’. Just another day. They’re more excited pimping books or Simon Pegg’s latest movie than what really butters the bread.

I’ve said it before…if they don’t put their hearts into this, then they shouldn’t bother. So far, on the first big day of promoting TPM’s re-release, I’m not impressed or encouraged. If Lucasfilm isn’t excited about this, why should anyone else be?

Early Trailer Reax

October 20, 2011

A few lucky folks have seen the TPM 3D trailer! At the moment details are sparse, but I’ll keep updating. Here are the first couple of quotes seen on TFN’s Jedi Council message boards:

jedimaster chris: “My friend has seen the trailer, his text message about it read that the trailer starts out with Darth Vader breathing and a small picture talking about Star Wars being one of the greatest epics of all time.

Then they say “But there is a whole new way to experience it!”

And then BAM!! Scenes from TPM, obviously footage we’ve seen, but he did mention Podracers and Darth Maul’s Entrance with the double bladed lightsaber.

He says also that they really put some effort in to make it look really 3D.

Can’t wait to see it!!!!!

Edit: Those were the only details I could get, I don’t know if it is word for word accurate, but pretty close.”

GreenGreatWarrior: “A few flatmates went to see Three Musketeers today and saw the trailer. They’re not big Star Wars fans, but they said it looked awesome.”

Captain Typho: “Ok, I saw it about 7-8 times today so I will try to recall in a nutshell as much as I can of the trailer. This description will be missing a lot and the shots and images are out of order but here is what I can remember:

20th Fox logo

Lucasfilm logo

A small tiny screen with Star Wars footage appears on the screen, similar to what they did with the Special Editions. Dual of the Fates music plays. A clip of Luke Skywalker walking out of Moisture Farm dome to look at the suns. Clone Troopers at the end of AOTC. Han and Leia kissing in the Falcon. Yoda igniting his lightsaber from ROTS. This is all in 2D as the following voiceover plays

voiceover: “The greatest saga of all time returns to theaters… 3D!!!!!!!!!” Then the 3D begins and here are some of the scenes and dialogue I can remember but not necessarily in the order they appear in the trailer.

Anakin’s Pod chases down the other pods.

The Queen’s starship flies through space and heads through Coruscant.

Darth Maul igniting his double bladed saber. Darth Maul on Coruscant with Palpatine “At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi. At last we will have Revenge”

“You refer to the prophecy of the one who can bring balance to the force. You believe it’s this boy?”

Captain Tarpals on his Kaadu: “Fire” A big blue ball rolls down the hill into one of the tanks.

The Gungan sub leaves Otah Gunga. The Gungan Sub is attacked by the Opee Sea Kiler which is then attacked by the Sando Aqua Monster.

A shot of Queen Amidala in her trademark Red Robes from the start of the movie “I will not condone a course of action that will lead us to war”

The door to the Theed hanger opens up and Amidala and the Jedi come out fighting.

A shot of Qui Gon saying something but I can’t remember. I think it was “The force is unusually strong with him.”

Anakin in his Naboo Starfighter and ships flying around during that sequence.

R2D2 sliding down the top of the ship to fix the ship’s shield generator.

C3PO in Anakin’s hovel: “Oh my”

The last shot is of the Trade Federation control ship blowing up followed by that shot with the 3 battle droids running at the screen with the fire coming behind them and it bursts onto the screen in 3D before the last title card, which says Episode 1 in 3D February 10th.

What I can tell you is this. There was not one image of Jar Jar in a single frame of the trailer and the trailer featured Darth Maul and the Sith heavily. Very interesting marketing strategy from Lucasfilm……

Also, the fact that they mention the entire saga while showing clips from the entire saga suggests to me that they will all be re-released in 3D.”

Note: One person has noted that his 3D showing of “Three Musketeers” did NOT run the trailer and “Captain Typho,” who works at a theater, decided to run a 2D version with “Paranormal Activity 3.”

TPM Trailer Memories 1998

October 20, 2011

The earliest showings of the TPM 3D trailer is tonight for screens showing “The Three Musketeers” at midnight. I figure what better time than now to look back on that crazy day in November, 1998 when the Mother Of All Trailers debuted.

As a prelude, I have to note that the first time I’ve ever paid to see a movie just for the trailer was in November 1996 with “Space Jam.” Why? Because that was the first film to debut the Star Wars Special Editions trailer. Yes, I paid cash money to see Michael Jordan interact with Warner Bros. cartoon characters for that specific purpose. Moreover, I figured out when all of the auditoriums showing “Space Jam” was going to start within the timeframe I was there to see the movie. So when Screen #2’s showing of “Space Jam” started, I got up, went into that auditorium, and saw it again.

Of course when word got out that certain movies in certain towns were showing the TPM trailer, my plans went into motion again. You see, the TPM trailer didn’t go into wide release the first day. It was only at one theater showing one of two films (“Meet Joe Black” and “The Waterboy”) in a handful of major cities. That’s why people overloaded the much-weaker internets trying to download it and why everything from HGTV to MTV to the Spice channel was showing it ad infinitum. But those of us who ventured out on that day saw it first.

As a resident of Northern Virginia, I had two choices. I could either go into downtown D.C. and see the trailer with the 3-hour Brad Pitt epic “Meet Joe Black” at the Uptown theater or drive to an AMC multiplex outside of Baltimore, MD to see it with the Adam Sandler flick “The Waterboy.” To ensure people don’t flee after seeing the trailer before the film, Fox tacked it on at the beginning and at the end of each print with the trailer. I did not want to suffer through “Meet Joe Black” for three hours. I figured I could within the same timeframe drive to White Marsh, see all of the hour-and-a-half “The Waterboy” and drive home before traffic. I still stand by my decision. After all, gas was less than two bucks a gallon.

