Taking A New Look At The Prequels

The New York Daily News posted a commentary by Mike Jaccarino on the prequel trilogy. It’s really more about the theory Anakin was created by the Dark Side, etc. but it beats the usual, doesn’t it?

H/T Lin.

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3 Responses to “Taking A New Look At The Prequels”

  1. TPF1138 Says:

    Nice to see something positive. It’s a shame then that the writing is so poor, and his reading as regards the Chosen One is so off.

    Even if Anakin was created by the Sith (and I’m not nearly convinced on that score), and was designed as a sleeper to be used against the Jedi, that doesn’t mean he’s not the Chosen One (prophecies don’t tend to follow straight lines, remember in the end Anakin does destroy the Sith). It also does nothing to undercut the character’s tragedy, in fact it might even enhance it because in this scenario he’s become a person that has been used his entire life.

    Truthfully the implications of the opera scene are there to establish an echo of Luke’s dilemma later on. Ultimately the midichlorian issue exists to provide Anakin with some tangible McGuffin that he might cling to in his quest for ‘unnatural’ power.

    Again, nice to see some positivity. I wish there was more out there.


  2. Dave Strohmenger Says:

    Unless I’m mistaken, in the Mortis trilogy, the Father seemed convinced Anakin was the Chosen One.

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