Thanks to crummy Mapquest directions, I initially got lost on the way to the theater and was saved by a helpful K-Mart employee. I got to the multiplex across from White Marsh Mall, bought my ticket, and found I had time to spare. I poked around some stores and nervously ate a hot dog for lunch. Before the film started, I was in an auditorium with other guilty-looking people who were obviously there for the same reason. It wasn’t all that full but there were way more people than would likely be there on a weekday to see a movie that had been out for a few weeks.

Let me tell you, I was more nervous waiting for this thing than I was waiting to take the bar exam. Talk about nerve-wracking. When the lights dimmed, the tension in the room ratcheted up. With each new green screen prior to each trailer, everyone leaned forward and held their breath. Finally we saw the 20th Century Fox logo. Could it be…? Then the Lucasfilm logo! Hold on! This is it!

It was quite a moment and it flew by fast. Which is why everyone stuck it out with “The Waterboy” (which was funny in a dumb sort of way) to see it a second time. I’ll never forget this guy talking to his secretary on his cell phone during the “The Waterboy”’s closing credits, then suddenly saying, “I have to go” when the Fox logo re-appeared. Those were the days!

So here we go again tomorrow. We know what’s in the film but it’s still exciting to see Star Wars return to the big screen.

Mo’ Maul

October 18, 2011

The ever-popular Sith Lord will be memorialized as a Legendary Scale Figure from Sideshow. Pre-orders begin on Thursday and it costs a cool two grand.

The upcoming and considerably cheaper Darth Plagueis novel’s back cover was revealed the other day at New York Comic Con and it looks like Maul will be featured in the book too. Makes sense if Maul turns out to be Sidious’s first apprentice after he plugs Plagueis. I cannot wait to read this book!

TPM 3D International Posters

October 18, 2011 has posted international versions of its TPM 3D posters. Just click on the image for the slideshow.

There’s nothing different about the images but it does reveal that this is going to be a global release and the lucky foreign nations thus far are Mexico, Thailand, and wherever else they speak English outside of the U.S..

Clone Wars Season Three Out Today

October 18, 2011

Clone Wars Season Three DVDs/Blu-Rays arrive in stores or on your doorstep today!

Clone Wars Debriefing: Nomad Droids

October 15, 2011

Artoo and Threepio star in a second episode loosely connected to last week’s “Mercy Mission.” After their adventures, General Grievous attacks their Republic ship in a scene reminiscent of ANH. Artoo and Threepio escape not in a pod but in a fighter, which begins their 22-minute strange trip where they encounter Lilliputian-type aliens, pit droids manipulating the planet’s population a la “The Wizard of Oz,” space pirates, General Grievous again, and back to Republic forces.

There’s no galaxy-changing deep plot per se but the droids carry out their role as holy fool, inadvertently creating chaos and destruction wherever they go. Artoo accidentally squishes the Lilliputians’ leader, much to the delight of the oppressed subjects. Threepio gives them a crash course in democracy which naturally sets the little people against each other and the droids escape as they quarrel. Artoo exposes the pit droids’ ruse, which results in big explosions. (I kept saying, “Hit them on the nose!”)

The attack on the pirate ship and the subsequent attack on Grievous’s ship were a bit of deus ex machina but in this instance, that’s okay. The droids have always just blundered through whatever was happening around them, sometimes affecting things without meaning to and sometimes having things just happen to them because that’s the kind of luck they have.

For such a light-hearted episode there’s a lot of death. Whoever wrote it has a pretty morbid sense of humor because most of these deaths are played successfully for laughs: the squishing of the Lilliputian leader, the fiery explosions, the droids destroyed in the pirates’ gladiator matches, the pirates getting sucked out into space, the droids getting smelted on the Separtists’ ships, etc.. There seems to be the protective hand of the Force over Artoo and Threepio, that’s for sure.

There is the genuine warmth and affection between the two droids despite their bickering. This is on display in a poignant scene as both Artoo and Threepio run out of juice and shut down.

Commander Wolffe re-appears at the very end for a hilarious “reunion” and Threepio is more than happy to share his new set of adventures with the unhappy clone.

Next week: I guess Lucasfilm wants you out watching “The Three Musketeers” next weekend, because the next clone-filled episode is in two weeks.

Fan Quote Of The Day

October 14, 2011

From “Jedi Jones” on Facebook:

Okay with the new poster for Ep. 1 3D out, I’ve got a few things to say. First of all let me start by saying I could not be happier about this. See when Ep. 1 orginally came out, I saw it with a teacher friend of mine when I was still in high school, and he passed away shortly after its release, so he never got to see Ep. 2 and 3, yes a very Fanboys type of emotion. So to have Ep. 1 back, brings back personally for me, memories of my teacher friend. Second thing is that, look at this release as a intro to the kids today to Star Wars, that’s what it’s about, and as (the) old school generation (tries) to take away from that, even through not all of us are doing so, to take away from the experience, by exposing hate vibes, that these kids do pick up on, would be a crime. As a hardcore fan myself, I cannot let that stand. This fact was brought to a sharp fine definition, in my whirlwind weekend at Fandays 4, this past weekend, so much so that it brought tears to my eyes, a my inner 9-year-old was giddy. I would hope other Star Wars (fans) feel the same way I do.